Aaron gets some hands-on time with the HTC Desire X just before the start of IFA in Berlin.  HTC is firm on keeping the Desire name in the company's lineup, and the Desire X brings together some great features that closely resemble the HTC One series.  Desire X offers a 1 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, 4-inch Super LCD WVGA display, 5-megapixel camera with ImageSense technology, a 1,650 mAh battery, and Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 4.1.

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Sajin Mathew
Sajin Mathew I have been a HTC user for 6 years now. I have used Google nexus 1, desire, desire z, desire s and sensation. I've enjoyed all their products and this is what I think is missing out. 1. Staying ahead of the game - remember nexus 1/desire? That phone was ahead of competitors at that time and to me, that period was what brought HTC to this level. It had the best specs then and everyone loved it. Now, everyone is doing better. What happened there? 2. Screen - Amoled vs LCD? Seriously ... couldn't HTC get anyone else to do led screens other than Samsung? 3. Camera - settings for camera in each phone has been terrible. Really? Couldn't HTC get anyone to check pictures to see how they were? 4. Multiple products - why have too many when 1 can be sold many? Stop having many products and concentrate on few... like 2 Max each year? 5. QWERTY? Desire z was a favourite of mine at 1 point. Instead of coming up with a new phone with QWERTY keyboard, why not sell keyboard attachments or adaptors for each phone? 6. Sense - I'm a big fan of the sense UI. But, android versions are already copying or using whatever HTC has come up with before. So, either come up with something really innovative that its not there OR don't bloat sense into devices if stock android versions can do similar. 7. Battery - can't they see what Motorola and Samsung are doing? Who's in charge of R&D? GET THAT PERSON THROWN OUT OF THE BUILDING ... who told them in built battery would be a good idea if the battery isn't good enough? 8. Quality - Design elements and materials used on all HTC phones are fantastic. But, do people really buy them because of that? I don't think so. Maybe they should save some money there and look at spending it on things mentioned above. Who's in charge of their Finance dept? 9. Storage - dropbox idea is good. But what happens if you don't have internet access? Why sacrifice memory card for the sake of packaging? Every model is meant to be an improvement of the previous. Build on the success of the past. To me, that's where HTC failed. They took a path that didn't really have a precedence. And hence why they are losing out now...
Eugene Yap
Eugene Yap Nice name
Aljoša Kavcic
Aljoša Kavcic Good mid-range smartphone but nothing more than that. One X is still flagship device.
Andrew T Roach
Andrew T Roach Looks like a great choice for a first smartphone for mom or the kids.
Tyler Shoulders
Tyler Shoulders Getting the evo 4g lte today
Kevin McQuade
Kevin McQuade Aaron agrees
Kevin McQuade
Kevin McQuade Galaxy s 3 is the best
Petar Iliev
Petar Iliev it's a decent mid-end device that is somewhat prettier than any competitive product will ever be! HTC, you need to FIRE UP THE MARKETING A BIT!!!! PLEASEEEEEEE! SELLL THE GOD DAMN THIGNS! SELLL!!!!! Like the old Joe did...
Cosmin Boaca
Cosmin Boaca It's bad...
Adam Schulte
Adam Schulte I like it
Hansel Starley
Hansel Starley HTC was the laughing stock of the entire show.
Reese Woodson
Reese Woodson It reminds me of the other devices they have.
Tyler Hell
Tyler Hell It looks good!
???? ?????
???? ????? i stick with my ONE X Best phone ever, oh and samsung sux...
Dale Junior
Dale Junior Sloooowwww. Quadcore is where its at.
Matt Pankey
Matt Pankey Meh
Jeremy Davenport
Jeremy Davenport Abram aggred and crapoy service samsung rules
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis HTC phones are trash.. also known for having faulty charging ports
David Cipollone
David Cipollone I think they're going right back to their old ways.
Kirill Holstov
Kirill Holstov Cheap and powerful
Sameer Ghanem
Sameer Ghanem awesome phone better than the ridiculous samsung
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson Suits my needs, if it's reasonably priced or cheap, i will buy one:)
Chris Backster
Chris Backster Sticking to my bold 9900....at least that phone runs fluently
Zanzi Ok
Zanzi Ok Everything but desirable
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis It looks exactly like the other 50 thousand phones they've released.
Ispongklong Dacoycoy
Ispongklong Dacoycoy HTC DESIRE X-bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...........................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd rather buy the old samsung galaxy note than this phone

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