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It gives me great pleasure to introduce our newest labor of love, PhoneDog's Official Smartphone Rankings!  At PhoneDog, we're all about reader interaction.  It's what sets us apart from other mobile tech websites in the space, and the Official Smartphone Rankings take that to a new level.

Think of it like the charts you see for popular music and television programs.  The Official Smartphone Rankings page consists of two charts: People's Choice and Expert Rankings.  They're both comprised of devices that are available for purchase in the US at that particular time.  You can vote once per week, and weekly rankings will be posted each Monday by 12:00 PM Eastern time.  You'll be able to see in-depth details of how everyone voted, including the mobile tech experts panel, and from there, you'll be able to share the results with your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and more.

Think the Samsung Galaxy Note is the best phone ever?  Is the iPhone 4S the perfect device for you?  Perhaps the HTC Titan and Windows Phone are the best for you?  Head over to and make your voice heard! 

Don't forget to VOTE! Each week, PhoneDog Fans vote for their #1 smartphone in the Official Smartphone Rankings. Vote now and contribute to the industry's most relevant weekly ranking charts

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Reese Woodson Galaxy Note
Ryan Saunders Galaxy Note
Zach Hull Galaxy SII. Not voting for any LTE Device until they fix the Battery Life! (Not including the Razr Maxx!)
Anthony Herbert Samsung Galaxy Nexus!!!!!
Techno_Boner GALAXY NOTE!
Valdomar Rodriguez HTC rezound!
Juan R Evangelista galaxy note!!
Matt Polkiewicz iPhone 4S
Jun Kim Samsung Galaxy Note/Galaxy/s2 Skyrocket
Andrew Hackett lg vx7000
Cake Chuenarom iPhone 4s is the best phone at this time. I also love it as well :)
Michael Alvarado Castellano iPhone 4s always n my book android is okay but when it comes to apps apple when plus there games are way better
Hassan Abdo Sony Xperia S if it counts. If it doesn't count then Galaxy Note
Antonio Hubbard Graves S Galaxy Nexus
lazycollosion HTC Sensation XE
E.v. Saephan if aaron was a phone.... he'd be my favorite phone. =)
Chuan Jian htc titan
Aram Elijah Peers Droid Razr Maxx
tazh89 galaxy s2 (international)
Anonymous samsung galaxy s2
Kory S. Deberry Epic touch
Pavel Krylov Galaxy S2
Andrew Butler Galaxy Nexus (CDMA)
KarlozOso motorola atrix or razr/maxx
Josh Stanley i phone 4
cityfoxfc When you stop fixing it so the Iphone cannot lose,it might be worth voting
RodrigoyClaudia Salazar Love android but man the iphone 4S runs soo smooth emails come in as soon as they send them to me and i can chat on facebook now quick notifications
Omar Rodriguez My white 4s.
Matt SnowPaw Dalton Silly mainstream people... Palm Pre~ Preferably the Pre3
Anonymous Motorola Atrix 4g
Anthony V Cannata Motorola Droid Razr Maxx
Paul Alexandru I voted for my iPhone 4S for the moment, but i'm getting a new Samsung soon, ( i can't decide between the Note and the Galaxy S3
Arturo Cifuentes Samsung galaxy note Shauwwwww
Rick Nelson Motorola Atrix 4G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Landon William Politylo iPhone 4 at this time. the htc desired hd is pree cool too
Benjamin Padilla Dumb ranking. It definitely favors the iPhone 4S. The Galaxy SII would win hands down if it were grouped as one phone. You guys spread it out worse than a wh*&£.
Stephanie Patnaude Droid incredible 2
Richard Wilson Hands down! Net 10!
Shahul Hameed my iphone 4s and sgs2
Kristian Jameson Georgiev well it's not exactly a phone but iPod 4g :)
Bell601 EVO 4G!!!
Cameron Lovell HTC One X
Ayoub Hage Nokia 6110 feat snake game ;-)
Calvin Gerald Jr. htc evo 3d and galaxy s2 epic touch both sprint phones
Jason P Gardner Motorola photon 4G
Orlando Soto HTC Evo 3D and Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch
Myra Hill iPhone.
Ty Geer Galaxy Nexus
Sujit Tiyar samsung galaxy s2
Scot Milo agreed!
Pat Crone Rye I love Samsung Focus too but I'm not constantly using my phone like some do....
Danita Pruitt-McWhorter BLACKBERRY BOLD!!!!!!
Jp Morais Iphone 4s / galaxy nexus hspa+
Tommy Snyder @ Scot nope I am a fan of all phones the iPhone should be ranked high but there is other phones the are better including Android and windows
Stuart James Baucum definitely iPhone 4S!!
Scot Milo lol @ tom i guess i am buddy....and your a now that we have that accomplished......
Facebook user @Nikolas M: The Rankings don't update on the fly as the rankings from the previous week stay current for the entire week. A trending tab/chart will soon be implemented so users can view real-time trends
Ville Savolainen Galaxy s2!
Tommy Snyder @Scot Milo ur the biggest apple fan boy in earth ud marry siri if she was a male
Scot Milo Iphone & IOS
Kristopher Davis HTC EVO 3d but the HTC one x rules all!!
