Aaron takes a first look at the HTC One X, the high-end member of HTC's new "One" product lineup.  The HTC One X comes with a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, 4.7-inch 1280x720 (HD) Super LCD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a front-facing camera, a 1,800 mAh battery, and Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 4.  It's part of HTC's new efforts to focus on making fewer Android devices.

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Roger SwiftMan Parks
Roger SwiftMan Parks X...Quad Core...4.7...Cool phone!!!
Nabinagnap Zmoh
Nabinagnap Zmoh i thought its a quad-core processor?
Nicole Thomas
Nicole Thomas I love the S...since I have small fingers. I.wouldn't mind giving the X a shot though
Prabhav Srinath
Prabhav Srinath One x!!super cool
Dev Lavaniya
Dev Lavaniya Don't really care about the shutter speed that much .. but m astonished with the kwl features and camera quality that provide with this and One S. personally I prefer S over X.. whats ur say on this ?
Francesco Vincent Parisi Noeske
Francesco Vincent Parisi Noeske one v, looks like legend
Sujith Reddy
Sujith Reddy htc amaze
Austin Mitchell
Austin Mitchell Inspire 4g
Cameron Replin
Cameron Replin Rezound
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Neither. The iPhone 4S owns all of them. ;-)
Elliott Pouncie
Elliott Pouncie HTC One X will put my Infuse 4g to bed
Krushi Vemula
Krushi Vemula @ Frank porter The galaxy nexus has on screen buttons so it is pretty good. These have capacitive so its going to be a lot bigger
EmpireCDS I hope a version of the HTC one x comes to sprint.
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Both.
Moe Lirio
Moe Lirio which is better between motorola droid razr and htc one x?
Robby Olko
Robby Olko The One X looks fucking nice! might be a little too big for hands but I imagine you get used to it, I fucking want it.
Bridget Williams
Bridget Williams The One X. I've already pre ordered it!
RockinRose Wolf Donnell
RockinRose Wolf Donnell I thought the One-X was gonna be a quad core and the One-S for T-Mobile was dual core? And they haven't even mentioned Sprint yet. Do they really have no option to change a battery and no sd card slot?
Geoffrey P. Spicer
Geoffrey P. Spicer 4 s /Titan or the note
Kris Sabo
Kris Sabo One S
Reese Woodson
Reese Woodson I'm ready for the X to come out on AT&T. So what if it isn't quad core T-3 like the global version. I'll take LTE over it being quad core. It's not AT&T's fault that the T3 doesn't support LTE. I'm sure the dual-core S4 will do fine.
Nic Gruwell
Nic Gruwell battery is too small
Chris Tricoli
Chris Tricoli X!
Frank Porter
Frank Porter I don't think so. I have the Nexus with 4.65 inch screen and love it.
Krushi Vemula
Krushi Vemula One s because 4.7 is too big
Frank Porter
Frank Porter I just don't understand why HTC SEnse has to be so overbaring. I mean for crying out loud, from this hands on video, you'd hardly even notice that it's not Gingerbread any longer. HTC could easily have added their icons, widgets and such, while leaving off the capacitive buttons and leaving some of the genuine ICS UI alone to at least give the user some clue as to what ICS is supposed to look like.
Terence E. Abiama
Terence E. Abiama The HTC TITAN, fuq the rest
Jesse Moorhouse
Jesse Moorhouse I personally would choose the HTC One X if I could upgrade this year.
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago Im happy with my sg2 epic touch for now,until the sg3 comes out. Why jump ship if sprint has unlimited data at the moment. New phones come out for what it looks like on a daily basis.
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama Why would anyone choose the S or V models over the X as far as specs go?
Kong Yang
Kong Yang The One X.
Joernie Berrios
Joernie Berrios Nothing Beats Super Amoled+ plus...
Justin Plecko
Justin Plecko Neither, their the HTC version of the iphone. Boring & unimaginative!
Thomas Kolster
Thomas Kolster one X no doubt
Dennis Petrospour
Dennis Petrospour None. No quad core no thanks
David Harness
David Harness One X because it will be on AT&T, that's all that matters to me
Taylor Hull
Taylor Hull HTC One X, the international Tegra 3 version.
Shawn Poling
Shawn Poling Htc one X
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru Samsung Galaxy Note
Mike Cantwell
Mike Cantwell Droid incradable 2
Christien Quiles
Christien Quiles The one x and the one s... I hope the one x comes to sprint but it will probably go to at&t
Ronnie Hill Jr
Ronnie Hill Jr The X and S......the question now is will any of them be coming to sprint or do I have to jump ship ?
Leo Alexandrov
Leo Alexandrov Everything is coming out on icecream sandwich. High end phones from 2 months will be cheaper. Ill just buy one and upgrade it to 4.0
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis The evo & evo3d were trash.. one had known issues with the charging port and yet customers were still forced 2 pay an insurance deductible for faulty equipment..smh
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis They all look the same..Yawns
Daniel Cuadrado
Daniel Cuadrado None.
