Jon Quach recaps PhoneDog's news, reviews, videos, and more from the week of March 1-7, 2011 in The Weekly Bone.  Topics include the HTC Thunderbolt, the prototype design of the Apple iPhone 5, Aaron's dogfight between the Motorola Atrix 4G and the Apple iPhone 4, Aaron's Motorola XOOM Video Review, and more.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the video!

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eBay prices for the HTC ThunderBolt

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"The Weekly Bone is here! Are you waiting for the HTC Thunderbolt, or are you passing for the other 4G phones?"

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Gerardo Ortega I can't wait for the EVO 3D on Sprint.
Cody Moore Well if I can convince my mom and dad to return my Droid incredible yes
Marvin Oubre Amoung the phones I am waiting for, I forgot to mention the Evo 3D coming to Sprint.
Gerardo Ortega Thunderbolt has no Amoled screen, has no dual processor and only 1ghz snapdragon processor. Most new phones have Amoled screen and 1.2 or 1.5 dual processor.
Chris Rodriguez Well Jackson the kins were cancelled so I guess the title for worst still belongs to blackberry lol
Jay Owens Did I just see blackberry is priceless.?!??! Haha... that's about the same technology as the phone attached to this leather case I had in.the 90's. Cmon dude, you can't be serious?!?!?
Jackson Sanger @chris r blackberry is hardly the worst phone u can buy...just look at the kin
Frank D. Rosario who really has 4 g yet anyhow only in 3 cities in my state
Shadi Abdul Khalek you are awesome man!
Chris Rodriguez lol @ anyone wanting a blackberry, aka the worst phones you can buy.
Anthony Douglas I might if they lower their plans to something a 2 person family can afford while we r both in college, working fulltime & paying a mortgage
Anthony Douglas Not for a rip off of the Evo, not for $299.99 & def not for Verizon's plan pricing...2 lines for unlimited everything $208 a month not including tax, will stick to Sprint...their plans r cheaper & I have an Evo
Israel Leiva 2012 aka the end of the world is coming before this phone sees the light of day. I'll settle for the Droid X in the mean time. LOL
Matt Jackson Samsung Stealth V is more interesting and
Jean Pacrim When are we getting dual core battery??????
Gabriela Gamino Love this guy!
David Hore Galaxy s2 or iPhone 5
Tony Lofu The standard has been raised, I'm waiting for the next batch of dual core phones!
Jerry Adney Had one since last June.
Evgeni Sibirkin Wait where can I read about the iPhone 5 prototype on phonedog?
Marvin Oubre Basically I'm only interested in "dual core" phones right now
Marvin Oubre I read an article earlier saying 1 out of 5 smartphones is HTC brand. I'm waiting on a several phones: Droid Bionic, HTC Pyramid or (Doubleshot or whatever they're calling it these days) and Galaxy S II.
Christopher Manic Johnson The Tunderbolt is becoming as funny as the white iPhone 4. I'd wait for the Droid Bionic--it might have Blur, but 1930mah, that's all I'm saying.
Art Carlson Nope. Not interested in an Android phone. Holding out for the BB Montana later this year.
Giselle Springer Tried Android for 2months and I just couldn't deal with a dead phone. Honestly what gd is a browser and all those so called extraordinary apps if the phone is always on its last bar smhhhh!!!
Tanner Carone Can't only can have 3G phone
Fan OfDreaming But I might want 2 get myself the HTC Flight when it becomes available.:-)
Giselle Springer Verizon #Fail Android #Fail Blkbry #Priceless *Superb battery life, push technology, outstandin keyboard, and all of the ESSENTIAL apps that these other os's have!!*
Chris Rodriguez Would love a galaxy sII
Fan OfDreaming I'm not even looking
Cody Moore I was but I heard other had terrible battery life so no
Gina Dewitte Todd Love the atrix!!
Chuck Xu When is the pryamid coming out! Specs are a beast! Details on it plz....
Jay Owens Thunder who? Lol. No thanks...
Marcus NinersEmpire Dnt care for Verizon
Logan Yerbey No, johnny i'm no expert, but when they are trying to push a device that has nothing uncommon besides 4g in it, it just seems like they take customers for granted. I'm not pissing on Verizon. I'm pissing on HTC for taking the backseat to innovating. This right here shows how they are going to start losing the phone war if they don't start trying new designs, new features, and updated everything in relation to the ever expanding mobile world. They're a great company, but they are starting to sound as confident as Crapple. That works for Apple, but not for a phone company who has to compete with multiple other companies with very similar products.
Susan-Marc Perez Waiting to see the so called "pyramid "
Jackson Sanger jk I want the Touchpad and Pre 3...the ultimate combo :O
Jessica Sanchez waiting on the bionic
Jeebs Lewu id go for the thunderbolt if i didnt care about money. but my optimus V gets the job done and its very inexpensive
Beth Bryant-Claxton Waiting on the Bionic
Aaron Couts Seeing how I need one with a physical keyboard, I have a long wait ahead of me
Johnny Chingas because you're such an expert logan
Shane Swails All these great smartphones with yesterday's battery technology. When we going to see decent battery life?
Eric Shayna Well... I ordered the Kin ONEm on verizon because the Intensity II sucks, and I got a $36 Discount! :D
Terry Nolting I was interested in the Thunderbolt, but now I think I'll pass and wait and see what the Bionic has to offer.
Johnny Chingas thunderbolt
Logan Yerbey how is anyone excited about the thunderbolt? The one ghz processor speaks for itself. Granted that is very fast, but that is also six month old technology. Dual core processors, or processors larger than one ghz are taking over the mobile world. It is literally a slightly updated evo. Come on, people.

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