Though the hardware clearly appeals to a niche market, webOS is back on a carrier.  Aaron takes an in-depth look at the HP Veer 4G, one of AT&T's newest smartphones.  Powered by an 800 MHz processor, the Veer has a 2.6-inch display, 5-megapixel camera, full QWERTY keyboard, and HSPA+ connectivity (14.4 Mbps).  It's available now for $99.99, and if you can deal with the tiny size, it's quite the impressive smartphone.

That said, there are some well-equipped high-end smartphones on AT&T with better hardware (Infuse 4G, Inspire 4G, iPhone 4, just to name a few).  With all of those choices, is it worth sacrificing build quality and design just to have webOS?  We'll figure it out.  Part 1 of 2.

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"Is the HP Veer 4G too tiny?"

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Max Zegarowski
Max Zegarowski is it comming to srpint and the sanyo innuendo is better than all of these phones
Shabbir Ahmed
Shabbir Ahmed yep...its too tiny
Dominik Winkler
Dominik Winkler Tiny Wings !
Alex Herigon
Alex Herigon Yes. Pre 3 is way better
Ryan Nusbaum
Ryan Nusbaum Yeah, its crap. lol.
Nick Trujillo
Nick Trujillo VERY!
Hansel Starley
Hansel Starley I haven't see anyone in the wild.
Edmund Nigel
Edmund Nigel If you have small hands it is
Michael Pietrzak
Michael Pietrzak Lg Thrill.!!!
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa For me is too small. Just saying...
Brandon Friedman
Brandon Friedman Who would by this
Brandon Friedman
Brandon Friedman I want it
Erman Guido
Erman Guido Yes it's just trash
Lamont Johnson
Lamont Johnson Any phone that doesn't slide in landscape mode is garbage
Julian Dupree King
Julian Dupree King Smh I love webos but the hardware is never on par..
Jason King
Jason King At&t make this phone prepaid with a price of $99 and that will make it a hot seller and a great intro into the smartphone arena for people who are not into technology like that ... $199 with contract is a hard cell with that shinny new iPhone4 right neext to it for the same price ..
John Houda
John Houda Its too not Android or IOS.
Calvin JW
Calvin JW Iphone 4 sucks if you've touched the galaxy s2, evolution 3d, Droid charge and any other new android.
Nathaniel Hull
Nathaniel Hull Looks like the nxt palm device, suprise all da whiners aren't on it lol
Wyatt Slate
Wyatt Slate YEs.
Nathaniel Hull
Nathaniel Hull Size does matter!!!!!
Isaiah Rodriguez
Isaiah Rodriguez No iPhone 4? :(
John Scott Mattern
John Scott Mattern where i work at we have a 100% return rate
John Scott Mattern
John Scott Mattern yes it is... every one i have sold gets returned
Eric Mitchell
Eric Mitchell That's a dumb question to ask. Of course it's too tiny!
Isaiah Rodriguez
Isaiah Rodriguez iPhone 4! FTW!!!
Duncan Jones
Duncan Jones Is it as Tiny as Sprint's 4G coverage?
Nick Liddle
Nick Liddle I want one i have an inspire and would love to have that
Susie Tracey
Susie Tracey It is to me but some might like it that way.
Nick Liddle
Nick Liddle no
Frederico Mântua Saeed
Frederico Mântua Saeed lol jk i have it and I think its not to small
Frederico Mântua Saeed
Frederico Mântua Saeed The bigger the better! (That's what she said)
Cyr Parlapiano
Cyr Parlapiano im devoted, from my siaxis remote
Enrique Berrios
Enrique Berrios yes
Samuel Toles
Samuel Toles THAT PHONE IS A WASTE of money and...uh...yea hp phones suck BWAHAHA!!! >:D
Dominique House
Dominique House Yes!!!!!!!
Bill Moran
Bill Moran Wish it was on Sprint network
Matheius Hussein
Matheius Hussein I think its perfect for people who don't want a gigantic 4-4.3 inch phone. So obviously that's not everyone....but there is a market for it
Cristian Tomasito
Cristian Tomasito Nobody cares about that zoolander phone
Julio Briceño
Julio Briceño Good phone but too damn small
Randy A Ferguson
Randy A Ferguson Hell yea lol
Cyr Parlapiano
Cyr Parlapiano why dont they realise keyboard are best!!!! text speed battle. sidekick 2 vs iphone/android (no swype)
Brad Shaffer
Brad Shaffer Yes. It is stupid.
Jordan C. Butler
Jordan C. Butler It's too tiny. They will probably get more sales with the icarly thing in it
Cyr Parlapiano
Cyr Parlapiano optimus one,c,m,t,v too tiny..
Sergio Nayar
Sergio Nayar Just the right size for the wife!
Matt SnowPaw Dalton
Matt SnowPaw Dalton It has WebOS, that makes it an instant epic phone! :D
Samuel Claudio
Samuel Claudio That's a phone for a infant, lol.
Mitch Lopez
Mitch Lopez Actually, too lame!
Jason King
Jason King Its not made for big hands, i will say that but its interesting who is this phone marketed for ??? Kids want iPhones or Androids So who is going to buy this ... Yes its too small .. They need an all touch device with no keyboard OR a device that has the same build as the Droid2/3... just a little thinner .. This will not be a fast seller ...
Derrico Brown
Derrico Brown If you're a grown man, it is.
Shatia Lonesome
Shatia Lonesome i prefer the big screens. bt that's not everyones preference. others may love that phone.
Adam Schulte
Adam Schulte I like my HTC Incredible 2 just fine, thank you :)
Brad Freeman
Brad Freeman
Chris Williams
Chris Williams Good for small kids or maybe teens
Chris Williams
Chris Williams It is for most people i would say
Brad Freeman
Brad Freeman No it's fine. My sister loves hers

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