Aaron gets some hands-on video with the HTC Sensation XL at CTIA Enterprise & Applications in San Diego.  It offers a 1.5 GHz single-core CPU, 4.7-inch WVGA+ display, 8-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, and Android 2.3 with Sense 3.5. 4.7-inches sounds gigantic - and it is - but the thin profile offsets it. It'll be available later in the year, though it will likely never come to the United States (with HTC's "Sensation XL" name, at least).

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"Is 4.7-inches too big?"

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Terry Oakes I say go 5''
Dee Ross If I didn't already use my upgrade, I'd go as high as a 5" screen.
Adam Khana Charsi WHAI SINGLE CORE
Xingchi Ding Yes too bug
Jonathan Morris 4 inches is the sweet spot, esp since I like a QWERTY keyboard.
Nikko Ylimaf Hell effin yes! That's over doing it! 4.5 should be the highest and even that is already huge!
Wilma Jeanne Brickner-Sanchez The tmobile galaxy s2 is 4.5 and I think it will be the perfect size, but honestly I would need to hold it..
Justin Cartier Yup unless you have freakishly huge hands.
Samuel T F Lau No. On 4.3" screen atm. Want something more than 5" Galaxy Note & Sensation XL will be on my shopping list.
Sunny Patel I don't care what the phone size is as long as the ppi is at least 280
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi 4.3-4.5 shud be the limit for calling sumthng phone, anythng above tat shud be categorized with the tablets..........
Krushi Vemula YES!!! ITS getting ridiculous
Ryan Lee i think 4.7 is a good size for a phone. i like it
Ivan Aleman I think 4.5 is the edge of phone in big size. I have the infuse some times i feel the phone little too big. But I love it
Richard Castro HTC Sensation can't be too high end with a 720p camcorder. Tsk tsk HTC
Geo Foreal That's not what she said!
Digi Knight So long as it's SG2 type of super thin, I'm game. But no dual core and a gig of RAM is a deal breaker. Past 5 is too big.
Stefano Inferrera That's what the Asian girl said!!!
Joel Gomez It depends on the person. I like the samsung galaxy 7 tablet phone. I was skeptic before but when i tried it, i saw the value and convenience of having a tablet phone but i would go for 7 inch screens
Jose Hernandez Yes.....way to big
Sergio Nayar WAY too big for me... 4 is enough. If I want more screen, I use my Tablet.
Namkell Kelly I would have to hold it.....but these phones are centered around multimedia so the bigger the better
Brandon Johnson I think the cut off should have been 4.3, by this time next year they'll be lugging around 5.7 inch screens.
Johnny Cababe That's a perfect size as long as the phone is all screen and not benzel.
Jordan Moreno Not for the ladies(;
Sharang Karve yes. even 4.5 is too big for me.
Mike Cantwell O hell no
Kevin Joel Not big enough!
Paul Ibe That's what she said
Tim Miyashiro Wait is 4.7 inches too big for what?
GL Hale Lol.
Adrian Salazar It all depends on personal opinion, I personally own a sensation with a 4.3" screen and I think its to small for me and would like a 5"+ phone...
Samuel Cummings NO! GIVE ME A BIG PHONE!!!!!!!
Nathan Sherlock I'd say keep 4.5 the very biggest .soon won't be able to put in our pockets lol...
Will Cowell Maybe I guess its how you use it. Haha
Ricardo Lopez Thats what he said..
Cory Wilson Just perfect for my huge hands
Nick Goetzinger 4-4.3 = god mode. The rest of the tablet wannabe phones can fuck off.
Adan Soriano Ide like a 5" screen.
Michael James that's what she said.
Ernest Marvin Esteban Kinda..my preferred screen sizes are only be 4-4.5
Ryan Nunes Maybe it wouldn't seem so big if there was a dual core processor to go with it... Why isn't HTC rolling out something that has a dual core processor??
Emanuel C. Nedelcu onscreen keyboards are just not as advanced to be as practical as a physical one yet,swipe or not...
Emanuel C. Nedelcu ps...off subject,but,a physical keyboard is the determining factor for alot of people on a smartphone
Emanuel C. Nedelcu it would be cool if you guys figured out a way to unfold and connect seamlessly into a screen twice as large as originally...
