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Aaron gets some time with the HTC Incredible S, the European upgraded version of the US' DROID Incredible. Features include a 1 GHz next-generation Snapdragon processor, 4-inch Super LCD, Android 2.2, 8-megapixel camera, and a front-facing camera for those crazy self-portraits.

It's more of an evolutionary successor to the original Incredible, though it's headed to markets that haven't had the original device (read: not the US). But like any other HTC device, it's possible that we'll see it in the United States at some point.

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"EuroDogs, do you like the HTC Incredible S?"

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Nathan Elcoate
Nathan Elcoate Hmmm, a bit underwhelming....
Alaa Haidar
Alaa Haidar HTC With Win7 ?
Alex Ward
Alex Ward Make something that's truly better than my Nexus One,and we'll talk.
Rojean De Castro
Rojean De Castro HTC S? what is it look like?sounds good,, Does it have a stereoscpic camera for 3D?
Kataloony Ahmed
Kataloony Ahmed Sorry HTC NO .. Samsung and LG an Moto with Dual Core
Skye Villanueva
Skye Villanueva The year has just begun... I'm sure they have more up there sleeves we didnt see or here about !
Liam Spurr
Liam Spurr What carrier? 3G or 4G?
Niall Beagan
Niall Beagan All the htc phones being released are all extremely similar i see no difference in this phone compared to previous ones they have released
Yasemin Yonucu
Yasemin Yonucu i have a desire, trust me i got it in october and its crap...iwant a blackberry curve 3g! :(im not alowed
Tejvir Padda
Tejvir Padda not much
Casper Lund Pedersen
Casper Lund Pedersen wheres the dislike buttom on facebook i dislike this phone... COME ON FACEBOOK BE COOL LIKE YOUTUBE !! :D
Kamal Halder
Kamal Halder Waiting for HTC chacha, seems a good phone, Antroid with QWERTY will be a great experience that too with touch. Has to be in budget, fairly priced.
Richie Ryze Brett
Richie Ryze Brett looks good BUT i love my Desire :D
Marvin Lohmann
Marvin Lohmann sounds great!
Esa Edvik
Esa Edvik "Next-generation Snapdragon" Please just call it what it is, 2nd generation. There are 4 generations in the oven atm. And HTC will release more phones in a few months, their cycle is twice a year.
Andrew Moody
Andrew Moody So it fits between the desire and the desire hd?
Jeanick Lartigau
Jeanick Lartigau HTC this year is not awesome ... They seems unphased ! It's not bad, but in front of them, other compagnies wont sell bad phones too ! Samsung low end device, the samsung galaxy ace, it's a bomb for the price, what htc did ? The wildfire 2 with a smaller screen and resolution :/
French Twist
French Twist Eurodogs?!! Hahaha, that's great :D
Neel Basra
Neel Basra The HTC Flyer is nice.
Abraham Valentin
Abraham Valentin its "alright"... maybe I was expecting more from HTC after all they're recent 4.3" handsets
Renganathan Krishnamoorthy Sarma
Renganathan Krishnamoorthy Sarma Awesome....

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