Aaron unboxes the HTC EVO Design 4G, Sprint's newest Android handset that arrived while he was in London.  Available now for $99.99, it's more of a mid-range device, with a 1.2 GHz single-core CPU, 4-inch display, 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording capabilities, front-facing camera, and Android 2.3 with HTC Sense 3.0.  Those that crave power will want to look elsewhere, but for those migrating up to a smartphone for the first time, the EVO Design - and the 4G connectivity that comes with it - could be an excellent choice.

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Osama Qureshi HTC sucks.
Paul Alexandru iOS is better....
Nathan Camping someone please explain the difference between this and the shift (I have an original evo)
Matthew Duran #winning
Matthew Duran Had a evo it broke asurion upgraded me to the evo 3d for paying the deductible!
Pria Crow Horrible design, cheap and tacky, rubbish screen and terrible camera. iPhone 4S or EVO 3D is better.
Neil Pedrosa I had the evo 4g and its still one of the best phones out there... I have the LG Esteem now... its like a Evo 4G clone....
Mark Balcher It's just difficult to launch a device like this, with all the powerhouse phones coming out, It's fine for an entry level smartphone user, but it's no GSII, or Amaze, and def doesn't hold up to the G Nexus. Wished they called it something else, since evo has always been a premium device. Still on my Galaxy S rooted Epic 4G
Mark Balcher I'm not crazy about seeing the EVO name on a mid range device. After all, It was the original EVO that started this whole HTC craze. And the orig. is still a fine device. This is disappointing, but i understand it is a Shift upgrade. it's ok for a $99 device, i suppose.
Sunny Patel seems like a step backward
Anthony Dunlap Not bad for a mid range but, I'm done with htc and sense.
Mark Fisher Jr. I think its going to be a good phone to have. If I was with sprint, I'll buy it.
Michael Mathis I think ima stick with my evo shift.
Dan-Petra Armstrong Switching over from the evo to the iPhone.
Lee Grip Gresham HTC gotta show me something. The TITAN is the best thing going for them right now...
Boyd C Adkins IV I like it > Evo 3d
Josh Alvarez i dont like it
Steve Moore Blah blah blah. HTC is falling off the radar. Sense ver. whatever is boring iPhone style. Step it up HTC.
Adam Schulte Its not aupposed to be compared to the EVO 4G or EVO 3D, its supposed to be compared to the EVO SHIFT!!!!!
Namkell Kelly Na its a downgrade...I love my EVO4g and I want an EVO2 speced like the ep touch and ill be happy because sense is the best UI...touchwiz and all those other ui's are childish.
Jesse Bryant What was the point, the EVO 3D is a powerhouse compared to these specs.
Cristian Tomasito compared to all the new windows phones coming out. I think next year market share will change in wp7 favor. Nokia is designing some beautiful phones as is samsung for wp7. Htc needs to step it up.
Anonymous Meh indeed...
Chris Montana Hmm.. its ok
Ricco L Dubb I purchased the EVO 3d instead!
Justin Zollar a little late
David L. Clark An EVO is still just an EVO.
Chris Dellamedaglia If only it was dual core and had a keyboard it would be best phone
Tremayne Brooks yeah man they all look they same, how about a design makeover. But really there are too many android phones. #STOPIT
Allen Drewe Htc needs to step their game up in a major way
Josue Cifuentes thats not an evo its a bootlegged version lol
Devin Fischer who cares, evos blow, same with sprint
Ryan DeClue Though I am still as happy with my Evo 4G as the day I bought it... A little Rep at HTC told me that they will have the first quad core phone VERY soon...
Jo Taylor they shud have came out with the evo 4g+ thats in korea instead of this.
Ryan DeClue An extreme disappointment actually. I hope the info I got from the HTC Rep is true, holding off on the EpTouch 4g was the right decision!!
Steven Adams It is a downgrade but for some its a great first Android
Jesus Cardenas IOS is the best.
StickyFace UpTown Clark its a down grade
David Harness Nice phone
Trevor Navarro I think it was a waste not much better the the EVO 4g
Jennifer Lynn Rodriques Omg!!!! Thank u I feel u answered my wall post.... Thank u Aaron can't wait to watch the video :)

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