PhoneDog's HTC Inspire 4G mini review is finally here! Aaron takes a look at the Inspire 4G, the first 4G device on AT&T and the cousin to the European HTC Desire HD. It offers a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 4.3-inch high resolution display, 8-megapixel camera, and Android 2.2 with the new HTC Sense 2.0. The unibody construction of the Inspire is beautiful, and the phone is incredibly fast.

It's an awesome device and it's great to see HTC Sense 2.0 in the United States (it's about time), but with a tiny 1,230 mAh battery, will the battery life be disappointing? We'll find out.

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"Aaron unboxes the HTC Inspire 4G, AT&T's first 4G device. What say you - Inspire or Atrix 4G?"

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Anonymous HTC INSPIRE! Metal, looks better doesn't lag every time to touch the screen and pretty much has a better UI.
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi Mayb neither.... Well both are AT&T and above all Atrix though with all it's specs look too good, but moto really sucks when it's time for rolling out updates(Atrix is launching with froyo not gingerbread).....
Brandon Ethington any word on the EVO getting Sense 2.0?
Shawn Karson Awesome phone. Atrix and Infuse look so much friggin better though. They have more memory, and a front facing camera. Idk what to get out of the 2.
Brian M McCoy Neither while on AT&T's most unreliable network in America where you have 97% chance of dropping a call!
Tulio Mateo Mesa Ha that's cute
Jeff Alamillo Yeah what Jeremy said.
Jeremy Jedwabnik When will you guys be getting the atrix to review?
Jeremy Mahon Its in the NEWS, that ALL Major Cellphone Companies will be raising their prices BUT there is only ONE Company that will be keeping their same low affordable prices.. That Company is.... Lightyear Wireless. Lightyear Wireless has plans starting at $20/month with Roll-Over Minutes, and Unlimited EVERYTHING for $60/month. AND they have a Customer Referral Program, that when you refer 5 people (JUST ONE TIME) you get COMPLETELY FREE cellphone service FOR LIFE! Message me for details or if you have ANY Questions.
Chris Carson If I wasn't going on Deployment, I would get this phone day 1. I love me some Sense.
Jeff Alamillo Well I hope the H+ speeds are quick cause At&T's 3g sucks.
John Zanatta If I were forced to be on AT&T because all other carriers have closed their doors, I would get this phone. That or not have a mobile anymore...
Jose Edgardo Palacios Goodbye iPhone 4 and hello HTC!!!
Noah Troutman Clearly the Motorola Atrix, hands down.
Aditya Harsh ofcourse atrix
Ehsan Wedee I hate these skins over beautiful vanilla Android...why can't they keep it clean? Blurr, Sense, and others make Android look like Lady Gaga. Disgusting!!
Christopher Manic Johnson I'm on AT&T, & I've been lucky to have had decent service for the past 6yrs I guess, but I'm living in the SE...
Dave Torres I can't wait for the PYRAMID from T-Mobile.
Dave Torres @ Alex ur G2 all the way.
Jeff Alamillo @Chris: You make a really good point lol what carrier are you on? Do you like it?
Liam Morris Is there swipe on this device?
Christopher Manic Johnson @Jeff, take your pick: Sprint w/ their lack of devices & small footprint, Tmo w/ their lack of devices & small footprint, Vzw w/ their crazy prices & data throttling, or you can stay w/ AT&T w/ their crazy prices & network problems w/ the hope of it getting fixed w/ the help of LTE...nonsense everywhere my friend
Jeff Alamillo What carrier should I switch to? I'm tired of At&t and all its nonsense.
Christopher Manic Johnson It has DLNA, so that covers the lack of HDMI, & still, lack of front facing cameras won't be a deal breaker for me until we can do HD video calling.
Shawn Meadows TechnoBuffalo beat you(:
Alex Abawi G2 all the way
Johnson Jacob Neither because it's at&t... lol... but if you must both are good phones and great companies, but I think the Atrix and more guts... but the dock is way overpriced!
Tony Abiama Phone looks ok. But no sideloading, no kickstand, no FFC and no HDMI port makes this kind of a let down, long live EVO!
Shane Hill Dear Aaron, awesome unboxing, focused more on the device
Ben Bartholomew I wanted this phone, then got the iPhone. HELLA PISSED
Brian A Fields Switched from Att to T-Mobile and have g2 and love it. No regrets. And bill $75 cheaper
Eddy Issa I have this phone, its the htd desire hd here in aus and its effing BRILLIANT!
Jay Owens Nexus S!
Johnny Makris-munoz Wow... 99$ and "4g"! Hmmm ? How much is the plan tho? ...
Alex Miller Atrix 4G
Christopher Manic Johnson I'm loving this device, I might get it off contract & then use my upgrade in October or next year for an LTE device. At the moment, AT&T still hasn't really optimized their HSPA+. All the speed tests I've seen w/ the Inspire are averaging around 2Mbps down, & I have no clue what's going on w/ the upload speeds...200+kbps =/. I still want the phone =]
Johny Alvarez @Jay flash the HD2 to run android 2.3 or windows phone 7. Also you need to have a task manager Newb.
Alaye Kray Brown you should send me a htc ispire Yg ill be the happiest person ever im stuck in my contract ) ;
Jesus Lopez YES im getting that phone
Johny Alvarez @jeffrey if you love Noah, why don't you go to technobuffalo?! I rather have the desire HD in America...
Sambath Luy What is Sprint goin to announce on Monday?
Amy L. Hendricks-Castro Woohooo can't wait to get this phone on the 13th !!!
Facebook user @Angelo Yes, they do
Angelo Tandiama any news on if AT&T continues to ban unknown app installation?
Steven John Alexander Omg I been waiting for this phone for soo long I want it I love HTC <3
Facebook user @Jeffrey Yep, that's what happens when you live in a place without snow! No FedEx delays
Jeffrey Hobbs Haha noah beat you to it
Eddie Castro Both haha

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