4G LTE may be all the rage, but for Verizon Wireless customers that can't take advantage of the new service, there are some great high-end 3G smartphones out there.  One of those is the HTC Trophy, Verizon's first Windows Phone and another smartphone that's capable of global roaming thanks to a SIM card slot in the back.  Powered by a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 3.8-inch display, 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording capabilities, and global roaming capabilities, it's a good Verizon smartphone at a reasonable price. 

If you purchase a 3G device, you're locking yourself into old technology for another two years.  Is it worth it?  We'll find out.  Part 1 of 2.

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"Do you like the HTC Trophy, Verizon's first Windows Phone?"

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Shuayb Rasool
Shuayb Rasool Windows phones freeze like crazy, but HTC isn't the worst company! A windows phone is a good idea, if only they could make one that worked
Raul Sergio
Raul Sergio By The Way Windows Phones Are Disgusting They Suck So Badly!
Raul Sergio
Raul Sergio Its Not Even Verizon's First Windows Mobile Phone, The LG Fathom Is The First Windows Mobile Phone On Verizon... It May Be Verizon's First Windows 7 Phone But Not The First Windows Mobile Phone!
Cameron Kimpson
Cameron Kimpson even though Android rules, Windows Phone 7 is quite productive and fluid...
Christian Von Menstruation
Christian Von Menstruation The quick brown fox is pretty quick .. ;
Zaben Hashish
Zaben Hashish Windows phone 7 sucks so bad. It lacks soo many features that its competitors have. Android os is on top of any shitty system out there. You could defend windows but in the end you'll realize everything it lacks
Miguel Serrano
Miguel Serrano when r u going to do the htc evo 3d Review i heard wire fly did a evo Review not sure if they did but heard
Norharishan Nordin
Norharishan Nordin can it beats ios5 features this fall?
Michael Hamilton
Michael Hamilton Much like the new HD7s I really like it, the only turn off i have is that it does NOT have a front facing camera. I have an Infuse 4g at the momen, and have been having a little bit of "buyers remorse". I would switch to windows phone if it had the front camera.
Jose Bling Bling Rodriguez
Jose Bling Bling Rodriguez Am going a switch to AT&T in September when the new I phone 5 comes out
Jose Bling Bling Rodriguez
Jose Bling Bling Rodriguez Actually i hate Verizon they too expensive
David Roque
David Roque It could've been better!!!
Gaylon Asha
Gaylon Asha Droid dose
Jerry Perales
Jerry Perales
Kenneth Moody
Kenneth Moody Hate it!
Ann Ward
Ann Ward the lack of customization is what I don't particularly like about it , but I can see the appeal to some who like a simplistic design .
Adam Arthur Robinson
Adam Arthur Robinson They're adding 4G when Mango gets out. Dual core is next year(not like it needs it anyway)
Steve Wyatt
Steve Wyatt Had my moto droid 1 1/2 years now and need something new, something fresh, something that works, something cheap, maybe a trac-phone
Nathaniel Hull
Nathaniel Hull Too blaaaaah for me, I don't care how smooth it is, it would bore me to death
Mj Williams
Mj Williams used it last night for hours and I had a really good time with it. The screen is actually nice
Sunny Patel
Sunny Patel I like windows phone altogether except, the amount of apps, the battery, and that it's not a multitasking phone
Terry Likens
Terry Likens honestly they could offer the best phone ever but if there are no apps and that cool sexy wow it is a fad pet rock. Microsoft has the ability to truly produce great results but due to it leadership and size it will never be anything more than what it is tod ate. yeah they do great things but what do they do with it after they create it.. nothing.. absolutely nothing .. so in the end does it really matter that this phoen is good or not?
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez I have the thunderbolt but would like to try it out...atleast it has netflix as to thunderbolt im still waiting :(
Darryl Mouzone
Darryl Mouzone It looks okay I guess. I wouldn't buy it but someone will.
Ron Bragg
Ron Bragg I don't like it. I had it for 1 day and took it back.
Victor Perez
Victor Perez Wp7 sucks
Adam Cuong Tran
Adam Cuong Tran window mobile 7 hasnt die yet? wow...
Sabina Krasnov
Sabina Krasnov There is no perfect phone tried them all except windows 7 so I dont know enough about tried android, rim, palm and apple and must say apple is the cleanest and most responsive of all.
Wesley Tam
Wesley Tam I have a htc desire and i like it, got launcher 7 on it, but i want to try the real thing, maybe for a week or two
Alex Benitez
Alex Benitez Really nice, but needs bigger screen. Also, I don't like Verizon...but like the phone. WP7 is great, ditched my Android for it...and got rid of my iPhone even quicker
Hans Jaramillo
Hans Jaramillo Wait, does Windows Phone 7 have multitasking? :o
Jesus G. Nolasco
Jesus G. Nolasco Anything is better than iphone garbage
Robert Marzuco
Robert Marzuco I don't like windows phones period
Mike Cantwell
Mike Cantwell Looks cool
David Harness
David Harness I like it. Windows Phone 7 is one of my favorite operating systems and the Trophy look really nice with the soft touch plastic as well as the metal and red accents
Craig MeZa
Craig MeZa Waiting for Mango to switch from my EVO 4G. Would be nice if they added 4G and hot spot functionality.
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz Actually im using androif but, I wanna try windows phone 7.
David Roberto Carrio
David Roberto Carrio Fuck Windows!
Luis Joshua Rivera
Luis Joshua Rivera Android > ur life
Audrey ODonnell
Audrey ODonnell Nope. Doesn't do enough that I'd need it to.
Noah OBrien
Fonzy Paniagua
Fonzy Paniagua Windows phone 7 is a clean and responsive os but it lacks so many features so no
Mitch Lopez
Mitch Lopez Windows Phone 7 needs to go away. Android,iOS and WebOs are more than enough.
Joshua Guzman
Joshua Guzman i have an HD 7 lol!!!!! but the trophy looks pro like the samsung focus
Hans Jaramillo
Hans Jaramillo I would use it, but it looks too closed for me.
freakintyler droid x2 is better.
Javier Segura
Javier Segura Rather have it over their collection of android garbage
Curt Popejoy
Curt Popejoy there is something off putting about windows 7 phones to me, now that I have used one. the interface is too metro for me.
Derrick Wimberly Jr.
Derrick Wimberly Jr. They are garbage
Hans Jaramillo
Hans Jaramillo Never tried it, so can't say. Windows Phone 7 looks clean, though,
Iram Ruiz
Iram Ruiz it looks ok
Isabelle Iwatsubo
Isabelle Iwatsubo First

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