It's not coming to the United States, but if you're looking for a nice Android phone to purchase unlocked, the HTC Sensation XL could be the phone.  Featuring a 1.5 GHz single-core Scorpion CPU, it offers a 4.7-inch Super LCD (WVGA) display, 8-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, a front-facing camera, 1,600 mAh battery, and Android 2.3.5 with HTC Sense 3.5.  It comes with Beats Audio integration, so you'll get a pair of iBeats headphones in the box.

Despite the single-core processor, the Sensation XL is a nice unit that performs better in day-to-day tests than the HTC Rezound on Verizon.  Is it worth spending the money to bring over to the States, or should you hold out for CES 2012 devices to hit retail stores?  Part 1 of 2.

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"Do you buy unlocked phones?"

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Gary Walker Buy them but have issues with AT&T not recognizing the IMEI and not allowing them to have 4G services.
LaToya's Page Unlocked phones are hands down the BEST! Hate carrier branding
Tim Lindt I donĀ“t like brandings, so I buy unlocked phones
Chad Allen I will say this though i cant belive how that single core runs less laggy than the Rezound there is no excuse why Htc cant fix this in their Dual Core devices its been long overdue!
Chad Allen If i cant use it on Verizons network i wont buy it no way will i go to Att for an unlocked phone and tmobiles network isnt reliable enough
John Napier Just got this phone...amazing!!!
Peter Kis I should have - am about to switch providers and can't use my locked iPhone on the new one anymore
Jerry Tan KL is 1.5Ghz..... is not 1.4
Danny Spaide Yup! HTC sensation
Yorgule Miklos for me there is no point on buying an unlocked phone from over seas so i cant take advantage of its 4g or 3g, but edge,
Oscar Campos Heyyy bro i wAs watching that video about the galaxy tablet from verizon and you said you were giving out 100 ipads anddd i would really really like one mean if its not to much trouble for you
Shrinivas Mittal Stop reviewing random phones. Just saying
Tania Steffens All phones are unlocked where I come from because it's against the law for cell phone companies to lock their phones. So all my phones are unlocked...
Eduardo Ordaz Might. But wait till its cheaper.
Ayoub Hage Unlocked is better.no clog up of carriers bullshit crap
Marvin Oubre I bought a locked used windows 7 phone on eBay and then bought an unlock code for 99 cents.
Kyle Cordiano Yes. Galaxy S II
Noe Contreras I've been thinking about an unlocked iPhone 4s to use with T-Mobile but i heard that the reception is kinda sketchy since most of the time you're on edge :/
Henry Murillo Yah a 4s for my tmo account
Bill Siembida Yeah a nexus!!! Haha
Noe Zuniga @ Kasey Haggerty do you know by when? Thinking bout buying one to
J Kasey Haggerty Was going to buy an overseas gsm Galaxy Nexus, but heard it is coming to TMO, so I will wait
Jeff Lowe Bought unlocked before.
Jason C Kingry Never purchased an unlocked phone. But I have been seriously considering it. Will the Sensation XL work on AT&T?
Matt Swanson That's all I really like to buy but they usually cost a little bit.
Patrick David Conner I love the Samsung Overseas Products.. I have the Samsung Galaxy SII and also I just got the Samsung Note about 2 months ago and LOVE it... Wish AT&T would let them keep the home button I love that and they always look better then the ones we get here in USA..
Alexe Cristian Alexandru i only buy unlocked phones!
Cody Suiters The only unlocked phones I buy are used. Or I unlock them myself... I'm cheap.
Dounutz Sesar Why is it that all manufactures they sell some impressive devices overseas and when they introduce new one or bring one to usa the design is terrible
Flako Ramirez No i got verizon cdma :(
??? ???????? I won't buy a phone unless I already know it can be unlocked relatively easily.
Gazi Hafiz i've been looking forward to buy this beast.. but no t-mobile 3g =/ booo!

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