In this iPhone 5 Roundup, Aaron focuses on the hardware side of the iconic smartphone.  The iPhone 4S design is old - ancient in tech years.  It's time for a refresh, and the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 6, or new iPhone) needs some new goods.  A bigger display is needed, 4G LTE and a bigger battery are crucial, and a thinner design would be neat.  A $99 entry-level variant would be really nice as well (read: NOT the iPhone 4S at a lower price point).

What would YOU like to see in the next iPhone?  Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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"What do you want to see in the next iPhone?"

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Tony Dear III All of you iPhone user's do realize that all the specs that you asked for I've had on my evo for two years lol keep begging by the time iPhone 5 comes out HTC evolution lte will have already wrecked shop and will dominate iPhone 5. And when a developer puts ics stock on it yeah..enough said. Team evo
Rick Sievers @Zach Cline My old Droid X was faster than my sisters icrap with everything. So, Yes they are...
Dominican Papi New is design,new everything. I think they milk the is design.
Gerald Mccrae I would love for apple to organize emails like blackberry do instead of them being all grouped together on the home screen
John Anthony and a new desing with an other name
John Anthony I think the iphone needs a bigger display,better camera,4G LTE,that the home button glows and a new incredible price with a better batery life
Mohd Afzan have a battery that can be removed.has an attractive NFC
Shahid Khan To make it cheaper, so that those of us who cant afford iphone & have to grudgingly make do with the dull Android because its cheaper - can also have the privelege of owning such a beautiful technological beauty!
Syedul Islam So wait the s3 that is coming out in may is going to have ics and when jelly bean comes out in the summer expected u ll get that update probably after xmas? And which is ur real android os ? Its like playing wheres wally.. And at the end of the day todays smartphones are built on one thing apps! Which is a big reason y bb is failing, windows is playing catch up and android market is still playing catch up! I have an android device so i know.. Have been an android user since eclair and been an iphone user as well since 3gs and so far iphone has proven to be better as an all rounder.. Build, design, software and hardware to work in harmony.. And as for iphone users not being tech smart plz dont embarass urself.. Iphone does everything a little slowly to others and yet the next android device to come out the following week has to boast that particular feature in their phones.. Im an android user and i would say that my fave android fone is the s2 but thats not even the original pure android!! Pure android is the googles flagship currently galaxy nexus which by the way didnt sell that well or get that manu good reviews..
Anthony Hardison Android 5.0 jelly bean
Eduardo Ordaz just wait for the phone to come out.geez.
Eduardo Ordaz @zach would you just shut up! If the comments arent at you dont take them seriously! Gosh!!
Miroslav Babic 4' in screen and unbreakable gorilla glass like samsung (current iPhone is very fragile) ,better batery , design change and the same size of frame on the top side like on the sides (very thin)
Steve Coyle Dont care about the Iphone
Zach Cline @ Rick- Lmao!! No they aren't.
Patrick Tam Also a redesigned iOS 6.
Patrick Tam I think 4 inch is perfect like the Samsung captivate. Apple really needs to make this stand out and blow away the competition. Like when the iPhone 4 came out. The galaxy s had only one camera and a plastic design. But now there is a lot more competition. What's going to be that one feature? If apple doesn't make it then apple is not apple.
Brian Chevalier 4.0 screen no more home bottom more customize in IOS 6 I think personally if apple doesn't open it up in IOS 6 and the hardware they are going to fall really behind and it's going to be a up hill battle to catch up time will tell what direction there going in
Mason Hartley adobe flash, optional physical keyboard (not bluetooth), bigger battery, memorycard slot, and to be unlocked to every carrier
Rick Sievers Androids are faster, better and more powerful than any iphone.
Rick Sievers If an android phone lags or anything else, its defective. with all the ones that are good, BLOWS ios away...
Zach Cline @ Richard. Lol- Look at you stupid fandroids whining about updates and lag. Go type your stupidity somewhere else.
Joshua Feld I would love to see 4G LTE, 4-inch display, Redesign change, and off topic a redesign to iOS 6.
Andrew Conrad 4.5" screen 4g lte, gorilla glass front, liquid metal back, physical button replaced w backlit touch, and one super cool secret feature. (emotion sensor?)
Jason Matsukawa 4" screen, max, LTE, different case, no glass back.
Vicente Reyes i'm not an apple slave, so i don't care.
