What happens in PhoneDog land when two behemoth smartphones land on Aaron's desk?  A dogfight, that's what!  Aaron throws the HTC Titan and Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket into the ring to see which one offers the best bang for the buck.  The Titan comes with a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor, 4.7-inch display, 8-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, front-facing camera, a 1,600 mAh battery, and Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango).  The Skyrocket offers a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU, 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a front-facing shooter, and Android 2.3.6 with TouchWiz 4.0.

Both are available now at AT&T.  Two very different experiences on two different pieces of hardware.  Which one takes the crown in the dogfight?  Part 1 of 2.

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"Which one do you prefer, Android or Windows Phone?"

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Kirk Ngo Android all the way
Ben Ropelewski i'm not a huge fan of the titan, but I love WP. When (If?) the Nokia Lumia 900 comes to the US, there's gonna have to be some more dogfights!
Donald Rose SGS2S is the one!
Joshua Lawson Htc titan
Anonymous See NYTimes technology 12/26/11 – Phonedog is a legal bully
Ash_Vendetta prefer android for lots of customization, but windows phone is freaking fast.
Gerald Mccrae Android but I'll take a windows phone over a blackberry any day of the week but I have to admit I lover my blackberry playbook
Nehal Patel android
jackwalsho_0 ics is better than mango, but mango is better than gingerbread. (i like winpho more)
Truly Nice Windows phone 7......message sent from my gs2 epic 4g touch
Anonymous android is well better windows is crap
William Hall oh but dont worry ICS will be here, you only have to wait till april. 100% of users had Mango ina month. Gingerbread is still not on most android phones. What makes you think youll ever get ICS.
William Hall Force close force close force close. You wanna know the last time my windows phone was off in any way? since i bought it 2 months ago. Android= wont be there when you need it most!!!
Eduardo Ordaz WP7 is boring. Android waaay better and its waaay cool. will never get bored with Android because i could customize it and do it for hours. plus there is always something new. also rooting is great u can change anything. wp7 is boring. Its like selling ur soul for tow years on a phone and an OS thats boring and u cant customize it or even put a wallpaper in the back of those boxes. wp7 is boring. Android is super cool.
Fairose Ahamed Hurrah WP
Marco Raymond HTC Titan is amazing, windows phone will grow in popularity as ppl will get bored of iOS and Android I tell you
Anonymous I have had both. Personally, Android. But I really like the Windows Phone 7 build and quality. I really like both of them.
Karthik Ganeshan GS2 .. rules Everything!
Anthony T DAquino Windows phone and HTC TITAN fan myself, love the Xbox live integration, office, the Zune software and the live tiles. Still awesome unbiased review in the video :)
Missy Wheeler Had android. iPhone just works.
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas windows phone is the revolution in 2012 with windows phone 8 tango apollo
Anonymous htc titan
Yan Zhenghao Very good review.
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas I love my HTC titan,is the best and Windows phone is the future
Danny Spaide Android
Rahul Gandhi Both phones hardware is nice, but as far as os android would be the first choice and then windows phone.
Aemon Barzanji Android just got a motorola razr as they call it here in aus and its amazing
Andrew Qi Wen Windows Phone 8 is coming.
George St. Martin Lol, I didn't even know wp7 had fanboys.
Omar Solis Android but I could settle for the titan any day soon but for now happy with my ATRIX 2
Fabrizio Canazza I use android but Im thinking to migrate to iPhone cause is definitely better in everything
Zach Cline Lol the iphone sucks. ipod 4s
Michael Heiser Android!!! I just spoke with my ISP last night, and the tech guy mentioned to me that he had a Windows Phone.... he said he couldn't wait until it was time for his upgrade!!! I guess even the workers at VZW have to wait~~~~~~~~~~ Love my HTC Incredible2~~~~~~~~~~~
Eduardo Ordaz With Android you can do alot more. customize it you can change launchers and change themes. Change wallpapers and live wallpapers. You can even root it and make it faster and change everything. with android you can find a phone that fits you and fits your needs. and even customize it the way you want to.tried wp7 and its boring you cant change the back ground nor have a wallpaper in the back of those boxes. It looks all dark. no widgets you dont have great games that Android and IOS have. plus multitasking is better on Android. I could spend hours on a road trip customizing my phone and be entertained for hours. My cuz had a wp7 and didnt like it and he saw my Android phone i let him see it and he liked everthing on it. why do people say Android lags. I had my Android phone for a long time and has lots of apps and lots of widget on the homescreens and it doesnt even lag. My uncles have Android phones and they also have lots of apps and lots running too and with a live wallpaper and they say theirs doesnt even lag. and Malware? i have yet to see any evidence of malware since they only target third party app markets. When you only get your apps on Official app markets like the Android market your r more safer buying apps their then third party app markets. majority of malware reports came from countries that dont have the official Android market. Android is waay more coool that wp7. wp7 es basura.
Mehul Patel Winroid!"!"
Rick Nelson Android!
M Dot Bryant Android any day over windows, my coworker has a window phone and she doesn't like it, to me it seems like it's more useful for like lawyers, doctors, ceo"s, entrepreneurs, etc......
Timo Drost Android ftw :)
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas @ yazo,I was an android user and an iPhone user,and now I am with windows phone and I love it,better than android and ios :-D
