It's a dogfight battle between two flagship Android smartphones!  Aaron pits the HTC Sensation 4G against the Samsung Galaxy S II to see which one is the "must have" Android smartphone.  The Sensation 4G offers a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 4.3-inch curved high-resolution qHD display with 540 x 960 pixels, an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording capabilities, front-facing shooter for video chatting, and Android 2.3 with HTC's Sense 3.0 user interface.  The Galaxy S II, on the other hand, sports a 1.2 GHz dual-core Exynos processor, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display with 480 x 800 pixels, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video capabilities, front-facing camera, and Android 2.3 with TouchWiz 4.0.

They're both powerful high-end Android phones with a lot to offer, but in a dogfight, only one can reign supreme.  Which one will take home the gold medal?  Part 1 of 2.

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"HTC Sensation 4G or Samsung Galaxy S II?"

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Brian Benson
Brian Benson HTC!!!!
Savannah Casanova
Savannah Casanova the htc sensation looks way better n sxy, i want one!/ ihave a freking mytouch..need to upgrade asap<3(smh)
Prabhath Jay
Prabhath Jay Galaxy S I
Josh Sussman
Josh Sussman Sensation. Just got mine and can't keep my hands off of it!
Henry Murillo
Henry Murillo Doesn't make sense... Sensation beat the g2x, the g2x beat the gsII. Then some how the gsII beat the sensation?? Haha Aaron can be silly
Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez HTC Sensation :)
Chris Dellamedaglia
Chris Dellamedaglia S II
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz Galaxy $2
Jonathan Ponsie
Jonathan Ponsie Galaxy S2, had mine for a month and a half now and it's fantastic. Best screen, best CPU/GPU's, super slim.
Saood Altaf
Saood Altaf Galaxy
Rocco Gallo
Rocco Gallo Galaxy 2 but since its not available in us i have to get the sansation i dont understand what the delay is in releasing this phone
Matt Percan
Matt Percan The HTC Sensation please
KoDy Designed ByCrime
KoDy Designed ByCrime What is taking so long for us to get yhr GSII? by the time we get it the GSIII will be out.... I hate living in America WE GET EVERYTHING LAST!
George Rodriguez
George Rodriguez HTC Sensation 4G
Srinu Smart
Srinu Smart Both :)
Arnulfo Barajas
Arnulfo Barajas It aint fair because the galaxy s is still not in the usa!!!
Nirav Insomniac
Nirav Insomniac htc
Abhishek Kumar Mishra
Abhishek Kumar Mishra i was very confused between these two..but after this review i think i'll go for sensation
Bryan Moreno
Bryan Moreno HTC all the way
Sami Paavilainen
Sami Paavilainen S II
Marcus Neyor
Marcus Neyor Galaxy SII by a mile
Joshua Andrus
Joshua Andrus Sgs2
Marrion Bell
Jamal Khan
Jamal Khan Sensation is a great phone with killer specs and good battery life. Build quality amazing. Feels great holding it in my hand. So sensation is the way to go
Jhordy Mora Tabares
Jhordy Mora Tabares if i have enough money ill buy both cuz there are amazing :DD
Clarence Moore
Clarence Moore Thomas me too I love this phone
Charlena Taylor
Charlena Taylor Htc sensation
Ashish Upadhye
Ashish Upadhye definitely !!! SAMSUNG GALAXY S II !!!!!!!
Clarence Moore
Clarence Moore Sensation 4g way better
Thomas J Wall
Thomas J Wall Sensation. I'm holding one right now. The screen is stunning.
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama HTC EVO 3D
Rick Blake
Rick Blake HTC
Mario Sauceda
Nikita Gorshenin
Nikita Gorshenin GALAXY S2)))
Dawn Stanley
Dawn Stanley I'm going with whatever one you pick.
Fayez Noor
Fayez Noor galaxy s2 all the way
Daniel Cuadrado
Daniel Cuadrado I'll take the S2 in a heartbeat!
Sergio Nayar
Sergio Nayar If I had to choose from these two I'd say SGS2, otherwise Nexus 4G
Carlos Nava
Carlos Nava G2x is better
Mark Santos
Mark Santos I like the galaxy s2 but the release date is killing me! By the time it comes out nexus 3 is probably its another competitor!
Judy Albarrán
Judy Albarrán GALAXY S II
