We all know that the Apple iPhone 5 is right around the corner, but the mobile market has changed drastically since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007.  While the iPhone 4S is still selling incredibly well (and shows no signs of slowing down), Apple needs to make some changes to its iconic device to help it compete with the onslaught of high-end Android and Windows Phone devices.

Aaron takes five to talk about the features he'd like to see in the iPhone 5.  What features would you like to see?  Hit the comments section with your thoughts!

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"What features do you want to see on the iPhone 5?"

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Robert Wellington Clubine III I am just so amazed that T-MO still does not have their hands on the iPhone yet. I really like the 4S but it makes me laugh that T-MO (DT) does.
Anonymous like most people said it should have a biger screan
Leoni Nazarian it should have 4g lte and 4.52 inch screen and come to tmobile so it will sell more
Drew Page larger screen and LTE. I am sure it will have both. Apple has to put that larger battery somewhere, and a larger phone is the only way!
Yeliz Küçükkaya An enhanced camera, more memory and storage
Chase Austin Chucky Allen 4.5 inch all the way!!!!! 4G LTE would sell so well.
Sharan Chandrasekaran 4.3 inch screen!
A.L. Blunt Larger screen, more iOS customization options, less dependent on iTunes, less glass ( I'm actually afraid to drop it on carpet, because I don't want to shatter the glass).
Ron Hudson Galaxy S the Third
Mark Kornak They will probably have it locked down so tight that you need a password every time you click something. It will probably have their storefronts locked down on the home screen.
Jared JD Scott sd card slot
louisverg Navigation, Bigger Screen size and 4G LTE
Suzan Thompson Android :-)
Johnattan Haddock Medina Waiting for the Experia Ion!!;)
Vanrajsinh Chavda no way man:( imma waitin for da galaxy s3_
Luciano Ace Escobedo If the iPhone had a app that killed people I would buy
Mujtaba Ali Ahmad Some changes in the look of the UI and a durable body that doesn't get scratched too easily.
Pria Crow how bout dual OS, like on the mac...IOS 5 and maybe a windows phone mango version of the iphone.
Edward Gonse At least a 4 inch screen, flash content, removable battery, removable hard drive, and.......a dedicated camera button.
Adrian Cabrera Zippers!!
Scroll Lock That performs holography.
Ashley Cha iPhone people, you'll never catch up! I bet THEY already have an iPhone 6, 7, 8, 9, 10+ in mind already too!
Matt Polkiewicz 4" screen, quad core processor, new design, gestures, notification light, upgraded camera.
Jerry Sanderlin 4 inch screen, lte'
Eduardo Ordaz Apple will never put a big screen on an iPhone. Steve jobs said it himself. He doesn't want to change the screen size of the iPhone. It will still be 3.5 inches. Plus if u want big get an ipad.
Mickey Knezevic They need to hide all those icons in a drawer and give us some kind of CUSTOMIZABLE SCREEN + everything you said and I'm gonna kiss Android goodbye :-)
Jimmy Baez I'd like the iPhone 5 and data plans to be affordable.
Servontius Turner A revamp of IOS....
Joshua Feld 4 inch screen, faster processor, new design, 4G.
JD Thayn I will only EVER get an iphone of it gets more features than android. That will never happen. I LOVE ANDROID.
Joey Cossack ha Zach Cline thinks hes cool and hip cuz he has an iPhone......Im gonna laugh when Apple releases a 4" screen, not only is that now small, but to top it off Steve Jobs said the iPhone will NEVER have a 4" screen.
Nathan Kendall To get me to buy an iPhone, it would have to have a larger screen. At least a 3.8" screen...
Zach Cline Not going to happen
Joey Cossack An ejection seat, for when they realize there is already multiple phones wayyy better than the iPhone 5, on Android, and it hasnt even been released yet.
Josh Alvarez All those freaking stuff and I want apple to breakthrough the specs I want a 2GHz dual core processor 15 megapixel camera(rear) 3 megapixel camera(front) 4.3-4.5 inch screen all new design +more!
Ken Tate The option to use the 'classic' app icon layout or switch to a customizable interface with a variety of widgets. When iPhones offer the customization of an Android, they will achieve world domination!
