Jon Quach recaps PhoneDog's news, reviews, videos, and more from the week of February 13-19, 2011.  Highlights include the possibility of a front-facing camera in the iPad 2 and the $599.99 contract price point of the Motorola XOOM.  Jon also discusses the XPERIA Play's entry into Verizon's internal systems, Sydney's unboxing of the Motorola Brute, and Aaron's unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G.  That and more in this episode of the fast paced Weekly Bone round-up video.

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eBay prices for the Apple iPad 2 Black CDMA

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"Do you want an iPad 2?"

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Tony Ward I would not even have one even if you paid me, total Apple rubbish and no flash out of the box. Everyone is with android these days.
Alex Toma yes :)
Mitchel Burnell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Eileen Richter love to have one for the teens to share...and maybe they'd even let me try it out!
Nigel Plugge Yes i want it now!
Rafael Guzman Finally Apple has seen a decline. IPad 2? No way. For free yes but to purchase NO WAY.
Seth Price Only if netfix does not get into the Android market space soon
Christopher Hill If it looks like a Motorola xoom and runs android.... then yes.
MyLo Luvah smartphone way better
Eric Kroh no..I dont need/want a tablet..desktop/smartphone is good enough
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi If it's having 4D screen, 10g, flash and above all apple gives me 30% for using it..... :-)
Manuel TheOffenbach Bro I hate this Apple hype :-/
Michael Skrabacz I want to poop
Víctor Alejándro Gaitán Yea since itll prob be cheaper than any android tab
Marti Ruiz Nop way
Nick Koval Nope its not 3D lamoe
Zach Cline Samsung galaxy fail tablet was and still is a joke. That thing lags like crazy and anything samsung makes is garbage. iPad ftw
Gerardo Ortega No, I want the HTC tablet with flash.
Frank Yu Asus eeepad slider for me
Jose F. Barbosa They can't keep up to the Android empire. Just try. Lol
Jonathon Whipple I wouldn't own anything that was made by apple. You could give me one and I'd throw it out on Ebay or Craigslist and take the money, but it won't be used in my house or anywhere else by me.
Steven Crisostomo no, I heard it hasnt change except for an added camera
Casandra Dickey Clark Only if it is free. ;>P
Anand Jain Definitely yes!!
Devlin Robear YES PLEASE. I am eagerly waiting!
Andy Hall Yes. I do.
Benjamin Padilla If I won an iPad I would just sell it to get an HP TouchPad...
Conrad Kovash That my friend is a very foolish question! YES YES YES
Jeff Daunis wait, yes i want one, so i could sell it and get me a android tablet..hahahaha
Steve Doric No retina display = crapola!!!
Jeff Daunis heeecckk no!!! bye bye apple helloooo android!!!!
Ahmed Hesham Yes I want it
Joseph Wells Not unless it's free
Anh-Tuan Le What the... we don't even know what an iPad 2 is? How can you want something without knowing anything about it? Oh wait, it's an Apple product... figures...
Sam Rick If it's free,sure i'll take one.
Jabin George Any news on the froyo update for the epic 4 g
Tyrone Rupert Samsun galaxy tab is all you need. You dont need apps to run your entire life. That what devices like apple are for. Plus you can custome your devices for you and not be restricted like apple jobs. A 7" tablet is fantastic and it works with everything i do. Using it now for this post.
Nithin Jino If it was free, sure! But if not, I need specs first. If specs suck, I'm going android.
Mark Navarro Jon Quach is freaking annoying!
Yan Zhenghao Icrap, no. Apple sucks.
Ian Medina iPad is awesome. No flash no problem, skyfire is always there to stream live videos!! Lol. I can watch live nba streamin via skyfire on atdhenet.tv
Mike Chiou nope! Android FTW.
Thomas Li no... why do I need an iPad?? no cam? no flash? @_@
