Aaron gets a demonstration of the HTC Flyer, the company's first tablet and yet another Android-powered device. It offers a 1.5 GHz processor, 7-inch display, a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) with a tablet-specific version of HTC's Sense UI. A new feature is HTC Scribe, which allows the user to write on the display with the included stylus.

The unibody construction is quite nice, but it'll be a tough sell against other devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and LG Optimus Pad. It's slated to launch in the second quarter of 2011. ?

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"Which one do you prefer - the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, LG Optimus Pad, or HTC Flyer?"

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Lawrence Butler HTC Flyer or Galaxy Tab which ever is cheaper lol.
Cameron Tanner Tie between galaxy tab or htc flyer :D
Dylan Jordan Solis HTC FLYER best tablet made
Fida Musleh Samsung 10.1 gogogo!!!!!
Gainaako Munyal Samsung galaxy 10.1 or the tab 2 is my preference.
Alaa Haidar Nokia is the bast mopiles in the world
Ahmed Alshaiji Samsung galaxy tab 2 or 10.1 whatever its called I'm getting it. Xoom is too expensive to have it shipped somewhere else!
Hristo Roussenov HTC Flyer is my favorite, not that I dislike the other two tablets.
Nakul Nayyar Samsun Galaxy tab n Htc
Lars Kristian Høydal Optimus, no doubt.
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi U forgot to mention about tabs of Acer,Dell and Toshiba ??? And I want to knw which among them are having normal USB hub for connecting external hard drive and other hard drives;and I also want to knw whch among them also allow normal phone calls......
Gabby Flores I would definately for for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Current Tab has received good reviews.
Marti Ruiz Galaxy baby
Naram Moshe Htc scribe.
Jd Davis XOOM baby!
Skye Villanueva Htc all the way!!! But I own a Galaxy tab....waiting for honeycomb port!
Scott Schumacher Its called phonedog not TABDOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jordan Johnson-Paez Moto Xoom wi-fi
Ahmed Ziab HTC Flyer :)
Eric Stephenson Optimistic Pad
Richard Castro Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Hector L Torregrosa-Ramos Wish HTC tab was bigger size,
Emilio Rivera I'm gonna have to go with the HTC Flyer. Simply cuz I'm a graphic design artist and based on the fact that it comes with scribe and a stylus... it wins with me. Plus it's a different design altogether. I like the rest as well, but HTC is my pick.
Corey Ptaszek Motorola XOOM
Thomas Tenkely Or 3D...
Thomas Tenkely Optimus... although I can do with out the 3G
Jordan Mosley whichever is cheapest!!!!
Ran htc flyer!
Joseph Lee Xoom..
Kathy Pearlman Neither - my phone confusing enough, thanks.
Marti Ruiz Galaxy tab bay
Fitzroy Henry With apple u can enjoy having the top tech with everyone else for a long time because they don't make tech after tech after tech like htc and samsung...as soon as u think u have the best tablet or smartphone for htc and samgsung they come out with something new...if I had to rate the best tab in ur status I'd vote for the tab 10.1 the review phonedog got on the htc flyer sucked I wish Aron had done it...the hp tablet seems to be the best so far though... Apple will definately destroy these guys soon again...and it's only their 2nd tablet
Emily Kolarich My insurance is sending me the LG Vu Plus. Any comments? Is it a good phone? Inbox md
Lanh Nguyen How can anybody want a flyer. Its just a large android phone and it doesn't even run on honeycomb. Its basically how everybody thought the ipad was just a large ipod touch. If the flyer ran honeycomb it'd be a different story cause at least honeycomb was meant for tablets.
Cris Myers My rooted nook color, $ 250.
Nicholas Rivera the new HP pad thingy
Jerry Sanderlin Neither one the new iPad or the hp!
Brad Haislip The i pad
Edgar Rodriguez After the Xoom price I just read about im scared of tabs now. The thing is that I dont believe in 7" tabs. So whatever is 9" and up ill have my eyes on and winter get one soon
Michael Sheid OPTIMUS PAD!!
Chris Taylor HTC all the way!
Eric Povish Jr. iPad all the way
Jean François Donet Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung actually has decent materials now!
Mark Pauley Ipad 2! Lol.... Flyer!
Walter Hall G-Slate
Alexander Acosta Del Valle htc, samnsung= slow updates, lg= cheap hardware
Hank Switaj Send me one and ill let you know hehe
Phi David Tran My house computer =O
Jordan Irwin Go flyer!!
Tony Garris lg pad
Joe Hartman send me all 3...I will send 2 back...then ya know ! but I`ll guess it`s the LG - I happen 2 own a few of their products......all spot on !
Muneer KhanVict Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be the best tablet.
Keith Raw None, Motorola Xoom...
Klas A. Lilja Why get a tablet when there is smartphones on the market and laptops..
Sachin Swami Galaxy all the way
Benjamin Padilla TouchPad. FTW
Zac Hart G-Slate
Josh Lazenby Playbook... Sorry, I am an Android fan... but Playbook would be my choice for tablets.
Alan Jae-Hun Yi G-Tab 10.1
Dreyer Smit All three suck, I'll go for the Xoom, EeeSlate or iPad.
Marvin Oubre I'm not a tab/pad fan period. I can't see having a tablet and a smartphone at the same time which do exactly the same thing minus one thing "phone capabilities".
Dushyanthan Devadoss HTC Flyer, I feel it may offer the best value for money
Jordan Toussant Touchpad and iPad 2
John Cruz Flyer and galaxy tab
Thao Vue Depends on if it has windows 7... If it does i love it.... I dont want no gingerbread, or android... I prefer pc tablets like archos 9 or somthing else....:)
Christopher Wesley Samsung & HTC
Audrey ODonnell Neither! I'd choose and ipad over any of those.
James Young Most likely the flyer I dont trust any products from Samsung after the behold and I don't really trust LG they should just focus on making household products they are stretched out
Emmanuel Castro HTC & Samsung.
Gabriel Fernandez Neither. Blackberry Playbook or iPad 2 (I need a good e-book reader/tablet).
Brandon Murray Can I choose HP TouchPad?
Bryan Wall i still love my ipad dont imagine anything will make me change
Brendan Dougherty when does ipad 2 come out?
David Lora none but optiumus pad.and ipad 2
Robert Centennial You hear me phonedoggggg Junk I say JUNK! J/K I like the samsung.
Ali Khromachou Galaxy Tab. im very disappointed in HTC's line up this year and that tablet is garbage
Ricky Nunez Optimus Pad (TMobile baby)
Anthony Alecseenko First!!! And htc flyer
Robert Centennial None tablets are junk.
Gabriel Castro Hp touchpad

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