George Isenhart My Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G.
Jonathan Swanagan Samsung focus
Chris ToNy Lopez Motorola DROID RAZR
Nikolas Manuelides I voted for nexus, my cousin did the same and the votes are still in 102, it should be 104 now :S
Tommy Snyder bull droppings ur all of bunch of apple fan boys
Shirley Mercado iPhone 4 so far! (
Lashun Manning Droid razr/maxx
Facebook user @Kevin B: The Expert Panel currently consists of a 8 mobile-tech experts. We are inviting the most prominent mobile-tech reviewers from the blogging world in the upcoming weeks to become part of the Official Smartphone Rankings panel. As it stands now, the expert rankings reflect what the current panel views as the best overall device on the market. A larger and more complete panel may or may not alter the collective viewpoint/points of the rankings, stay tuned!
Chris Mathews If you don't have an iPhone, then, your not as dumb as we think you are....
Spencer Silva Sullivan galaxy s2 all the way
MinnieMouse Lovingu Waddell Samsung galaxy epic 4g touch.
Steve LeBoeuf iPhone 4s jailbroken
Eric Casanova Samsung galaxy s3
Nathan Cooley Any Droid!
Toni Brown Galaxy S2 International version
Kilgore Trout The Droid 3 because PhoneDog is giving it to me... Thanks again!!!
Huey Liggins Galaxy note, nexus , or razr maxx in that order
Jourdan Fletcher right now its the evo. But I hear sprint is getting the galaxy nexus so I will b upgrading to that
Justin DesRoches Note and infuse 4g
Octo Verduzco After owning the iphone line since the very first generation, i can now say i was truley missing out untill i discover the galaxy skyrocket and the note... Both are amazing!!! And after heavy use of both, i cant decide which to keep!!!??? So i'll continue using both.... But really been leaning more towards the NOTE!!!! So much more realstate & better battery life.
Luis Reich Galaxy nexus
Donald White Galaxy Note, then iPhone 4s
Brandon Moore iPhone 4s
James Norwood I have an idea, if they ever make a new Lemmings video game all of the Lemmings following the player can have Iphones for heads.
Jason Tate Iphone jailbroken
Shannon Smith My Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4g Touch
James Norwood @Jordy Javier It's like the tootsie roll pop commercial says "the world may never know".
Kylen Tamboong HTC one s
James Norwood @Kevin Bowles Well said.
Spencer Black HTC Wildfire S
Kevin Bowles Let me start off by saying I have an HTC Sensation. That being said, these rankings are a joke. I can see the fan vote, because as you see here, everyone just votes for the phone they have. Plain and simple, the iPhone 4s is a nice phone, but definitely not the best, and to say so and claim to be an expert is pretty pathetic. Obviously, there is some serious bias in these rankings. To claim any phone to be the best currently available that isn't the Galaxy Nexus to Razr Maxx is flat out wrong.
J Daniel González If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone!
Jordy Rosario Why fuck do people like iphones so much
David Hansen Love my S II
Drew Smith iPhone 4S!!!!! :)
Jessica Martin Htc vivid or Motorola ATRIX 2
Kaylee Sill Evo and evo 3d!
Nic Kolas As of now galaxy nexus
Josh Thomas Droid RAZR
Mohd Helmy Mahat samsung galaxy note or samsung galaxy s 2.
Will Postalwait Samsung Galaxy S2, Epic 4G Touch nuff said.
Ray Munoz iPhone 4
Lucas Malaguti Galaxy nexus hands down!!
Bradley E Watson Definatly Hands down Droid Razr Maxx.
Jacob Grumbles GSM galaxy nexus
Frank Porter Samsung Galixy Nexus
Richard Ameen iPhone 4S
James Norwood LOL the apple fanboys are out in force.
Darren Walton HTC Sensation 4G
James Norwood Droid Razr MAxx
Kyle Cordiano Galaxy S II
Waclaw Matyja Galaxy Nexus
Fonzy Paniagua My epic 4g touch running ics
Melvin Mejia Iphone bitches!!!
Marco Haven ETC Thunderbolt.
Loren Brandt padfone!
Cesario Brito Jr. Still on my EVO. Best phone I would say right now is Epic 4G Touch.
J Daniel González iPhone 4S!!! No more comments!
Tony Robinson iPhone 4S.
Antonio Vazquez HTC Rezound, anything Android actually
Rayno Hernandez Htc evo!! Strictly cuz I can't upgrade yet!!
John Cruz anything that's not a iphone
Michael Schneider right its my evo,, when my contract is up in may/june im not sure i will get the best thats out,, the Note looks cool maybe
Sarri Alsunna htc evo 3d
Sergio Mercado iPhone 4
Pamela Bouazzaouy Blackberry torch touch. Love it
David Ramirez Samsung GS2 4g Touch!!
Jose Santiago Gonzalez Sg2 epic 4g touch
Anthony Mcfarland Droid razr maxx
Kenny Ray HTC Sensation
Thomas Gaspari Droid bionic
Josh Hawley Samsung Focus!
Alonzo Tollini HTC Rezound or Galaxy Nexus hands down.
Nisha Barrett iPhone 4s
Jenny Lee Note!
David Smith gsm galaxy nexuz baby!
JoAnn Richardson Dilley HTC mytouch 4g
Justin Ladig iPhone 4s of course.
Otis Moses My photon
Kevin Pizana My bionic
Eduardo Ordaz Note. :)

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