Justin Edwards 4g LTE and a 4.3-4.5'' screen
Anonymous it won't ship with iOS 6 cuz apple loves naming their products stupid names and having conflicting numbers won't work for them
Tyler Amonett definetly 4g LTE and should have ios 6 but really should have a new shape if they keep releasing the same design then no ones going to want it and if T-Mobile can't get it then they're going to lose customers
Tabib Rehman Raul seriously this is getting boring. Theres a reason i moved back to android simply because its better. You may not agree but most people who have own good android phones agree that apple need to make iphones alot like android phones. im off anyway
Eduardo Ordaz The iPhone V will have 4G LTE and a new design. It will not have a bigger screen because apple likes it small. If u want big get an ipad. Apple likes their iPhones to stay at 3.5 inches. It will stay at 3.5 inches. Because apple likes it and if they like it they won't change it.
Jason Matsukawa 4" screen, max, LTE, no glass back,
Yasir Sohail Android ;p lol On a more serious note, a 4" display will do for me.
Raul Perez It slow it down because u have too many apps on your phone duuh
Raul Perez If you don't jailbreak. It correctly
Raul Perez Yea you have to put another thing to get apps free
Tabib Rehman If you jailbreak it can mess up your phone and usually slows it down
Eduardo Ordaz That's when u jailbreak.
Raul Perez When I had my android phone I try to put the appplanet the it doesn't work so I got another one
Raul Perez If u jailbreak the iPhone you get all apps free and the apps from the android market almost everything is free but is not complete
Tabib Rehman Are you kidding me? Only like 30% of apple apps are free and its about 60% for android
Raul Perez Tabib I had a android phone you can't do shit with it is hard to get free paid app well I'm so lucky that I found a app were you can get free paid apps but still apple is way better
Kris K. Blomgren I miss fat Aaron. AIDS Aaron is pompous.
Kirk Ngo The ones you already said. LTE the biggest.
Eduardo Ordaz Aron no pones atencion a estos fanaticos de apple.
Scott Braunworth I wanna see it sued constantly for patent infringement!! Give apple more of its own medicine
Eduardo Ordaz Battery on my phone is good thank you. Besides u can charge it while u are using it I always do that with mine and don't have any problems. I do that with my DS when it hits red I just plug in the charger and boom can play has long has I want.
Arcy Valdez Wall Better camera and a removable sd card
Farhan Technologic NO THANKS !! *looking forward for SAMSUNG Galaxy S3 (the TRUE definition of SMARTPHONE)*
Tabib Rehman Im not here to fight over whats best but i prefer android. Some iphone fans are just getting hurt because alot of the ways iphones need to improve is by offering what android already got. Apple still has its selling points i just find the operating system kind of boring after coming from android but some people love it
Dennis Heggenstaller How about a product that is new instead of refreshing stale designs and hardware? How about something unique compared to previous generations? ....oh right, brainwashed apple consumers....lawl
Phillip Dill droid razr maxx can compete with the battery there you have it we want the iphone 5 to be more like the androids
Robert Metzel I love coming to phonedog and reading all the banter about who's shit is best. Reminds me of grade school all over again! My dad can beat your dad up! Just sayin'.... ;).
Tabib Rehman Raul if you think android is not a serious apple rival you seriously need to open your eyes
Tabib Rehman beats audio? beats is overrated. i know apple need more bass but they still offer the best sound quality
Arnulfo Barajas alll of these apple haters need to really stfu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tony Valadez Rocket Launchers
Raul Perez Wow idiots would b comparing apple with android
Jesus Valencia I was thinking about getting the iPhone .... But Idk I have the EVO 4g now and i love it lol but still lol Idk help?
Michael Grossman pay ALL of m y monthly re-occurring bills in full.
Jose Angel Santiago 4.3" screen 1080 p,10mp camera,dual led flash,3mp front facing camera,beats audio,quad core,and different colors.
