Aaron does a quick review of the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the HTC Amaze 4G.  In addition to Android 4.0, HTC Sense 3.6 comes preinstalled as part of the new update.  New features include the Recent Apps menu, revised menu structures, new fonts, face recognition, and more.  It's no comparison to Sense 4 which is available on the new HTC One series, but it's nice to see HTC supporting some of its older smartphones.  It's rolling out in phases to HTC Amaze 4G users now.

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"Does your Android phone have Ice Cream Sandwich yet?"

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Gaurav Bhardwaj Yes..galaxy note. .loving it..
Dawson Lear No - sony ericcson xperia PLAY™
Nick Kathrein Just installed a rom of it on an old nexus one. Love it
David Watson RAZR MAXX! Dev Heaven ...ics leak right out the box. Oh by the way guys, I love the phonedog site, I read it almost every day or at least check in. But the website needs a Makeover, it's kinda tired. Spruce it up Guy's it's been long enough.
Mark Jarvis Yes. Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Love ICS!!
David Tambascio Not "Officially" but leaked ICS good enough for now
Lewis Fang Yeah got it the other day for my Velocity 4G, but its packing with Sense 3.6 though , which looks pretty much the same as Sense 3.5
Awwab Asif Still waiting for my Note in the UK. But tbh I dont like what they done with the ICS update compared to the pure ICS on the Nexus..love the blue but the update looks like its still gingerbread.
JD Punzkie YeP galaxy note on ICS ;)
Andrew Cinnamon no. It's an iPhone
May Atkins hmm, we have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and Droid 4 and I haven't yet, will it come automatically when I carrier decides we should????
Andy Jaggars Yes! HTC One S!
Tyrone Rupert Yes I have it installed on my htc amaze 4 g, it's move faster entertaining. Why my phone keeps resetting on these random times throughout the day. Today and yesterday was my first days actually using the phone without any issues. but I'm not too sure about android anymore . It's better getting a device with the latest installed rather then install an update. I may just try the HTC one x for my last android phone and if it does anything thing I'm gone. tired of all the issues with the os songs I've been through at least 4-10 android devices.
Elijah Ford No not yet,T-mobile's(Galaxy S 2),THIS REALLY SUCKS!!!!!.
Amber Greene Nope Galaxy S2
Daniel Rivera Im having trouble getting it on my Connect 4G from Metro PCS!! uhh!
P.j. Smith G2x so no.:(
Ronda Teixeira Yes, it came already installed on my HTC one x.
Duane Gibbons No waiting galaxy note
Ali Wright Still waiting for the Dinc2 ICS update. :/
Anthony Bailey Still effin' waiting! << Samsung Galaxy Note user (AT&T)
Chris Northcutt Nope, and I would be surprised if it did ever get it. It took forever for my Samsung Infuse 4g to get Gingerbread.
Dan Cooke Nope and the Droid Charge will never get it either!
Mahael Abdul-Qawi Got it on my amaze 4g and it is awesome!!
Tiffani Baldwin Tmo sg2, nope.
Joseph Barlow My htc sensation 4g got the ice cream sandwich however t mobile and or htc left out the camera effects and neither will let you know why.
Anthony Gonzalez Nope. TMO Samsung Galaxy S2
Michael Schneider Nope I'm due for a new phone this summer but going to wait till Oct.. I'm going with the new EVO or the I phone.. I have the first ever EVO and its been great for 2 year
Ernesto Fragoso Evo 4g lte so yes
John Zanatta GSM Galaxy Nexus on 4.0.4
Ryan Julius Gails Via AOKP on my AT&T GSII! Thank God for devs
Cassandra Fraser Nope I will probably be waiting forever DROID Incredible 2
James Vincent Officially... no... unofficially... its available but I'm sticking with cm7
Cole Bachman I don't have it on my skyrocket yet. Any idea as to when it will come?
Luis Jp Perez HTC Sensation 4G 4.0.3. :)
Scott Filip Still waiting for Sprint on the Epic Touch 4g
César Rojas Chaves Nop; SG2 int; Costa Rica.
