Aaron unboxes Sprint's HTC EVO 3D, the first 3D Android smartphone to land on a US carrier.  Available on June 24th for $199.99, it sports a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 4.3-inch stereoscopic qHD display with 540 x 960 pixels, dual 5-megapixel cameras, front-facing camera for video calling, and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) with HTC Sense 3.0.  Overall, it's a powerful, up-to-date Android device with 3D capabilities, making it a worthy successor to the insanely popular HTC EVO 4G.

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"Aaron unboxes the HTC EVO 3D. Is this your next Android phone?"

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Zach Cline
Zach Cline Ebo 4g has been outdated for a good while now.
Austin Hawthorne
Austin Hawthorne im thinking of just picking up a regular evo 4g and save the extra 100 bucks
RockinRose Wolf Donnell
RockinRose Wolf Donnell I have one on preorder and can't wait till the 24th..
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama Don't think I'll pick up the Evo 3D, will stick to my... Evo 4G, may even consider a tab at this point.
Hector Mojica Jr
Hector Mojica Jr Its like the Nintendo 3DS, u can play 3D games in 2D. You don't need to keep the 3D on
Hector Mojica Jr
Hector Mojica Jr I agree with fernando g and with douglas...14 hours with radios on is not that bad. I'd say at least 90% of my customers complain about theuir androids battery life, when u show them they have 4G, wifi and all other apps open, they wonder why their battery dies within hours. So 14 hours with radios on and probably no usage is really nice.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline I doubt the battery life will suck . You can turn off the 3d and wimax to save battery life. I got my droid x in today and installed the 2.3.3 gingerbread update and all i can say is that my droid is a beast. I turned it on at three o' clock and its still at 50 percent. I can go in and adjust my battery profile to maximize battery life, Not sure the evo 3d will be able to do that but i'm sure it can.
Ayoub Hage
Ayoub Hage HOLY SHIT... How many phones does HTC bring out a week.how many phone contracts do you need in your life?
Nirav Insomniac
Nirav Insomniac Finally 1st 3d android, lg thrill was announced b4 this one, bt evo overtook in release :-)
Zach Ortstadt
Zach Ortstadt Nope. The htc aria is my next phone cause I got at&t foos! Haha
Jordan Mosley
Jordan Mosley verizon never gets the good phones. i just dont get it.
Simian Gimp
Simian Gimp Who cares? Ditching this geek fest.....
Eric Kroh
Eric Kroh my LG Revo rules!!
Cristian Henriquez
Cristian Henriquez @Amber be careful with kids with the 3d. Sprint is apparently warning customers to not let kids under 7 use the phone when the 3d switch is on.
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez Saying that you cant "turn off" the 3D display is fucking retarded. Its only displaying 3D when its asked to display 3D so as long as you dont do so it will act as a regular 2D display.... And the battery life has been said to be pretty good. Get your facts straight.
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez @Gabriel Yes and you still did a piss poor job at clarifying yourself you fucking retard.
Ryan DeClue
Ryan DeClue @Gabriel no, they haven't. They tested pre release models, not production. And what was tested was amazing battery life.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline @Vicki. So you're going by what you've seen in a video as opposed to actually waiting and trying it out for yourself ? That's stupid.
Joel Elizondo
Joel Elizondo I got the EVO 4G, I'm gonna want the EVO3D EVENTUALLY, but I'm gonna wait till later to get it, till all the big bugs are fixed, Not in a rush for it. Also gonna wait for a functional root for this beast.
Vicki Figueroa
Vicki Figueroa & the reason I know how lame the effects are is because i watched a video demonstration/review that showed the "3D" effects on this phone.
Vicki Figueroa
Vicki Figueroa The "3D" effects are LAME.. its like one of those lenticular cards that when you move it back & forth the picture changes.. & theyve had those around for forever.. & this is supposed to be "NEW" just because you see it on a phone? Totally stupid. Im waiting on the Galaxy s2.
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez @Fernando: No.. YOU need to pay attention because I was clearly trying to clarifying what I said by elaborating further. Dick.
Jeffery Jankoski
Jeffery Jankoski 3d is the biggest gimmick since its invention. I'm sure its a good phone, just not for me, sensation 4g is amazing so far.
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz Nop
Krishna Heeralall
Krishna Heeralall yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez @Gabriel sweet jesus.. YOU need to pay attention... The only time anything is displayed in 3D, is if YOU chose something for it to be displayed. In other words, as long as you dont open any 3D games, movies, or apps on purpose, you will never see anything 3D.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline People are idiots. Already knocking something they haven't even tried.
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez @Ryan: No.. YOU'RE the idiot. People HAVE gotten to see what the battery life is like because a few ites have done a review on this phone already. So.. yeah. Good job.
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez @Chris: Are you stupid? Where did I say you can't turn off 3G or 4G? I said the 3D display, dip shit. PAY ATTENTION!!!
Ryan DeClue
Ryan DeClue @Gabriel you're an idiot. No one has been able to see what the battery life is like yet. Anyone who has, hasn't done a review yet.
Henry Murillo
Henry Murillo Holy shiz that thing is huge!! And I though my sensation could've been thinner lol
Ramon Quintero
Ramon Quintero I will take a better battery over 3d any day
Ramon Quintero
