The HTC M7 is the latest device that's churning through the rumor mill.  Take rumors with a grain of salt, but if everything comes to fruition, it's going to be a nice device.  The specs are said to include a 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, 5-inch 1080p display with a high PPI, 13-megapixel camera, and HTC Sense 5.0 - the newest version of HTC's UI.

HTC's still making a profit, but it's not nearly as large as it was a year ago.  They need a game-changer, and the HTC M7 could be it - so long as they have carrier support and a fantastic marketing campaign.  What do you think HTC needs to blow it out of the water in 2013?  Let me know in the comments!

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"What do you think of the rumored HTC M7?"

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Ricky Gonzalez For me it is between HTC DNA and the Galaxy S4.
Wanda Hayes-Henry I want it!
Cookie Mitchell I hope itz a Gud phone when it come out
Ismael Cardona They need to make better battery and more stock I've been on Samsung for ever but thinking of trying something different
Brandon Scoggins It will be amazing
Roger SwiftMan Parks MicroSD Card slot & a substantial battery (at least about 3000mAh) then i'm sold...
Tony Abiama They need some more features within Sense. And if it really doesn't have a 5in screen then I wont get it, period. Unless they release a nice Phablet, then I'll be all over it.
Jaasiel Torres hope it comes out soon!!! HTC better market the hell out of it though if not then its another fail buy HTC. People have to know about the phone to get excited like the average Joe
Howie Eastin Sounds like it will be a well spec'd out phone :)
Brandon Landry I own a One S, last HTC I will buy. Until they bring SD card & way better battery life. I miss my touch pro 2 keyboard.
Dee Nazario and don't even think about releasing another upgraded version in the month after with a bigger battery or an upgraded processor, I will kill your family.
Dee Nazario Dear HTC, if you're going to put a non removable battery in it at least give it more beef.
Jaime Espinoza Not a Sense UI fan.
Jared Dore Wouldn't say no,have to be good to give up my nexus 4
Luke Wooldridge no sdcard is another fail by htc
Flako Ramirez Windows?
Mikael Snoreen please would you find out if the HTC Rezound will get Jelly Bean the nexus s got it the rezound may be old but it is the best with a removeabe memory and sd storage that htc offers on any carrier
Mikael Snoreen Sd card equil to samsungs 64 gb Removable Battery like Samsung And most importantly make it update able Sense 5 should use 300gb ram at the very least Sense 5 should be the only verion of sense this year not 5 variation of it like last year
Clifton H. Williams II Who is htc...Lol
Christopher Stowe Htc sense just don't look attractive like touchwiz or stock android. The hardware on the m7 looks great though.
Ebadullah Bhurgri Let's see what they bring with this device if it come with non replaceable battery and no sd card slot it would be a big let down and some one like won't even consider it... Plus they need to revamp the sense ui and bring in some additional features like Samsung has been doing... That's the only way they can retain customers and grow...
Matt Pankey Meh. Getting tired of HTC.
Sean Watson love it. can't wait. ready to upgrade from my thunderbolt. That's the phone I want, provided it does come to Verizon

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