Aaron gets his hands on the HTC Wildfire S, one of six new HTC devices announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It's a minor revision to the original Wildfire, with a 600 MHz processor, 3.2-inch display, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) with the newest version of HTC Sense, and a 5-megapixel camera.

The Wildfire S is slated for launch in international markets in the second quarter of 2011. It's a far cry from a high-end smartphone, but for those new to the Android platform or those migrating from a featurephone, it's a good option. Plus, it's available in different colors. Who doesn't like that?

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"Would you buy the tiny Android-powered Wildfire S for a family member that's new to smartphones?"

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Arron Bartlett There are cheaper and better options avalible in the UK/Europe. Bigger screen, higher specs and with a much lower pricetag So.. Hell no!
Areendam Chanda If its as zippy and crash proof as the HTC aria - sure why not.
Facebook user I think there is a market for it.
Benjamin Padilla No. If I'm going to get a smartphone for a family member new to smartphones, I would get them a nice high end one so they have a good experience from the get go.
Harsha Aithal The first wildfire is already a hit in India... now it has a better screen, I think anybody can buy it not only starters.
Tham Ye Yang Low end though.
Dan J. Quiñones No front-facing camera actually, sorry about that.
Dan J. Quiñones Maybe. I might get it for myself. It makes sense if I'm going for a tablet. I don't need the 4+ inch screen, and I'm getting all the features of a new smartphone. ( updated android os, front facing camera,..) but still fits comfortably anywhere.
David McNeill Agreed with Ashley. Thank God someone else can read a question aswell.
Stanley Valon Well Its good enough to rival the lg optimus series
Robert Centennial That phone is crap.
Ashley Tok No one's answering the question.. It says buying for a family member who's new to smartphones. So yes it would be logical not to blow your cash on a expensive smartphone if their not gonna be able to use the features of a fancy phone with huge resolution screens. There's just no point! Its got all the essentials of a smartphone and that's enough as a start, the camera is alright with references to the original wildfire. And this isn't just the UK. Not all phones come with a signed plan. So just look at the price difference on non contracted phones.
Elshan Phoenix Abraham Fatahiany I think its a Gd idea, nice easy cheap HTC phone. Very popular in the UK but my dream phone would be the desire z with 1 ghz nd video call. And HTC flyer :D
William Martin Lots of people don't like big phones so I'd say there's a definite market for something like the wildfire s. I'm not sure about the states, but here in the uk cheaper smart phones are pretty popular on pay as you go.
Lanh Nguyen Midrange smart phones are lame. Defeats the purpose of having a smartphone. People who can't afford a smartphone usually can't afford the data plan associated with it.
Naram Moshe Nope but I would try to port a rom of it to my Hero
Lenny Rose No!!!! Wq
Thomas McCarty No I wld give them a my touch 4g guys thts wat I have and its the most user friendly
Brandon Johnson I know not everyone wants to pay the $199 that most smartphones cost but at the same time, if your going to get a smartphone in the 1st place you might as well get the high end ones, the bill's gonna be the exact same amount in the end.
Steven Crisostomo If its under $40
Jon Sarreon what a waste.... this smartphone, just like any other, still requires a data plan. who in there right mind would get this one over the smartphones currently on the market?? plain stupid.
Donovan Blink Vejar No, I would feel like I'm giving them a Samsung Behold 2!
Daniel Marcano No jump right into the real deal Evo
Shaun David uhh no....

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