Tyler Shoulders
Tyler Shoulders Still happy with my HTC incredible 2
Mahael Abdul-Qawi
Mahael Abdul-Qawi One s
Richard Allen Yarrell
Richard Allen Yarrell Galaxy Nexus PIMP SLAPS this silly....
Renee White
Renee White I wish I could tell ya but I'm too poor to get a nice phone...I can only dream about it....
Josh Lazenby
Josh Lazenby After learning about them a bit, I would have to say the One S. Nice screen size,.and the S4 dual core is extremely fast. Its significantly faster then the Tegra 3 in benchmarks.
Lamar H Morgan
Lamar H Morgan One X .. I love Samsung but if the next Nexus were made this way I'd buy!
Fred Glaser
Fred Glaser One X looks excellent. I want it now!
Sam Chishen
Sam Chishen the one with quad-core and tegra 3 for sure! HTC One X!
William Martin
William Martin I like the one x, but I'm happy with my note. The Mrs is due an upgrade in June but even the one s might be too big for her, she's only 4'10" so these big phones just don't really suit her, hopefully i can talk her into it though because they look like fantastic phones
Rafik  Abdullaev
Rafik Abdullaev HTC EVO 3d is the best of all!))))
Zakari Ghachi
Zakari Ghachi Shut up
Punit Sedani
Punit Sedani X!!! I wonder what Samsung has up its sleeve! HTC's gonna try and have the success with the X as Samsung had with the GS2... the REAL question is GS3 or X???
Adrian Jordan
Adrian Jordan Aren't all these HTC devices just same make and model?
Bryan Kawashima
Bryan Kawashima I don't know but come buy yours at my store
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz The reason it wasn't quad core because the tegra 3 didn't work well with AT&T's 4G network. It was either have tegra 3 processor with HSPA+ and No 4G or dual core and with 4G.
Aaron Cullen Starr
Aaron Cullen Starr Anything that said "Coming to AT&T" is my favorite..
J Litz Van
J Litz Van It's hard to say since what they've shown are, world versions. What will come to the states are sure to be different. I would say the, one x but again, the AT&T version is rumored to be different in memory. The world version says it has 32gb with 24gb available to users where the AT&T version is rumored to have 16gb. That's a huge difference when you're looking at available memory for music, apps, pics & movies. Sure it has beats from Dre but when you have 14gb of music that doesn't leave a lot of room for anything else. I'll just have to wait & see the official release.
Rick Nelson
Rick Nelson I want the Quad-core one
Luke Buchanan
Luke Buchanan Battery is a joke
Peter Moreno
Peter Moreno Just waiting for the One S beast to be released on TMo!! Bad ass phones
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Like the one X even though it will b dual core but the qualcomm S4 processor is really powerful than the tegra 3. Quad core isn't that much faster than a dual core. Like the design and love the features. Plus the battery I'd 1,800. Its great phone but waiting to see what the S3 is going to be.
Tracey Lee Rusko
Tracey Lee Rusko is any of them coming to Sprint ?
Chris Clark
Chris Clark Sense 4, capacative buttons....no thanks.
Keoni Andrews
Keoni Andrews It sucks T-Mobile isn't getting the One X. I wanted that enormous screen =(
Ben Conover
Ben Conover one x because its coming to at&t
Moses Estrada
Moses Estrada I wish the One S was on going to ATT
Wasis Waskito
Wasis Waskito If I can get this phone. I'll be the first man who use HTC brand in my town. Hahahaha its true
Brian D Buckley
Brian D Buckley Unimpressive. My Sensation is not far off from this. Which is a good thing!
Loranz Bakous
Loranz Bakous Velocity
Darwin Ayala
Darwin Ayala Love my EVO 3D
Stefan Daniel
Stefan Daniel I think the one V or X!
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee I would say "X" but AT&T chose to cripple it by not using the Tegra 3
Gilbert Galvan
Gilbert Galvan Has HTC improved on their QC control? If not I would stay away.
Alex Stark
Alex Stark X!
Rami Serhan
Rami Serhan One X for sure, but my carrier is sprint so tough luck for me.
Paul Cristian Pop
Paul Cristian Pop One S, because it's closest to my current Sensation. That's going to be a present and for me, One X, definitely :)
Aviv Vaknin
Aviv Vaknin One s, best design :D
Ispongklong Dacoycoy
Ispongklong Dacoycoy i'm a big fan of HTC phone but for me none of the above,htc has a big mistake in making htc one devices
Galen Omkar Melchert
Galen Omkar Melchert x
Luis Valenzuela
Luis Valenzuela X hands down, with beats audio and that beast quad-core processor. Can't wait till it becomes available globally.
ŠhÃhid MûRtáxà
ŠhÃhid MûRtáxà Desire and sensetion XL
Stefan Daniel
Stefan Daniel Awesome! I cannot wait to get home and watch :-)
Farhan Technologic
Farhan Technologic All of them! (:
Jonathan Ng
Jonathan Ng X

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