The Impulse 4G is part of new generation of low-end smartphones. Features that were once saved for high-end devices are now making their way down to low-end budget-friendly devices like the Impulse. The Impulse has features like 4G HSPA+ for data, a camera capable of capturing 720p HD video, and Wi-Fi Hotspot capabilities.

In this unboxing video, Sydney takes a first look at the Impulse and gives her first impressions of this new Android smartphone in AT&T's line-up.

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"Would you buy the low-end Impulse 4G for a first-time smartphone owner?"

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Facebook user
Facebook user no, I think low end Android devices need to go away, period. Android hardly runs well on high end devices. In the end low end devices will end up doing Android more harm than good
Tareq Abu Mejdad
Tareq Abu Mejdad hi if you are giving away a virgin mobile motorola triumph pohne i will be interested thanks it will help a lot, and i live in Florida.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Smartphones are not hard to comprehend to begin with so k wouldn't buy anyone this pos.
Stanley Valon
Stanley Valon I think people are forgetting that "FIRST TIME" smartphone user its pretty inexpensive and performs well considering last year it was all about 720p and a fast processor (800 next gen probably)
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Nope. Like the one guy said. -You get what you pay for.
Jose Sut
Jose Sut Nope
Joe Gates
Joe Gates They all have the generic Android OS and will cost $2000 over 2 years. Might as well spend a little more and get an iPhone 5.
Beatmaster Kess
Beatmaster Kess Yes :-) I would because I love to save money <3!
Thomas Benjamin Robbins
Thomas Benjamin Robbins Why would anyone consider buying a low end smartphone to begin with? If you're going to be investing every month towards data, why would you bother? I never understood why anyone would get a Moto Citrus, LG Ally/Vortex, Pantech came out w one for ATT. I get it but why not save up and get the Bionic, Evo series, even the newer BBs would be way better
Benjamin Handel
Benjamin Handel iPhone
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin Iphone. Rock I. Had iphone 1-4 and android.
Matt Blume
Matt Blume I would if pre paid.I own the Huawei Ascend with CM7.2 and I'm happy with the performance.
David Long
David Long I already have a smartphone it's an iPhone 4 but I would like a samsung infuse 4g htc evo 4g or 3d or htc sensation 4g
Walt Alan Wilcutts
Walt Alan Wilcutts At least its stock Android. You could do worse.
Rani Hinnawi
Rani Hinnawi I don't get this first-time smartphone owner crap. Just get a good phone and you'll be used it within days.
Triipz Fetti
Triipz Fetti Blackberry 9900 over everything
Gilbert Hernandez Jr.
Gilbert Hernandez Jr. If your dead broke and can't afford a high end android , and this is the only option to have an android ...then why not ... Better than nothing .
Cameron Ahmed
Cameron Ahmed My first smartphone will (hopefully) be the galaxy sii :)
Diaz Jonathan
Diaz Jonathan if I was a first time smartphone owner then yes I would..but since im not then no
Michael Miller
Michael Miller Smart phones are not difficult technology to understand. This is a waste of resources.
Brian Edwards
Brian Edwards No. You get what you pay for. No more no less.
Angel Miguel Peguero
Angel Miguel Peguero Why not
Mathew Vasquez
Mathew Vasquez Only if your homeless
Scott Bitters
Scott Bitters Nope!
Jonathan Morley
Jonathan Morley Idk, you can get some pretty good deals on older, high-end, smartphones on ebay. I'm still rockin' my D1, nothing wrong with older smartphones.
Athena Athens
Athena Athens if i was like 50 lol
Pascal Rihm
Pascal Rihm I would buy it but 800MHz aren't enough xD I own a HTC Desire at the moment and I want something more powerful
David R. Mitchell II
David R. Mitchell II If the features are android 2.3 then yes cuz android makes it so much better and I feel if it would a low end phone it could be cheaper like 100
Kenton Lee
Kenton Lee Only if it comes with a cheap rate plan (e.g. pre-paid).
André Carvalho
André Carvalho This device in Portugal custs 150€ .
Marcus Edwards
Marcus Edwards no. the reason is that you sign a contract for 2 years so you might as well have a high end phone...unless you pay full price for your phones.
Axel Caceres
Axel Caceres yep
André Carvalho
André Carvalho Yeah, i probably would buy the Huwaei Ideos X5 (Euro name) :)
Jorell Rutledge
Jorell Rutledge YES! A dollar saved.. Is a dollar earned!
André Carvalho
André Carvalho You don't know what are you saying.
Diego Akd Aranda
Diego Akd Aranda nop never

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