Aaron goes in-depth with the HTC Windows Phone 8X, a new device that's coming to AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile by the end of the year.  Featuring a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, the 8X sports a 4.3-inch HD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording, 1,800 mAh battery, 4G LTE (on AT&T and Verizon), and a front-facing camera.  It'll join several Android contenders this holiday season, along with the Apple iPhone 5.  Will it compel Android and iOS users to switch?  Part 1 of 2.

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"AT&T's HTC Windows Phone 8X is here. Does it beat Android and/or iOS?"

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Anonymous No, it doesn't beat Android. iOS, however, it stomps on.
Kevin L. Bruton It does not by any means beat Android. Having never played in the walled garden, I cannot compare WP8 against iOS. But if I had to choose between WP8 or an iPhone, WP8 would get my vote.
Lee Grip Gresham i would consider this phone though im Android 4eva
Chris Robato No it does not.
Francis Short Jr Windows 8 much better current blackberry maybe the 10 version
Kristopher Davis @Zach Cline who's trolling? The question was asked " do you think if can compete with android/I0s?" Correct? So how is startng that they think it dont..trolling? Obviously it DON'T work for them...every single post on phonedog has you trolling bout Apple , but you wanna try calling out everyone else..do everyone a favor ..go over and troll with your fellow apple fanboys at T.I.P. or stfu
Michael Schneider is it coming to sprint?
Matt Carey If you have a windows 8 computer or an xbox you should have a windows phone.
Matt Carey Love windows phone.
Mark Belkowski windows phone sucks.
J Litz Van Yo, Aaron. Where's the unboxing video?
Serwan Tofiq i like Microsoft product especially windows phone 8
Brandon Holley If you were just coming into the smartphone world? Hell yes. If not, then you'd probably be wasting your time with windows phone. Not that it's bad at all. It's just that it came extremely late to the party. If it came around the time android 2.0 came out? Then this would be a different story altogether. Playing catch up is not microsoft's strong suit, look at the zune for proof of that.
Jim Marshall III #1 andorid #2 iOS and all others are a distant #3 and not worth my time
Zach Cline And of course the fandroids are trolling all over. Windows phone 8 isn't crap, Neither is iOS . If you didn't care for either it just means that it wasn't the right fit for you . I wouldn't mind trying out windows phone 8 but I can't upgrade until next fall. By that time android 5.2 will be out or windows 9 so it will be hard to say.
Arturo Atherly Windows os....what an oxymoron....soon enough this os will show itself to b crap as it has done in the past!!!
Arpan Nexus Roy nice phone... the screen size sounds comfortable...
K.j. Littlejohn i cant even watch a windows os video there soooOoO boring!!
David Kimberlin Could not pay me enough ta switch from open android ta "you will run what we say you can run" windows phones.. Plus, looks like a box of melted crayons for a UI...
Eric Church I've always been about Windows and this evolution the ecosystem is taking is going to be very convenient for me. So to answer the question, for me, yes it does. But even if I only had a Windows PC and had, for instance, an iPad and an Android phone, with xBox music and Office coming to both of those platforms, it makes a ton of sense to buy into the MS ecosystem.
Jesse Ling Oh please;of all the...Windows OS cant even beat current blackberry :p
Erin Marie Austin No, it doesn't beat Android. Android is complete customization. Windows os for phones is not. Nor is Apple.
Danu Carrión Perales I don't think so.. and for the prices even less... I mean can it beat the Nexus 4 at $349?
Kevin McQuade iOs yes Android no, stop the rhetorical questions Aaron

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