The hottest Android device of the year is finally here.  Aaron unboxes the HTC Sensation 4G, HTC's newest dual-core wonder.  Powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, it offers a 4.3-inch qHD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, front-facing camera, 1,520 mAh battery, HSPA+ (4G) connectivity, and Android 2.3 with HTC Sense 3.0.

It's the best spec'd Android device available from a US carrier, but it appears to have some lag in select tasks.  Is it the one you should buy, or is the T-Mobile (LG) G2x the best bang for the buck?

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"The Sensation unboxing is here! Is this your next phone?"

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John Prz Cobra
John Prz Cobra there also a video on youtube that show the problem some one help!!
John Prz Cobra
John Prz Cobra i heard on gsmarena.com that this phone come with antenna problems signal wifi and bluetooth i want to now if this is true because i want this phone so friking bad please some one let me now!!!!
Robert Marzuco
Robert Marzuco can't wait for your full review of this phone.
Shawn Poling
Shawn Poling I wish this was on Verizon or att
Arman Samary
Arman Samary I gotta galaxy s2
Nancy Dela Cruz
Nancy Dela Cruz I guess its our closest to the evo on sprint huh? ?
Nancy Dela Cruz
Nancy Dela Cruz I think I want this phone...will it run better than The Samsung vibrant? Will it retrieve email (other than Gmail accounts) faster? I guess ill have to watch the reviews
Sonny Gan
Sonny Gan really the hottest fone so far!:) but still waitng for the evo 3D.see which one is best buy:)
Jamil Cooper
Jamil Cooper Yes this is the best phone ever had. And also my best phone I ever had. Thx HTC you are the best.
Danny Spaide
Danny Spaide Can't wait. As soon as its available its MINE!
Saaqib Malek
Saaqib Malek i have this phonee :)
Ron McKenna
Ron McKenna why have a faster phone with ATT when I still cant get even close to 3g speeds in the capital of Calif., Sacramento. Uploads with wifi turned off = .34 mbps, downloads = 784 kbps - 1.2mbps depending on time of day. I have the Inspire 4G running 2.2 Android
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson Oh yea tito.. whered you har that from? Since its not even out yet..
Suyen Moreno
Suyen Moreno Fell in love with the phone even at the rumor stages....a little disheartening to see that Aaron posted something on Twitter saying it's a bit laggy? AHHH! Still want the phone though.
Muz Chizyuka
Muz Chizyuka @Zino get the Samsung Galaxy S2...
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez Hell yea top phone... just need to pre order now
Jabin George
Jabin George Only if ihad tmobile. But I can wait till o het my hands on the evo 3d
Darryl Mouzone
Darryl Mouzone No.
Alana Blake
Alana Blake Oh yea I been waiting 4 this aaron
Daniel Narvaez
Daniel Narvaez Aaron sounds a lot like Conan O'Brien.
William Burnham
William Burnham Only if T-Mo doesn't get the Galaxy S2...
Matt Hiep-Vo
Matt Hiep-Vo Hell yeah!!!
Ella Toma
Ella Toma Love my G2x.
Carlos Quinones
Carlos Quinones @Zino. Yea, well my main reason for being unsure about getting is specswise. It feels like it should've had a dual core processor, better camera, and 4g. I actually wouldn't mind the galaxy s2, but who knows when that's hitting T-Mobile. I've also considered the g2x, but it's screen is what's preventing me from wanting it. My friend just bought one recently, and was comparing the screen to my galaxy vibrant. And this screen alone looks better, so I could imagine something like a galaxy s 2. And I've seen some qHD screens that look good as well. I'm also considering an EVO 3D. Might end up going with the Sensation tho
Kennii PrIv LeGu Kalonji
Kennii PrIv LeGu Kalonji will this phone be coming to At&T? i really want it, but the service for t-mobile is very poor in my area. thanks!
Mike Mota
Mike Mota Absolutely my next phone.
Zino Vikman
Zino Vikman @Carlos. I got the Xperia Play and i'm not pleased to say the least! In my opinion it really sucks! Acctually it broke down earlier today, probably only a bad ex. but still. So tomorrow i'm heading in to town to buy either the HTC Sensation or the Samsung Galaxy S2.
Carlos Quinones
Carlos Quinones Deciding between staying on T-Mobile and getting this, or going to Verizon for the xperia play. Either one will be fine. I just want to do more gaming on my phone. The downside to xperia play is no TVs out, but at least it has a slide out gamepad
Joshua Teixidor
Joshua Teixidor Cant wait
Otis MrTeddybear Pinkerton
Otis MrTeddybear Pinkerton This is definitely my next phone. My full upgrade is just waiting to be used. Hopefully they put this phone in the Father's Day sale and I get an even better deal. Fingers crossed.
Meerak Hahs
Meerak Hahs is it laggy?
Hatim A Paghadiwala
Hatim A Paghadiwala already got one and its awesome
Sunny Patel
Sunny Patel Hopefully, if you include it in your onepaw bandit game. Please!!!!
Chris Kimak
Chris Kimak Will be my next phone
Ricardo Lopez
Ricardo Lopez Waiting on that mytouch 4g slide then ill decide
Dennis Petrospour
Dennis Petrospour hell yes
Beth Lynne Pugh
Beth Lynne Pugh I wonder how the battery life will be?
RockinRose Wolf Donnell
RockinRose Wolf Donnell Where's the EVO 3D unboxing? Sensation is gonna be the best phone T Mobile has.
Rodolfo Ruddy Ramirez
Rodolfo Ruddy Ramirez Ofcourse!
Andrea Kelly Low
Andrea Kelly Low http://www.androidauthority.com/smartphone-assault-verizon-release-dates-revealed-13692/
Jesus Q Velasquez
Jesus Q Velasquez Verizons droid charge is second best in line now lol
Richard Remigio
Richard Remigio it would if i didnt know that the mytouch slide is coming soon lol so no thank im tired of only touch screen phone. I need keyboard in my life
Andrea Kelly Low
Andrea Kelly Low I thought Verizon just came out with a good phone??
Ivan Woods
Ivan Woods About time
Jerimiah Reece
Jerimiah Reece Why can't Verizon get the good phones?! Arrrrgggg!
Cory Stephen Sonustun
Cory Stephen Sonustun hopefully
Alan Romero
Alan Romero yup
Michael Todd
Michael Todd WOOHOO

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