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Finally, webOS is available in tablet form! Aaron reviews the 16 GB HP TouchPad, and unfortunately, all benefits of webOS are washed out by the fact that the device hangs on a regular basis. While it offers a powerful 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU, 9.7-inch display, Wi-Fi connectivity, and front-facing camera for video calling, the bugs make it hard to recommend. Can it be saved with a software update? We'll figure it out. Part 1 of 2.

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"Can the TouchPad compete with the iPad 2?"

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Oliver Ojtj whats the 2nd and the 3rd ticket?
Noel Gil Android sucks. You guys are just influenced by friends and online blogs. Take out the apps and the OS is complete garbage. webOS is the best system around besides iOS
Jack Hutchinson We sold our two ipads last week on ebay.our android phones get more done and cheaper
Tham Ye Yang It has potential. But at it's current stage, no.
Peter Kis I personally think that HP is making one heck of a marketing blunder by limiting their sales area to a handful of countries. Switzerland's not one of them, so I'll never know if the Touchpad's any good.
Wayne Nowacki Anything fairly open with decent specs should compete with that Pad
Zach Cline And it's "the" Not "da"
Zach Cline Huey you're a dumbass. The fact that you just said they're just big phones just proves that you've never used or owned one. So kindly STFU.
Brian Cisneros Noooooo ipads only competitor is da galaxy tab 10.1
Liew Ching Boon Alex Beat the Android tablets first before competing with iPads
Victor Perez An old Nokia could compete with that
Stephen Gunnoe HAHAHA!!! As if...
Benjamin Padilla TouchPad can't compete with iPad because the price is WAY too high. The physical dimensions should have been reason enough to lower the price to $299 and $399. Then there's the software and app support. The software is buggy and there is like 200 apps. If HP really wanted to compete they would have had the price at what I mentioned. Right now it's just dead. iPad 2 is unavailable because it's being sold out. HP definitely has an uphill battle.
Henry Murillo Hello no!! I played wit one at best buy and they feel like an old ass OS from like five years ago... The phones work great but this thing sucks :/ which is a bummer since I was lookin forward to this one
Huey Liggins Apple completely dominates with ther fanboys and marketing. Also the app store. Even if it had a chance it wouldn't with just the marketing alone. And the iPad isn't even that amazing. But I wouldn't even bother getting a tablet at all. They are just big phones
Huey Liggins No. Apple co
Steven Le One word,no
Garrett McCoy Thrive kills them both hahaaaa!
Walt Alan Wilcutts I prefer my Touchpad over the ipad 2, xoom, iconia and the flyer. I tried them all and keeping the Touchpad.
Travis Lamar Pachan @Michael. There is already such a device called the Sahara slate. Only its 2grand. But I'm loving mine. Its amazing.
Steve Moore Sorry tablets are a waste of time and money for me. I can see how they'd be useful to students, or someone that doesn't need all the features of a laptop. To me though, they're just plain booooorrrrrriiiiiinnnnngggg.
Konner Shea I'd rather have an android tablet or this WebOS device here, known as the beloved touchpad, than a oversized iPod running the most crippled operating system
Michael Carioti @Travis You will see something like that soon once Microsoft perfects the new SoC (System on Chip) technology. The Windows 7 Ultimate will be on a ROM chip. It was discussed at CES in January. Cool stuff coming.
Travis Lamar Pachan What HP should have done is beef up specs. i7, 4gb of ram, 360gb hhd or 160gb ssd and have full windows or Linux on it. And have a price of $1000 or less. Tablet kiosk has had tablets since 04 and they got it right the first time around.
Christian Kim the hp touchpad has potential, but like many webos devices, the hardware isnt as great, especially with all the bugs, webos is great, but it needs better hardware, hopefully the pre 3 would be good
Erman Guido Not the "TouchPad"...
Steven Bright Best be one hell of an update!
Matt Frappier If it has a cheaper price, a good marketing strategy, and more developer support for apps, it definitely could.
Laura Arellano I like my touchpad :)
Robert Centennial Plabook great hardware/software but no support. Galaxy Tab nice but honeycomb sucks, This thing is just junk. Why is everyone trying to ruin their own product by hobbling it.
Robert Centennial I am not a fan of any one brand, but man a lot of these idiots are ruining the tablet market that Apple built with junk. And its the same price. At least with PC's they are cheaper when they are crap.
Jon Jerico Calanio My rooted and modded ASUS Transformer says hi.
Sunny Patel Its a good OS but it has yet to show its full potential ...but I feel in some time it will rival the galaxy and the ipaf
Francis San Pedro No. But having used it in store, it's the most responsive tablet that isn't the iPad. All the android tablets have some sort of lag.
Arnulfo Barajas all of u are just haterz!!!...u wish u had a ipad!!! stfu!
Nahtanoj Divad Htrab No. Apple has already saturated the market.
Richard Melendez In all no apple nd samsung is too far ahead
Dalton Aeschlimann Well I love WEBOS, but HP messed it up. But I'd never buy an iPad...
Hassan Feroze Samsung 10.1 is the best. Touchpad is a good competitor to the iPad 1.
Jason Seybert No, I can tell just from lame commercials! No celebs and gimmick for iPad commercials
Chris Williams Compete, yes.....beat no. I must say that it would def be my sec choice
Caleb DeGolier You suck konner.
Michael Carioti V1. 0 of any device can't compete with existing players. If they get the updates right and get developers on board to create good Apps, it can and will compete with iPad. Will it overtake the market? No. It will be the better enterprise device IMO.
John Houda Its not Android or IOS. Its doomed to a life of mediocrity.
Konner Shea ipad sucks
Vincent Cabral Not a chance. It's to late into the game
Caleb DeGolier Definitely not. iPad rulz
Dave Yaeck Are you kidding, You are forgetting the versatility of the ASUS Transformer. This HP is a POS. I'm extremely Dissapointed in the fact that HP has all this Money and they would rely on an OS that basically went bankrupt with the old company it was with. Why are you not acknowledging the Transformer?
Brett Sherman Nope, 10.1 tab beats both of them.
Sicheng Weng No it's too buggy
Collin Hoylman No. Lmfao

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