Ramon Quintero The battery life will suck. I'm saying that it will because I use to have a Nintendo dsi now I have a Nintendo 3ds and battery on it sucks so much! I'm just saying 3d on any handheld will drain the battery quick
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor @Gabriel What are you talking about? The battery life is fine. What Do you mean you can't turn off the 3D, 4G and CDMA. You can turn ALL of those things off.
Jaz Lasa
Jaz Lasa Yup already preordered mine and so have 200 people in my local sprint store. I love sprint and where I am at no other service provider works good so im happy with what i got. Im not all that crazed about the 3d but i know my 4 year old will love it and im lloking for a fast phone.. best of both worlds :)
Steve Moore
Steve Moore Didn't you guys learn anything from the whole iPhone 3g/3gs ripoff?
Steve Moore
Steve Moore Yes or no people. iPhone lameasses need not comment. Apple makes great products. But Steve Jobs is an idiot. And you brownnosers are even bigger idiots for hanging on his every word. Get a life. Sometimes Apple misses the mark on purpose, and you sheep fall for it every time.
Mike West
Mike West Infuse baby. Then the SGS2
Mihir Bhopale
Mihir Bhopale Lets W8 for Galaxy S II the Beast of all cellphones...!! coming to AT&T,VERIZON,SPRINT in August...!!
Jordan Jodore Crosland
Jordan Jodore Crosland I can't wait to get this I'm proud to be a customer of Sprint (: great service great phones <3 I have the EVO 4g had it since June 4th 2010
Peter Nuon
Peter Nuon Cmon hercules!
Douglas Prevo
Douglas Prevo @gabriel Engadget specifically ran their battery test for 14 hours with ALL radios on. If you run with all radios on, you aren't worrying about battery in the first place.
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez You guys realize that there are other sites that have done reviews on this phone and they say the battery life is not that great. Like Engadget and BGR.
Douglas Prevo
Douglas Prevo @Brian Clear has already made noise like its moving to LTE... which would include Sprint obviously.
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez Some of you people are idiots...... You dont HAVE to use 3D. This phone without 3D is still an incredible phone. And Gabriel nothing will "force" you to watch 3D. You have to choose to view some type of 3D for it to display something in 3D.
Brian Cicalese
Brian Cicalese Sprint's wimax network is a high frequency and does not penetrate buildings well. LTE is the future. So either AT&T or Verizon. I am waiting for the selection of LTE phones to grow.
Douglas Prevo
Douglas Prevo If you aren't using a 3d application... 3d isn't draining your battery.
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez @Douglas: They already said it when they showed it off at CES (I believe?) that the 3D can't be turned off. Only on the camera, but not the display. So if something is 3D then you're forced to look at it in 3D.
Thanh Phan
Thanh Phan Who cares abt 3D on a phone right now? If it has at least 50 apps that take advantage from it, I'm in
Robert Nino
Robert Nino being that 3d is alreadyy on certain Televison...3D should not be a on phone...i mean i yes its cool ...but 3D is already becoming over rated...The evo 3D is a nice phone but i would not invest in a battery drainer...i ordered a sensation yesterday and it will be here tomorrow!
Antonio Pagan
Antonio Pagan Staying with my EVO 4g... Or getting the new Motorola photon 4g
Carlos Valenzuela
Carlos Valenzuela The idea on this phone is great but 3d phones aren't there yet its to.early. I'll stick with my evo 4g
Douglas Prevo
Douglas Prevo @Gabriel Anyone who has owned a Smartphone for long than a day knows to turn off the wimax when not using it, and the wifi when out of range of wifi. Everyone runs battery tests with all radios on, thats insane, and skews what a real person would get for use. And about turning 3d off? I'm pretty sure thats not true strictly speaking.
Chris Manning
Chris Manning I think this will be the last EVO phone. It completely kills the brand.
Frank Kerner
Frank Kerner I don't think 3D phones will take off. 3D tablets definitely could, but a phone? Gaming and television in general is a possibility, though but I don't see the phones faring well.
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez @Qazi: This isn't about iPhones, so fuck off.
Aj Green
Aj Green Galaxy s2 blows this phone away!!
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez @Douglas: Exaggerated? How so? You don't think that the CDMA radio (battery drainer), WiMax radio (Big battery drainer), AND 3D capabilities that you CAN'T shut off are taxing on the battery? Rofl.
Hans Jaramillo
Hans Jaramillo Nope, Verizon's Galaxy S II variant will be. :)
Raheel Qazi
Raheel Qazi i mean really guys.. come on.. show me one htc that works and functions 100%. My advice: invest in the best when you plan to spend most of your time with it.. even more time that you may spend with your loved ones.. Ive tried everything... evrything on the market. Im with t mobile so an iphone was a problem but then once i did get one.. turns out that everything else is a very distant second.. theres a reason why apple/steve jobs is steve jobs.
Mauka Side
Mauka Side Leaving Tmob and going with Sprint.
Sam Rick
Sam Rick still on the fence.waiting to see if the G S2 will come to the US with the same Exynos processor(Not a Tegra2 powered).
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez @Gordon: Lucky!
Douglas Prevo
Douglas Prevo Nope, 3d isn't worth it, (even though i think people's battery woes are exaggerated)... might as well wait for the s2.
Jeremy Martin
Jeremy Martin I can understand 3D gaming but 3D phones?! whats the use in that? Nothing -_-
Matt Weber
Matt Weber Nope.
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie Just got a free galaxy s2
Keith Barnes
Keith Barnes Just ordered the Sensation. Got it free with a 2 year renewal......T-mobile's customer service is awesome!
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez Nope. Battery life is horrid on it.

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