Kevin Berry
Kevin Berry Give me something with this kind of power with a QWERTY and I'm in.
Mike Chiou
Mike Chiou S2
Frank De Leon
Frank De Leon iPhone 4
David McNeill
David McNeill Galaxy S2 by a country mile.. Sense 3.0 looks great but requires nearly 500 (of an availible 756mb) of RAM to run it, doesnt leave much for user apps.
Pablo Echevarria
Pablo Echevarria Sensation all the way. I used to swear by launcher pro plus but sense has be sold. GS2 sure to be amazing but touchwiz is garbage. If i wanted an iphone I would get one
Courtney André Mathurin
Courtney André Mathurin Backing the Sensation all the way
Cody Whodat Yancovich
Cody Whodat Yancovich Galaxy S 2, all the way
Roberto Soriano
Roberto Soriano Galaxy II all the way
Roberto Soriano
Roberto Soriano Galaxy II all they way
Abdullah Al-Hulaibah
Abdullah Al-Hulaibah I9100 no doubt
Austin Zyzz Chadwick
Austin Zyzz Chadwick How about evo 3D... But sensation 4G...
Kenny Jackson
Kenny Jackson Sensation--build quality seems to be the only difference, and the Sensation's is head-and-shoulders above the GSII.
Devonne Illusive Man Akinyele
Devonne Illusive Man Akinyele Sensation 4G
David R. Mitchell II
David R. Mitchell II Sensation 4G
Adam Arthur Robinson
Adam Arthur Robinson Galaxy S II. Most powerful phone FTW
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie Galaxy s2 doesn't have the grip of death the sensation does and its a lot faster from what ive experienced with mine
Jay Alejos
Jay Alejos Samsung sucks will never buy another....sensation baby
King Bricks Kennels
King Bricks Kennels HTC Sensation 4G
Noah James Osborne
Noah James Osborne SII
J Kasey Haggerty
J Kasey Haggerty If the SII was vanilla android I would say it wind, BUT...it isnt. TouchWiz is terrible
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson I wish they fix the death grip on the htc sensation
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson Galaxy 2 is going to Verizon wireless
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos I love my galaxyS 4g
Mohammed Abdulmajeed
Mohammed Abdulmajeed lol
Arxi Kay
Arxi Kay S2. GeeISureHopeSamsungDoesntLetMeDownWithImportantUpdatesAndStuffLikeTheyFoolishlyDidBefore! 8D
Henry Murillo
Henry Murillo Sensation for me! Not a fan of toucwiz but that phone still kick ass, just not for me
Ainsley Bailey
Ainsley Bailey I repeat..G2x all the way!
Micah ZJ
Micah ZJ Galaxy S II for storage space and Sensation for Sense 3.0
Ryan Shah
Ryan Shah like the HTC Sensation Lockscreen
BigBhuddah Khuddah
BigBhuddah Khuddah Htc Sensation for me, but they are both better than the gimmicky Evo 3D...
Dolapo Oyawoye
Dolapo Oyawoye returned my sensation for galaxy s2 and never looked back.
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez Galaxy S II
Kshitij Chauhan
Kshitij Chauhan Sensation
Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen G1 son
KoDy Designed ByCrime
Nick Fischer
Nick Fischer btw i was mentioned in part 2 :D
Ainsley Bailey
Ainsley Bailey G2x lol
Ispongklong Dacoycoy
Ispongklong Dacoycoy I Love htc
Jeremy Allen Crum
Jeremy Allen Crum Just got a Sensation yesterday. Works great!
Nick Fischer
Nick Fischer galaxy s2
Trenton Capps
Trenton Capps The sensation, just because of the sexiness of the new htc sense ;)
Devon Bain
Devon Bain SII - waiting for it to replace my EVO.
Niang Gawane
Niang Gawane G2x
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos Galaxy S 2
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino Galaxy S II
Greg Hylton
Greg Hylton I just bought the sensation but I'll be buying the sgsII when its available in the US
Ryan A. Deckard
Ryan A. Deckard Love my sensation
Don Ovan
Don Ovan htc ftw!!!
??? EVO 3D
Hans Jaramillo
Hans Jaramillo Galaxy S II. No lag whatsoever. :D Same can't be said of the Sensation's browser. :)
Pierre Ware
Pierre Ware Galaxy s2
Orewa Najib
Orewa Najib Galaxy s2XD! ! Nit all people need 4g
Vivek Sinha
Vivek Sinha S II of course! :)
Rodolfo Ruddy Ramirez
Rodolfo Ruddy Ramirez Htc sensation! Way better.
Jevi Cordon
Jevi Cordon galaxy :D

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