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Aaron does a walkthrough of Ice Cream Sandwich on the international HTC Sensation XL.  New features include Face Unlock, the Recent Apps menu, a new menu structure, and revamped fonts.  It's a nice upgrade, and overall, Sense 3.6 is a nice improvement over previous builds of the popular UI (though not quite as good as Sense 4, which is what's offered on the HTC One line of devices).

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"Does your Android phone have Ice Cream Sandwich yet?"

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Froggytvtech My phone barely got gingerbread... But i'm getting the Galaxy S III soon! :)
Valentin Ionita
Valentin Ionita How is the overall performance and the battery life on the XL with the new updates?
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson Still rocking gingerbread
T Louis Michael
T Louis Michael Where is the download for the Nokia 6030?
Jeff Jacques
Jeff Jacques Yes, because I loaded a ROM onto my Galaxy Note
Ibnul Sharar
Ibnul Sharar No!! Nexus one .. :( I know its old but should gave gotten the update! Iphone 3gs will get iOS 6, and yes I am comparing with the hipster team!! -_-
Cristian Petrisor Nisulescu
Cristian Petrisor Nisulescu Sgs2 .... 4.0.4 !
Jourdan Fletcher
Jourdan Fletcher EVO 4G LTE and running AOKP ICE Cream NO Sense
Jim Walker
Jim Walker Not on this Bionic YET!!!!!!!!!
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar Dnt want a sucking android
Bonnie Roth
Bonnie Roth Skyrocket and still waiting ............................................................and waiting...
Jonathan Forero
Jonathan Forero Yes (Neo V), but Sony did not do a good job with the update (Lags and there is not new features in the UI), i will waiting for Xda developers and Xperia S update
Rojan Prajapati
Rojan Prajapati NOT yet but stiil waiting................
Joe Aranzullo
Joe Aranzullo Yes and officially, no.
Fred Haynes
Fred Haynes well heck no I have the Note I thought were suppose to be getting it soon I guess not they better hurry or I'm going to the SG3 gonna wait on the red one tho see how it looks
Don Stephen Strada II
Don Stephen Strada II Htc evo 4g lte...the best
Chan Kwang Jie
Chan Kwang Jie Well, Sony decided to drop my xperia play from the ics upgrade. So no?
Josh Lazenby
Josh Lazenby My S2 got it a while back, and my One XL came with it. I noticed a few people commented they did not have it despite having devices that an official update is available for..
Cal-Gene Johnson
Cal-Gene Johnson 7% that's awful :(
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee I got mine HTC Amaze 4g and T-Mobile came through the date they said it was coming.
Fabian Toti
Fabian Toti my gs2 skyrocjet does not. but i want it now
Joe Cregan
Joe Cregan My Rezound still has no update
John Elizondo
John Elizondo @Marla there's cyanogenmod 9 for your epic 4g touch
John Elizondo
John Elizondo Mine does (G2X)
Marla Ramirez
Marla Ramirez My epic 4g touch from sprint doesn't :(
Joernie Berrios
Joernie Berrios Yess...and minds is also rooted.....AOKP ftw!!!
JuLius RonaLd
JuLius RonaLd Yup, my xperia got ics last month
Chris Stec
Chris Stec God damn NO!!!!! SAMSUNG NOTE!!!!!!!
Ali Allana
Ali Allana NO! i will it come on the Inspire 4g???
Bill Simmerly
Bill Simmerly Yes on my Amaze 4G. I love it and don't ever want to go back. Soooo fast.
Jason Harmon
Jason Harmon My HTC one x has it but my galaxy note does not.
Kristopher Davis
Kristopher Davis And where do these people think rooting and installing custom roms is buggy n slow and causes issues? Wow..uneducated trolls!!
Kristopher Davis
Kristopher Davis Hey Steven Oestreich...do us a favor go back to ur iPhone now, and go troll today's iPhone page!!
Tailpipe Scoggins
Tailpipe Scoggins Galaxy nexus here... So yes
Steven William Oestreich
Steven William Oestreich Not on the galaxy s 2 skyrocket. But even before it comes out I'm going back to my iPhone. IPhone ftw!
Steev Adelesthirdchin Convery
Steev Adelesthirdchin Convery Note, nope. GS3 this week!
Aryadna Hernandez
Aryadna Hernandez No yet :'( epic 4g touch. Come on sprint!
Daniel Mcpherson
Daniel Mcpherson Uhm yeah htc one x
David DiPilla
David DiPilla I'm waiting
Kristopher Davis
Kristopher Davis EVO 4g LTE...of course it does :)
Steve Bachman
Steve Bachman My POS iPhone does NOT so I will be leaving for the gloriousness of ICS!!! Eff Apple and their locked down BS. Even Jailbroken, I'm bored to tears. Hello Samsung Galaxy SIII
Teresa L Smith
Teresa L Smith infuse 4g NO.
Ayoub Hage
Ayoub Hage My Nokia n9 finally had ICS
Med Mehdi El Mehraz
Med Mehdi El Mehraz not yet ,sg2
Darren Polak
Darren Polak Yes, UK sensation
Frederick Rodriguez
Frederick Rodriguez No
Jeremy Oliver
Jeremy Oliver Yup came with it.. unlocked galaxy nexus...won't go back to gingerbread everrrrrrrrr.
Janez Kranjski
Janez Kranjski From yesterday 4.0.3 on my Note :-D
Dayne Kameron Neidlinger
Dayne Kameron Neidlinger @Kaizer Jampasar I really hope you're trolling. Blaming Android for the manufacturers' laziness and the carriers' faggotry is incredibly stupid. @Anthony Bailey Why get a shitty official ROM when you have custom ROMs available that are a) free of bloatware, b) full of bugs, c) ridiculously slow, and d) full of security holes? Just use AOSP ROMs.
