Seven days into the 30 day challenge with the HTC One X+, I'm focusing on storage and transferring media files.  On top of a solid feature set, the One X+ features 64 GB of internal storage.  Considering the price point of $199.99, it's a fantastic feature that distinguishes it from other high-end Android phones. 

I played the "new consumer" card a bit as I plugged the phone into my computer, and found that downloading HTC Sync Manager was incredibly easy.  From there, importing music and photos is a pretty straightforward process (though there were some snags on the photo side). 

As the One X+ challenge continues, what would you like to see?  Let me know in the comments section below, or on Twitter (@PhoneDog_Aaron)!

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"64 GB of storage for $199 is nice. What do you like/dislike about the HTC One X+?"

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Michael A. Lococo The CRAPPY #GreenTrashCan OS!
steezee37 People act like the non removable battery is a big deal but you can get an external battery pretty cheap and use it for all of your devices as opposed to just your phone
Chris Davis Just sense.
David John Balbin What I don't like about it is that I don't have it yet. -_-
Angel Hernandez And why do people throw fitts over a sd card? You get 64Gb of storage out the box.
Angel Hernandez Only thing i didnt like about it was the heat the tegra 3 chip produced. I traded it back for a note 2. Htc did a good job with it. So chill balls people. If you dont like it no one cares lol.
Geoffrey P. Spicer Would probably get it, glass on htc mo better glass on my s3 shattered,back on my htc insprie.till I come up with 200. Bucks:(
Andrew Johnson None removable battery is a no go on any phone for me. Even though i can get through a day no problem with my note 2, i still carry an extra just in case :-P oh and i have to have an sd card slot
Ca Martin I thought you quite Aaron?
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Htc phones are trash
Cary Mompoint Jr The fact that it didnt come to T-Mo, other than that loving my N4!
Sebastian Khoo The battery life
Teejay Crooks I dont like the fact that it is made by HTC and sense ui sucks
Joel Neil Samsung first as I have to customize my Rom. HTC is getting closed about their Roms.
Ben Halkowski the majority of apps have incredible lag, i returned this phone within a week
Lordh Ozn Droid Dna >>> Note 2 >>> one x +
Kyle Cordiano Sense UI needs to be reworked.
Jesse Ling I dont like htc devices or htc sense.
Dan Daniel still not sure cloud storage is the answer like my SD cards
Anthony Bailey I dislike the fact it's an HTC product. Nuff said.
Harmoni Karlbom That it is made by HTC.
Joseph TurboSkitt What I dont like is that its not the Note 2

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