Aaron gets some hands-on time with the HP Veer, the tiniest member of HP's new smartphone lineup (and the only one they'd let us touch).  Despite its size, it's no slouch - it offers an 800 MHz processor, 2.6-inch display, 5-megapixel camera (though sadly, no flash), QWERTY keyboard, and webOS 2.0.  It'll be available in early spring, though pricing and carrier information weren't disclosed.  That said, the Veer is a GSM only device, so if it comes to a US carrier, expect to see it on AT&T or T-Mobile.

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"It's a tiny Palm Pre! Aaron gets some hands-on time with the HP Veer, one of HP's new smartphones. Would you buy a phone that small?"

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Jeremy Mahon If Sprint can get this phone so my company can, ill be buying it. At the moment I have the Samsung Seek, and this new phone is more interesting than the Seek.
Benjamin Padilla There is no need for this phone. Kin anyone? FAIL!!! Believe me, parents aren't willing to pay a data plan for their teens. FAIL!!! The phone that needed to be released was a 4+ inch phone for REAL smart phone uses. FAIL!! The Pre 3 is okay for the average smart phone user but is all to familiar.
Erik Fernandez If u look at it more like apple does then maybe you would see why they don't put out the phones like they use to. How many different Iphones come out every year? I have the original pre and i haven't overclocked it, still works good, but it is time for the pre3 and i am EXCITED!!!!!
Nick Koval It has a keybourd lame
Eric Sjoberg I cant imagine my sausage fingers would do well with that screen or that keyboard
Andrew Biorn Web os needs to give up....
Steve Doré sure if im Derek Zoolander
David Waghmare 2 small. May b 1st smartphone buyers will get it
Ninh Rango Too small for a smartphone...Really difficult to use it..I like HP Pre 3...That is a good smartphone (I am using Iphone 4) :)
Ryan Clark Oh how cute... (sarcastic cough) Perfect for a daughter or mom. What a great competitor for the Moto Flip or Charm. Good luck continuing playing catch-up to Android and IOS. You might as well join forces with Nokia. Great OS, but the initial marketing of the Pre set it back and may never be able to catch up. Too little too late...
Daniel Marcano @Jorell, its a phone dogg wall post. Just expressing my opinion.
Jorell Rutledge @Imanie, probably because the Pre 2 didn't sell well.
Jorell Rutledge @Daniel, what does HTC, have to do with this?
Fan OfDreaming Y is HP still making more Palm Pre looking phones? Y would they need a Palm Pre3 with the sequel phone came out pretty recently. They need 2 make new form factors now cuz this is getting old.
Daniel Marcano I am.desperately waiting for HTC to give us a Android device with the form factor of the HTC 7 pro. Qwerty keyboard and all. And the speed of my Evo is just great, I would rather them focus on battery life before they fit in a bigger processor.
Johny Alvarez They say the size of your phone is the size of your di**. Why do you think people like and buy the 4.3" screens?
Jason Teplitz No, but there is a market for it in new smartphone users, especially teens
Ruger Evony even better
Nick Fischer Richard, 3.6 actually. Slight difference
Ruger Evony nope why get this when the pre3 is coming out with 3.5 inch screen nd 1.4 ghz

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