Daniel Walle None the iPhone is better than all
Yazo Alcantara Anyone who votes for Windows has never owned an Android phone. Windows is very weak compared to android. Waaaay to many shortcomings.
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas I am with Cristian,Windows rules
Brad Allison Android, but Windows phone is getting better.
Andre Patterson Android over WP7 anyday
Heather Burt windows is still around? hmm thought them and RIM ran off somewhere
Yazo Alcantara Android All Day! Windows needs to scrap their operating system and start over... Blackberry is even better than widows!
Kyle James Sherman Windows Phone! :):)
Aj Green Haven't gave windows a shot, but I'm a huge android user right now.
Joe Aranzullo If you root and know what you're doing you can even turn your android phone in to a windows phone! Hrmm gee I don't like the font my clock is in.. boom, changed. I wish I had a different boot animation.. boom, changed. Etc. Etc. Can you wield that much power over your windows phone?
Joe Aranzullo That's like.. which is better.. a punch in the face.. or $500? Android, duh.
Cristian Tomasito Windows phone 7 = fb,twiiter,linkedin integration,live tiles, xbox live, zune media player, flawless sync with xbox 360, windows pc. Android on the other hand= Malware,bugs, random reboots, not to mention FRAGMENTATION.
Chee Moua Android ftmfw
Flako Ramirez Windows phone 7
Namkell Kelly People complain a lot about Android...but I have a rooted EVO running sense 3.5 and I don't experience lag bugs or anything else 98% of the time..windows phone.(yawn),skyrocket by far
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas Windows phone is the best os right now,is more complete,more secure,Android is a piece of shit,Windows rules
KoDy Designed ByCrime Im with jorge on this one I thought this was a joke question as well Lmmfao!!! Windows phone is straight trash!!! GOOGLE>EVERYTHING
Lee Jack stop the stupid fansboy war idiot!
Arvydas Gr Windows Phone
Clement Piovesan Windows in those ones but ios is still the best
Michael Diaz Windows phone is the future android is to clutterd and messy. Less is more
Carlos Quinones Android for features/apps. Windows for stability.
Dave Keller Android ftw.
Robert Centennial Just like fashion most Americans jump on whatever is popular. So android will sell until Britney spears is seen carrying a wp7. It's sad but true because windows is by far the best os right now and the Titan is rock solid. Android is ugly, buggy, complicated, a battery hog, outdated a week after you buy it, fragmented, and on and on. If you want ios get a iPhone and forget android the copy cat. If you want a real iOS alternative get wp7.
Eduardo Ordaz Android. Its customizable and cool too. Tried windows and didnt like it. Its boring. Got an Android phone and blew me away. Happy with my Android phone :-)
Joe Czo Windows
Trevor White Android
Jorge Moran Android, I don't even think this is a serious question
Leo Baxter I've had Blackberry, iPhone, Android (sense & stock), and switched to WP7. Don't want to go back.
Allan Kuang Windows is pretty boring sometimes. Definitely Android wins. Hands down.
Kenny Yusuf Android for crying out loud!
Carlos Nava Droidberry !!
Nathan Wright Love my windows phone.
Robert Centennial Wp7 for the win.
Tim Davis Android
Jeff Hollins Skyrocket by far..
Keith Ainsley Wow. Didn't recoginze you with the new hair.
Bryon Carlin Android
Dave Aké I like the windows UI but i prefer Android. IOS? Smh
Nicolas Flores Windows: Simple and Very Easy To Use Android: Deeper Customization. Widgets. Android Market. Bigger Screens. I have Android but I'm willing to try and see what Windows has to Offer
El Mega Mega who would want an windoes phone
Ali Fakhruddin Android., Simply the best when compard wid windows.
James Stewart iOS FTW :')
Chris Backster Android for sure
Zach Cline Galaxy s2
Chris Mejia Android dont even have to think about it :P
Micah Watkins I would have to choose Android.
Emilio J Burgos I'm about to fire you off my page you havint did shit on the nexus s ice dummm ass
Pascal Raven Silly question...Android of course!!
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas Windows Phone,Titaaaaaannnn
Adam Gonzalez Android ftw
Dre Ill I understand that microsoft? was going for simplicity, but Windows 7 is just TOO simple. So much so, that it's boring.
Adrian Marius Windows Phone 7. NO DOUBTS.
William Hall windows phone FTW!!!
Lisa Alter Windows!
Brian M McCoy No contest that Android is better in every aspect that can be measured. Always has and always will.
Hubert John Abiera I prefer the closed more controlled system that Windows brought in with Windows Phone, but not so closed that they are stuck with one device. I pick Windows Phone.
Nyima Lhundup sII is the best
Belal Shawwa Skyrocket :P
Jeffery Ware Windows
Jed Shuster Android supposedly would never make it, or over take IPhone...now they have the largest % of the market. You can have multiple options on every carrier, even prepaid!!! Android rules the day, month, and years. And it just keeps getting better. Don't think siri will ever make it but some sort of "speak to action" on the system is coming...
Ely Carranza galaxy s2 Android
Shin Wolf android ftw
Melvin Tuggle IPhones suckk lol. Android ftw. Open source is always best
Jenny Moore Android :D
Terrence Sebastine Chuniesingh Love them both. But not to sure about the tiles thing, in windows phone.
Alex Vornicu Android! Absolutely.
Saurabh Arora WINDOWS!!
Drew Whaples android have games and window don't have games. I pick android
Uday Singh Android is good. But a bit laggy. Nd not smooth. Best part is customization. Windows phne is good. I ll like to own one.. its soo beautiful to look at..
Eray Dursun neither...iPHONE!!!!
Brian Hamilton Windows makes a phone??
Dandzo Frank android..
Tyrai King Thomas Windows would have been great if it had only come out earlier
Fred Telles So far, out of those two? Galaxy S 2, I am waiting for a REAL windows phone though
Ace Smith so far i would have to say Android... ive only had one windows phone an that was a little while ago but it just didnt match up to my 1st experiences with Android by a long shot
Omar Romero Android

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