Anthony Bazaldua
Anthony Bazaldua Yea mine launched ICS.
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez Nope my Epic 4G touch doesnt have it yet
Jacob Ryan Fortner
Jacob Ryan Fortner No, my EVO 3d hasn't gotten it yet
Antonio Vazquez
Antonio Vazquez The ICS leak on my Rezound was flawless, the official releases have more bugs than the custom roms LOL
Chenou Xiong
Chenou Xiong Yes sprint galaxy sII epic 4g
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams I'm an iPhone user so sadly my device does not. :(
Tabib Rehman
Tabib Rehman I had a custom rom ics on my s2 and had no bugs at all
Kevin Zhang
Kevin Zhang Optimus T- YES
Danu Carrión Perales
Danu Carrión Perales LOL! International GSG II since march 20th!!
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago I would root my phone if I knew how,but it would void my warranty!!!
Said Issa
Said Issa International sgs2 no ics -.-
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey Not everyone wants a buggy, non-official ICS leak @Alfonson Avalon. I could have ICS ages ago, rooting my phone, but I don't want all of the issues associated with it. Grant it a lot of the leaks have most of the problems ironed out, but they are still far from flawless. I'd rather get the official ICS.
Doug Utz
Doug Utz HTC Rezound here, no ICS yet.
Bryan Pizzuti
Bryan Pizzuti Yep, HTC One X
William Eustis
William Eustis Any word on when I will get it for the RAZR Max?
Danny Nease
Danny Nease Android 5.0 will be out before most phones get ICS
Samuel Aguilera
Samuel Aguilera No my skyrocket no yet
JuNed Islam
JuNed Islam MIUI
Oleg Berezhnoy
Oleg Berezhnoy Why doesn't the evo 3d have it yet. Almost the same as the sensation.
Afshin Perjia Mahini
Afshin Perjia Mahini Windows Phone 7 !
Christian Rammstein Whitehead
Christian Rammstein Whitehead Nope, still waiting. Xperia S
Brandon Mims
Brandon Mims My gs ii does
Nathaniel M Smith III
Nathaniel M Smith III yes my zoom and htc amaze plus htc one s has the ics
Tracy Todd Leeks
Tracy Todd Leeks Yes my sensation has it and it's ok,but had to give up the hotspot.
Antonio Vazquez
Antonio Vazquez Yes, Galaxy Nexus haha, even my OG Droid Incredible has it, thanks to AOKP, if you want ICS that bad I can only suggest rooting your phone, otherwise deal with it
Alfonso Manuel Avalos
Alfonso Manuel Avalos All of you need to learn how to play with ur phones most of those already had a ics leak and the devs do a awesome job at making it stable , just saying ,
Jenna D. My
Jenna D. My yes on my g2x ...it sucked ...drain battery blah blah blah and lagg..no point
Richie Spears Mtz
Richie Spears Mtz inspire no :(
Nikola Karovic
Nikola Karovic when I get message on phone Ill update it (at least that was before)
Kaizer Joelle
Kaizer Joelle Hell no! Just shows that android really cares about their consumers huh? Can't wait to switch to another OS!
Tabib Rehman
Tabib Rehman I got tired of waiting so had a custom rom on my s2. Then i bought the htc one x (obviosuly thay had it) and now my galaxy note has it
Chris Callaham
Chris Callaham No im a bionic owner
J Alberto Garcia Flores
J Alberto Garcia Flores Yes on my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II!
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago No sg2 epic touch :(
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Quintero sprint galaxy s 2 not yet
Alfonso Manuel Avalos
Alfonso Manuel Avalos Yep
Orrin Tall
Orrin Tall HTC Thunderbolt gets no love
Zane Bumpers
Zane Bumpers Yes Galaxy S Captivate CM9
Tyran Bamn Gray
Tyran Bamn Gray My skyrocket is telling me wait 24 hours.
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey Nope. Still no ICS on my Samsung Mobile USA Galaxy Note. These assholes keep bullshitting and giving no answers.
Joe Avery
Joe Avery Nope,,, HTC inspire 4G and don't know if I'll be able to get it
Alfred Dennis J
Alfred Dennis J yes..!!
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz They need to understand that nobody likes Motorola blur
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz No, photon 4g. I called motorola about this and they had no answer. I mean seriously my hp tablet has it. Why can't a billion dollar company do the same.
Josh Maine
Josh Maine No GSII
Dayne Kameron Neidlinger
Dayne Kameron Neidlinger Yep. Galaxy S. CM9 is awesome.
Christopher Anthony
Christopher Anthony Thunderbolt - No
Chris W. Reese
Chris W. Reese ERR... my Galaxy Note doesn't have ICS yet, and I want it. Anybody know how long before ICS well roll out for the note?
Justin Moore
Justin Moore Evo4G LTE shipped with it.
Alex Arana
Alex Arana Yes gs2
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie no its a desire s its rap too
Danny Yang
Danny Yang Nope droid bionic
Nicholas Buckley
Nicholas Buckley My one s and sensation has it. Lol
Niall Barr
Niall Barr my samsung galaxy s1 sure does
Robert Salender
Robert Salender No.
Lavon Thomas
Lavon Thomas I have ice cream on my tablet love it I get no lag at all
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Yes my HTC Vivid.

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