Given the size of the screen, the name is appropriate!  Aaron takes a first look at the HTC Titan, a gigantic (and feature packed) Windows Phone from AT&T.  Available now for $199.99, the Titan packs a 1.5 GHz single-core Snapdragon processor, 4.7-inch Super LCD, 8-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, a front-facing camera, 1,600 mAh battery, and Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango).  It's a huge Windows Phone that should appeal to anyone who loves media or browsing the web, though the battery may be a little bit too small for the heavy user.

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"Is the gigantic display on the Titan exactly what Windows Phone needs?"

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Charles Jones Zach is informed as am I. Windows has a long way to go. ICS looks to be awesome, I am still waiting for Galaxy Nexus.
Anonymous Well I think its fine, but the battery is a bit weak for that Display.
Hubert John Abiera @Zach Cline, I love Windows Phone and I can guarantee to you that I am no idiot. I really hate citing credentials in these online responses, but your responses are so misguided and idiotic that I am willing to do it this time. I am pretty sure even you can understand the implication of this question: If you take your community college education and compare it to my engineering education, who do you think people will think is technologically inept? It is incredibly stupid to call people who love Windows Phone "idiots". Have a nice day.
Anonymous What's up with HTC and batteries? Do they only have 1600 mAh?
Steve Moore @Zach Clone is an idiot. I thought you were blowing Apple and their crappy phone.
Paolo Ariedo I think the WP OS needs to be marketed more aggressively than the WP device manufacturers go forth and increase the screen size of their devices, but that's just me. (OK. So the Lumia 800 is selling pretty well in some of the EU countries; Focus S, Titan on the AT&T network, but still. ) I own a Windows Phone, and I can say that it is better by leaps and bounds than the iPhone 4/4S (the screen size on the iPhone 4/4S is small, difficult to type with my thumbs.) and some Android devices (I had the Optimus 2X (int'l ver.) for some time, it still had lag, for something with dual core tech.)
Kitty Tandino I'm bored, Looking to add over 300 friends before tonight eastern time.. friend request spam me please. :)
James LeBlanc I kinda like metro ui! Itd pretty sleek and cool looking! But on the Htc titan? Meh! Something jsut doesnt seem right ! Microsoft should do their own phone with wp7 ! Oh wait.... The kin...... Nevermind
Josh Sepulveda I honestly wanted to like the tiles and the OS itself...but I simply hated it. I love the customizability of android, if you know what your doing, android can do whatever you want it too. Iv had the mt4g for a year now and I'm still not bored, apples and orange and bananas I guess but whatevs
Shjon Becerra I liked your video it lookes smother than android and apple my opinon
Ayub Khan Its good, but for me android is sufficient
E.v. Saephan honestly though... just carry a fuckin tablet. I'm happy with my 3.5 an iPhone.
Drew Page As much as it pains me to admit, Windows Phone 7.5 is pretty amazing.
Joshua Cubilete Wp7 OS is def better than Android
Maurice B. Jackson i like it''
Joeben Mar D. Batucan Sir Aaron hope you'll have a nice review on this one, such as the functionality of social networking(facebook & twetter) of this phone. I will wait for your review on this phone Sir. Thanks.
Sterling Jack It was a tough choice between the Titan and the Galaxy, the Galaxy won :/
Juventino Sepulveda Jr Anthony. Android us not a copycat. They are very good devices. Like th GALAXY SII. HELLO PEOPLE.
Zach Cline Lol bs. Only brainless people that can't comprehend actually think windows is awesome. Ice cream sandwich is the most polished version of android to date. It's too geeky translates to- I'm too stupid to figure it out
Alaa Ajweh Finally
Robert Centennial People don't like the tiles because they haven't been told that they are cool yet. They are stuck in pop culture. baby hit me one more time.
Robert Centennial ICS will go down as the windows vista off cellphone os's. It's to geeky and only will satisfy brainless people who think phones are sports teams.
Zach Cline Lol windows blows. Android is on top now along with iOS. I was going to give windows a chance but couldn't get past the fugly tiles.
Robert Centennial I have had every os and wp7 mango is amazing. Still needs work but it's a better smartphone as a whole.
Mark Belkowski Metro sucks.
Robert Centennial It's the best os on the best phone in the market right now. Windows has flipped places with apple. Windows is now more efficient and sexy/desirable.
Tim Houp I don't know why people who haven't used WP 7.5 even comment. I have one and it is a great phone, I love mine.
Desmond Cook HTC Vivid WAY better!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hubert John Abiera Interesting comments here. The Nokia Lumias in Europe are selling incredibly well, selling out everywhere in the UK. The HTC Titan and the Samsung Focus S were back-ordered right at launch. I think it's ridiculous that people still think that Windows Phone is not doing well.
Chris Rogers Remember when we all wanted our cell phones as small as possible? Well now thAndes are getting older and blinder so a 5" screen phone is just what the doctor ordered literally. But no WP7 for me, in fact until a phone that large comes to a prepaid carrier like VM you'll never see one in my possession!
Anthony D. Booker HTC Titan is the Business!!!!, iphone, to old looking, Android, copy cats.
Josh Sepulveda Nope windows was basically dead out of the gate the 4.3 inch hd7 didn't help it any
Zach Cline @ Joey- No it isn't. Thats why verizon doesn't plan on carrying more of them.
Zach Cline Windows fail
Desmond Cook It 720p recording not 1080p
Miguel Gosteelers Lopez Nice phone but why not LTE??
Brandon Johnson They need to round out the os a bit now, it's too blocky. I think it's great but looking at squares all day kind of sux.
Kent Masias If its on a W phone..keep it.
Joey J. Bowles Windows phone just need good marketing (apple). The phone itself is the best mobile os.
Mark Mann I wish they had more options on Verizon. Only 1 no 4g and no nice screen. Just like the iphone no options.
Kenny Kemp I like the Titan windows phone, I think it is a great phone
Mark Belkowski I hate wp7.
Sergio Sava Velez It's a start... some people will be interested
Michael Santangelo Yes it is Aaron, yes it is.
Jaelynne GimmewhatIwant Brooke No, the screen size is ridiculous.

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