Tabib Rehman Android cant match iphone battery life but it snot bad and besides iphone 4s was not soo good when it got dual core like s2
Jamel Taylor 4 inch,LTE,updated iOS look and 10 mp camera
Zach Cline Fandroids and there lame customization argument . Yeah there's just so much to do on four hour battery life lol.And you drop your precious 4G connection half the time .
Kyle Ho Gary that would be awesome
Brandon Worley 4g LTE on Vzw network 5" screen
Gary Bowling 4 inch Retina display, NFC, 12 MP cam, Quad Core.
Tabib Rehman Im waiting on S3 im not going to bother with the Iphone but im no iphone hater i just prefer android
Victor Rios Doesn't matter I'm never getting the iPhone I'm sticking to Android (Samsung GSII Epic 4G Touch)
Christopher A. Burt ......I want to see it Transform...
Tabib Rehman Dont matter what apple do because iphone fans will go crazy and pre-order without even knowing anything about it and the rest will camp outside the shop like a bunch of losers
Manh Nguyen I want it to make a ice cream sandwich...
Rick Sievers To catch up to Android phones... Never gonna happen. LMAO
Henry Murillo To work properly on tmo
Jim Antrikin 4g, more ram, slightly larger screen, higher mp camera
Keenan Ochoa Crapple iphone owner=Crapple's B!tch!!! lol there one in the same!
Joel Diaz I wanna see android OS on iPhone 5
Keenan Ochoa Losers? you the one losing out on free music, customization, 4g, bigger screens that you can actually see, cheaper insurance, the ability to get it fixed in any store instead of calling and dealing with apple care! your losing money and stuck with old ass 3g technology...sounds like ur the loser to me JT!
Jose Pablo Islas Dual boot Android :)
Jt Thomas Some losers would say Android...
Jason Ramos Doesn't matter what people want. The sheep will buy it anyway. But while were on the topic, LTE, a larger screen and most importantly a fucking iOS refresh. I dont know how people can stand looking at the same row of icons on that tiny little screen day after day. It's sickening
Craig Murphy Bigger Screen
Craig Murphy Tmobile!!!
Tabib Rehman widgets and a more intresting operating system
Kyle Forest Laser guided missiles.
Mike Jackson Android
Jeremy Abad I want to see the Apple Screen of Death.
MaryJane Starr make that sucker waterproof and shockproof!
Eduardo Ordaz 4G yes. big screen no.
Adrian Anguiano I'm pretty sure it's going to be called the iPhone 5 iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS- S means speed iPhone 4 iPhone 4S- there's no G cause they kept 3G on the previous devices Come on people it's common sense lol.
Thaat Guy A 7" screen to get on the hub
Keenan Ochoa ANDROID OS 4.0 ;)
Ed Eimiller Keep screen size the same, it's a phone not a tablet. Would like to be able to use it with 1 hand. 4G please, keep flash off of it please. Flash has done nothing but kill the batteries of my android phone and crash on my desktop.
Freddy Vasquez Bigger screen, 4.5
Erick F. Macri I'd be happy with at least the industry standard for technical specs. <1gig of RAM is embarrassing... I would have considered jumping the android ship a few months back had the 4s not been so technologically disappointing :/ It seems my phone renewal schedule will always be a part of the "S" generation. "S" stands for sub-par.
Justin Michael Duncan Ice cream sandwich on it
Eduardo Ordaz Me I think the next iPhone (iPhone 6) will have 4G LTE and it will have a different design and no bigger screen. Apple likes them small.
Paul Gicewicz Lte and four plus inch screen. Then it's gold.
?????? ????? 4G Duhhh!
Joe Czo Doesn't matter apple does what they want and not what the customer wants! But anyways I hope we get a bigger screen 4.3 inch
Brandon Johnson A Ui revamp, that's really all I care about right now, and maybe a 4.2 inch screen.
Tou Chang live tiles... (apple's version)
Travis Scott Nobles Android OS...
Eduardo Ordaz Dudes the 4S is the iPhone 5. Call it the iPhone 6 in Roman numerals.
John Chavez Won't it be the iPhone 6, since the iPhone 4s is the 5th one?
Scott Ritchey To late, got a galaxy 2. Problems solved.....
Eric Casanova I want it to make a sandwich

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