Joernie Berrios It will be nice...for the girls and old people.
Kirk Ngo NEW OS, Size and 4g LTE.
Steve Moore How long have you guys been doing these pre iPhone release polls? Since when has Apple done anything remotely close to what the consumers want? Haha, if Apple builds it they will buy. Their computers rock though.
Troy McKenna Does "I want to see it get held up in U.S. Customs" count?
Michael Alvarado Castellano Bigger screen , better battery , new design
Richard Allen Yarrell Look at all these LOSER IPHONE USERS Begging for ANDROID specs on there SHITTY IPHONE. Keep begging TOOLS you will always be behind in the real world of technology. Iphone users are dum uneducated android users are smart have straight knowledge of technology. Piss on Apple in the real world.
Devin Martinez A non physical home button & zephyr like gestures
Andres Barroeta Great battery just like droid razr Maxx with lte and new ui iOS 6 , better maps 3d and voice navigation
Jacob Martin Teleporter Light saber
Kris Sinclair It running android
Zach Cline Android is for drones. But I would like to see at least a 4" inch display. 4G LTE connectivity both of which are pretty likely seeing as how the new iPad is 4G. And mostly an overhaul of iOS. Thinner, .... Ehhh not really a necessity.The iPhone is pretty thin and if they go any thinner I think there would be durability issues.
Brandon Gatz Android VM on top of iOS...and iOS dual boot for my MyTouch
Joey Anglin 4.3 in screen physical qwerty keyboard better battery
Antonio Martinez Android os
Jon C Trelfa A signature for each email account. Don't care about new hardware!
Sandeep Chooramani Zephr like features integrated into ios , light weight with gorilla glass to the least
Michael Benesa IOS is for sheep, Android for nerds more interested in function over any type of style or beauty, Windows Metro for everyone else who believe in a smart, intuitive, and beautiful design all in one.
Syedul Islam 4.3 inch display.. I like the retina system that they use so they can keep to that or add more ppi and call it retina plus display lol.. Erm larger battery, larger mp camera, couple of different modes would also be a nice touch.. Full hd video recording. Full body made of liquid metal so no worrys about fone fallin over.. Instead of usual multitasking gesture change it to mission control like system used on macs. Customisable lock screen, siri integrated into everything! Basically the fone can do everything with a touch of a button that includes app integration.. Allow automatic updates on apps.. Obviously a quad core a6 processor? 1.5gb ram? It would be very nice if apple could have some sort of in built sat nav turn by turn navigation app instead of us having to purchase 3rd party ones.. Comes in 3 colurs black, white and gun metal grey! :D nfc? Although for now i havent seen nfc take off in the uk just yet.. It would also be nice if icloud memory was extended to atleast 10gb free instead of 5gb.. Codecs for all video and music playbacks? Have in built swype keyboard like facilty on the usual apple keyboard.. ?
Vishal Talreja As if Apple gives a flying FCUK about what users want. These "roundup" and "requests" are pointless and waste of digital bytes.
Rick Sievers To have Aaron hate it!!! and finally admit that Android is #1
Bob Fitzgerald Beating a dead horse... I want to see Apple fold as a company actually.
Daniel Sanchez For it to be able to stop armageddon on 12/21/12
Richard Quintanilla Sd card slot 4in display bigger battery and do away with the back glass
Stephen Wagner Have it look exactly the same and call it the 4s2
Michael Benesa A new O.S. Seriously folks, Apple needs an overhaul of their OS. Then I'll go back to loving my gorgeous Lumia and then look forward to Win8. :)
Bryan Wilt How about no ios!!
Frederick Rodriguez 32 gig Memory card capability
Matthew Ryan Vargas Bigger screen, quad core, better camera, at least a gig of ram and loooooong lasting battery. Battery is the main seller for me.
Tim Lindt bigger screen, quad core, 4G, bigger battery...
Al Waisman Longer battery life while still keeping the ability to be able to put my phone in my pocket. I wanted a bigger screen, that's why I bought an iPad. :)
Moses Estrada LTE , 4 in screen, bigger battery
Tom Huggett solar power
Michael Boxer not interested
Guillermo De León I want to see a fat Aaron holding an iPhone.
Steff Vid WP8 ?
Tamoor Haider Shouldn't blend.. :P
Tim Cristiano HowardMorris I could careless, I just need a phone that works as advertised. Sprint has yet to offer that so yeah
Arief Akbar Al Kaff Iphone 5 must water resistance. I can call somebody in the swmngpool... Hahaha
Ciroc Rufai what is an iphone?......sent from my galaxy note
Jose Angel Santiago What would we like to see in phonedogs Facebook page?
??? ??? ??????? a better price
Frank Porter I couldn't care less about the iPhone. Enough Aaron!
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Bigger screen LTE
Ernie Navarro I bigger screen
Jose Angel Santiago Ugh again Aaron? Are you serious?

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