Huawei is starting to stake its claim in the U.S. smartphone market and the Ascend II is just one of many new Android devices we're seeing from the Chinese company. The Ascend II is definitely worth looking into, considering its price tag of $0. Any time you can get a phone for free, it's definitely pique your interest. However, just because it is free, doesn't always mean that it's the obvious choice. So, where does the Ascend II stand?

It's definitely a low-end smartphone. With a 600 MHz processor, 256 MB of RAM, a 5-megapixel fixed focus camera, and a low-resolution 3.5-inch display, you can see why this phone is Free. It's nice that the phone ships with Android 2.3 instead of the older version 2.2, and Huawei's UI adds some interesting customization features. Still, with U.S. Cellular's other budget-friendly options, the Huawei Ascend II has some tough competition. Is it the phone you should get? Find out in the review.

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Dylan Gonçalves sydney looks like a crack head in the picture. Jus sayin
Javier Alvarez I think I should have it c:
William Young the worse phone maker ever never but one rooted or not and it make Android look sssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad
Ray W. Scott No one should be selling 600mhz phones on contract any more. To slow for flash and most apps (doesn't matter if it is free) it is already near useless, and it makes andriod look bad.
John Resch chinese crap
Tom Parker The phone us a piece of shit
Robert Centennial Get your cheap liver spotted phonage plastic off of this lovely woman
David Stokley Sr. Never seen one other then pix and videos.
Marti Ruiz the huawei p1s is 6.8 mm thick , 1gb ram same as the nexus a 4.3-inch qHD 960 x 540 Super AMOLED touchscreen protected by Gorilla Glass. 8 mpx l camera
Mike Nance Not too bad....would be cooler if it was the Huawei Syndey II.
Nathaniel Hull looks pretty 2010
Sairus Soliman Huawei is crappy phone !!
Hector Alvarado It sucks!
Jose Angel Santiago Micah is that a new car lol?
Daniel Cuadrado It would make a great paperweight!
Chris Mejia I wonder why she reviewing this phone now its been out for about 3 months now :P
Jose Angel Santiago I've owned one and speaking through experience. If the shoe fits don't try on another one!!
Micah Blackhart What about the huawei mercury
Naeem Hussain You know if syndey is reveiwing the phone its shit
??? I'm pretty sure noone here ever used a huawei phone and they are already calling it trash or a bad company... People put too much focus in the name of the company and completely dismiss all evidence that it might actually be a good product. HTC could have just as likely used a name like Huawei and look at how successful they've become. I think huawei is on it's way to the same degree of brand recognition
Valerie J. Yelk Terrible! I also think US Cellular is wrong for carrying anything Huawei.
Francesco Vincent Parisi Noeske for 129 or less euros it's the best!in this priceclass you can't find HVGA screens or GPU's.great work huawei!
Rawlston Shamik no joke this perfect for Elderly* people. Big screen and simple to use.
Ethan Shrago No multitouch in browser... it suks. not one of their great phones...
Jose Angel Santiago Nice looking but crappy company that makes it!!
Hamad Khan who knows?

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