Vince Perez How can anyone even know that yet?
Sabrina Gonzaga What's the point? They're gonna make an iPad 3 anyway. Then an iPad 4, 5, 6 heck maybe they'll even make an iGuitar or something. Wow now that's a million dollar idea. iGuitar
Carlos Rivera Pretty soon we'll be using those cell phones from the 80's again just wait n see.
Harsharan Dhaliwal If it's awesome. Wait it WILL be awesome.!
Jonathan Jones As long as the reading light is like the kindles
Ian Applekamp I'd like one. But I'm not lucky enough to win one.
Carol Sepe Krajewski Yes,never had one
Karine Lalonde I hate iTunes... now guess my answer... I need flash player if I want to play the one pawed bandit from my tablet or phone! Sorry apple but you lost me at "there's an app for that"... I don't need an app when I have ALL of the internet at my fingertips.
Jeff Jay ............................NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO...............................
David Nguy?n Nope. Don't need a tablet.
Brian Busyapongpakdee If I could get a free one
Eli Claiborne IV Motorola Xoom baby
Farmgal Val Would love an iPad... but I was born on a Monday and am the most unlucky soul on the planet.
Patti Lokovic Would love one, but will not hold my breath.
Josh Lazenby I didn't even want the first iPad... so no.
Kevin Farfan Yea really bad and I watch your YouTube videos all the time u really help me pick out a phone.....
Anthony Douglas Waste of money! I bought an iPad & a Galaxy Tab & sent them both back. No real functionality & the Galaxy Tab did the exact same thing as my HTC Evo. Once I get my $ back on my credit card will def go out & buy a mini laptop if I want to sit at a Dr's office & play on my gadget.
Michelle DeRosa No I want an icac
Richard Trevethan o my god I would love to win a ipad
Shawn Towle Do I want one? Yes. Do I want to buy one that is way overpriced from Apple? No.
Boyd C Adkins IV No. No smart person does. Honestly. I wanted a tablet, but honestly, they are just big phones. And unless you pay for wireless service, they convert to oversized media players with minimal web capability. IE, email, word, notepads and suck. And if that is the case, get a note book of laptop. Cheaper and better. Wake up, people! 800 for the motorola xoom wifi only is not better than 700 for any ones laptop!
Richard Trevethan o my god I would a ipad but I never win one
Kevin Gray No, I want a G-Slate.
Bob Fitzgerald Nope, I want an HTC Flyer
Carolina Maria Perez Heck yes!! I didn't get anything for Christmas because I wanted to wait for the iPad 2.
Luis Reich Funny how times change... 1 year ago, the answers would have been about 90% yes. Apple's time has come and gone...
Kevo Francis Rosario Yes I doo I've never had an iPad before !!! ):
Deepak Bhakoo Yes I want it :-)
Ray Nicolini I already own the 64gb 3g ipad, I am now waiting for the BlackBerry Playbook to compliment by BlackBerry Torch
Hector L Torregrosa-Ramos No, I already have an iPod.
Sean McCollum My opinion on tablets: It's a "hey look how cool and high tech I am" device. No real functionality, and still can't do what a laptop can do.
Faizan Rasool No! Thanks
Erik Isaksen Lmao if its to win one, hell ya! :) Otherwise naw couldn't afford it, still payin off this dumb Cliq argh! ... :(
Joe Czo I just got an iPad today lol might be getting the xoom and sell this one to my bro.
Berry Johnson yea when you gonna send it too me
Chris Belcher Ipad ?! I never got my og ipad
Tony Abiama Noooooope
Malea Gardner of course!!
Alan Jae-Hun Yi No~!!! :D
Tyrone Rupert Android all the way
Muneer KhanVict iPad 2 no thanks Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 YES YES YES
Tyrone Rupert Galaxy tab is the business right now. Ipad 2 is just to make money off people
Luis Reich No way. Lol with all the upcoming android and even web os tablets that are much more capable? No way...

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