Corey McBee Yes on my HTC evo 4g lte
Fernando Leo Pina Yeah I got the leaked ota update to my epic touch 4g
Chris Stec NO!!!!!!! FU Motorola! DROID x and FU Verizon for not letting me keep my unlimited data! At&t here I come!
Aaron Couts droid 3 has it via rom, thanks Motorola for not working on the ics update for it, well I should say old Motorola maybe Google can get it right.
Jesse Paz Yes my Android has ice cream sandwich!!! My phone was the first device to be running on Ice CREAM sandwich 4.0 nothing but the clean pure Google experience!!! Galaxy NEXUS!!! @Verizon
Angel Jewels I have it on my sensation 4g, love it. Phone isn't as buggy & noticeable improvement in battery life.
David Kimberlin yup yup epic touch 4g sprint sph-d710
George Isenhart Coming soon I hear.
Said Issa When will it be out for my s2? Btw. Its the international one.
Steve Hirjak Appreciate the walk through, Aaron! Not everyone buys a new phone every other month!
Rick Conrad My phone was born with ICS..old news
Vlad Valentine McBride No but if I throw my apple at it, there won't be any of that sandwich left lol
Gordon Christie I'm buying a sim free unlocked galaxy Note soon will it get it and will it have the bugs I've heard about on the s2 ?
Alvin Tran My Galaxy Tab 10.1 doesn't have it yet. Don't even know when.
Jason C Kingry Hell no! & THIS is why I hate Samsung. & HTC pisses me off with their sub-par batteries.
Benny Taylor Yuuupp, HTC Vivid. Not keeping it though, just got it to hold me over until I get my grubby little paws in the One X.
Dayan Inclán Nope. Galaxy S from US Cellular.
Szilveszter Barbul I have a Xperia arc. ICS will come out end of May, early June. ;) I'm waiting for it :)
Maxi Fabián My Galaxy S2 officially received an OTA update to 4.0.3 today! Downloading! :) Regards from Argentina.
Brian Farley Nope, LG G2X...
Alex Hunt 4.0.4 on ma GSM Galaxy Nexus FTW!
Jorge L. F. Rivera Yes my HTC Amaze!!!
Anthony Evans Jr Loving ics on my skyrocket
Gary Griffitts Yes on the amaze and it sucks, it does run faster, but seems like it eats tge battery more than version 2.3.4. There are couple changes I don't like should have not updated but guess will have to live with it.
Daniel Quintero waiting on sprint for gs2 ics
Jesse Juarez I've got jellybean :b
Jose Angel Santiago Nope gs2 epic touch
Nain El Fuego Romero HTC amaze 4G! So yes ;)
Danu Carrión Perales Lol! Had ICS on my old galaxy s device since november. And now on my galaxy s 2 since I've had it lol! International sgs for the win!
Cameron Bear Wagner I have to wait until July-August (says HTC)
Jamal Simpson yep on my AT&T HTC Vivid
David DiPilla I heard june,july,and augest get it
Will Grafius You know it. Update on the first release day.
Shawn Poling Yep galaxy nexus unlocked
Frank Porter yep on my GSM Galixy Nexus as well
Tevin Campbell Mine isn't getting it -_-
Carlos Nava When is the Epic 4G touch going to get it !?!?!
Cory David Baxter And you know this
Daniel Airozo Unlocked gsm Galaxy Nexus baby!
Michael Myers No. Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. Hurry up Samsung and Sprint.
Brandon Ashwood I wish...Motorola sucks at giving updates!!! It's ridiculous!
Omar Calderon im not waiting for the tmobile galaxy s2 ics release so im rooting as i type haha
Alex BeastRo Yes HTC amaze the day it was released :) early awesome Christmas present
Templo Uno Flashing ICS yes
Eric Ruiz Alcala Yes on my htc sensation 4g
Bon Karis Dougie No ics for my galaxy tab 7 and galaxy w as well.. I only got the gingerbread update pack that gives a lil feel of the ics! galaxy w is much faster than google nexus s but the google nexus s has an ics update! boooo..
James Tantsits no...still waiting for my At&T Note to get ICS
Saran VeraSingam any idea when will Razr xt910 will be getting ICS?
Carlos Chee Sure does. 4.04 for my GSM Galaxy Nexus.
Erica Reid Yes, Tmobile Sensation 4G
Justin White no ICS for samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket! :(

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