Emanuel C. Nedelcu how did I know the commentary section would beat me to my remark...oh boy Samsung,you really set yourself up for that one XD
Matthew Alexander A little... I don't want to shove a tablet in my pocket!
Alfredo E. Lopez Over the top
Leonardo Mico The make pills for that
Andres Alarcon My ex's always seemed satisfied...ohhhh...totally misread this :/
Manny Diazz Good phone for shaq I guess wait it's still to small for him
Tony Y. M. Avila 3.5 in to 4 in. are the perfect sizes...4.7 is jst TOO big. ..might as well consider it a tablet
Milton R. Ervin IV That's what she said!!!!
Walter Nunez Everyone can see what your doing on ur phone with that screen size
Nathan Parks 4.3 or me is just fine. No bigger though. And no less than 4 inches
Israel Leiva That's what she said.
Blake Cochrum 4.7? Might as well make it a tablet
Gerard Hyacinthe I'd give it a shot. My 3.8" mytouch 4g is too small for my bear paw hands. Plus watching it for too long hurts my eyes.
Rayce Copper This question just seems counter-intuitive. How can 4.7" be too big when you have 7" tablets? It's like asking, "Is it too big to be this small?" I can't get over how ignorant it is to complain about a phone being to big. There really is nothing else to write about is there?
Paul Davis Haha 4.7 don't even make my girl flinch...
Farid Fares 4.3 inch is super enough
Zorica Volfart It's way too big for a phone. If you want something bigger get an ipad people...
Shane Chandler 4.7 and larger is great if scaled right with a good aspect ratio. Droid x at 4.3 feels too narrow in portrait now after a year of use and i would definitely like a wider screen. Height on DX is perfect though.
Jeremy Abad I wonder how big iPhone screens are?
Danny Spaide Hell no, perfect size, if i hadn't just purchased the Sensation, I would make it mine!
Jeff Alamillo I thought Spiderman 2 came out already?
Zach Cline Yes 4.7 inches is too big.
Jimmie Waverly if 4.7 is too big then I am doomed
Anthony Takumi hell no give me a 5" screen lolz judging by the way phones are going these days they are gonna replace laptops soon lolz
Hilme Khateb It's huge 4.7 !!! For a phone
John Zanatta For some people, yes. But they have little hands. That is a them problem, not a me problem.
Flako Ramirez Yes 3.5/3.7/4.0 is da rite
Jenny H. Liu I think the screen is too big. Maybe for guys, it'll be easier to grip. But for girls, it might be a problem, especially if their hands are small. I have the Samsung infuse with 4.5in screen. Personally, I think 4.3in is the perfect screen size.
Philip Velcime I think the average is 5-7 inches. I may be wrongggg! .....but I doubt it.
Sami Escueta Retiniano Yes! For phone... haha. 4.3 inches is the sweet spot.
Brent Legendre isnt technology suppose to make things smaller. I hate these large phones. I dont carry a purse, what am i suppose to do with a phone that big. DUMB
Colton Snelling it shouldnt get any bigger than 4.5
James Ling Comes down to how comfortable it is to use.... not dimensions....
Adonis Reyes What happened to 4.3 that was perfect?
Neil Hussey @Anthony ~ Release date is showing October 28th.
Codi Carroll No, phonedog said the droid x was too big, now look at all of the phones.
Zach Cline Lol that's a good place for it. Not.
Art Rathbun i think 4.3 is the most a phone screen should be. It has to be able to fit in my backpocket.
Anthony Gross @Neil when does the Samsung Galaxy Note come out? That's what I'm waiting on myself.
Chris Payne That's not what she said....
Hansel Starley I want 4.7 inches actually. :)
John Chavez This is ridiculous! These screens are already bigger than a PSP! Like the PSP it's good for small entertainment, but not for sensible and portability (yes it's PlayStation PORTABLE, but honestly it wasn't that portable to me)
Julian Ju-yen Garcia Its alright. But it also depends to the user, probably need to feel it more.
Devin Eisenhour Not at all I love that size
Renee Victoria Hunter Feltis It could at least have duel core for as big as it is. smh
Darryl Cobb I would have to feel first.
Mark Fisher Jr. Oh yeah, that's what she said.
Mark Fisher Jr. That's like carrying a ipad in your pocket dam near.
Shako Djedi No,it fits perfect. 3.5 inch seems too small now.

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