We discussed iPhone 5 hardware hopes a few days ago, and now it's time for the software side of things!  Aaron talks about some things he'd like to see in iOS 6.  Widgets, new app layouts, and email changes are all welcome improvements, though keeping the fluidity that iOS is known for is a must.  What changes would you like to see?  Hit the comments section below with your thoughts!

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"What do you want to see in iOS 6?"

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PrathyushHbk social integrated contacts, new GUI,voice security system,hologram technology
Victor Cai
Victor Cai aaron i am waiting for your dogfight for galaxy s iii and one x
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz @zach Well why call people names like that. What do people see in this and a reason for doing it for. It's not going to make then any less than just a person that likes other products.
Roman Keller
Roman Keller Voice recognition API that is handled on the iDevice locally... Something like OpenEars! This is my only wish for the new os!
Kent Powell
Kent Powell theey should add themes like htc but in apple fashion so we can change the color scheme on our divice with widgets in apple style
Jim Florence
Jim Florence The ability to reorder contact phone numbers in the address book.
Matt Cain
Matt Cain I want to be able to feel like my phone belongs to me. By that I mean that I want to be able to personalize anything I want. I like Apple, but I always feel like I'm using a company phone and I can only have what the company will allow me to have. I would like different keyboards, much better ring/text tones, etc. also, something like Android's live wallpapers. I was looking at the HTC note yesterday and I thought those wallpapers were really cool and something I think Apple could do great with.
Abdul Eltawil
Abdul Eltawil A new phone maybe?
Christopher M Hoyt
Christopher M Hoyt @tyrus lol they probably r golf buddies if not definitely bowling buddies. I totally agree neither one suck read all my comments I don't bash either one. iOS is great and android is great. I own both devices. Each have their own benefits and their own flaws. If u like the iOS great. If u like android great. That's your personally preference.
Tyrus Bobo Da Keyboardest
Tyrus Bobo Da Keyboardest All of you on that is arguing over this is ignorant to say the least!!!!......Allow me to put some real truth on y'all asses...... First of all both of these companys are super rich.they both have sold millions of phones....they prolly both set back and laugh at these crazy debates y'all have.....the fact is their both making money regardless of who buys their product and who doesn't..... I wouldn't be surprised if all apple employees used androids as their personal cell phones just to Stay close to compition,and vice versa........the head hunchos of both companys are probably golf buddies......that prolly sit back and laugh at how consumers if arguing over their products that's making (both) of them rich.....if y'all be real with your selves the only reason y'all bash each product is so u can feel justified for purchasing the product you chose...... I personally like both system.....but also recognize flaws in them both also.....but regardless of which phone I choose to go with means it's just the phone I felt suited me doesn't mean the others ones suck....that's the 100% truth
Joernie Berrios
Joernie Berrios Apple Should just stick with computers!!!
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Anthony apparently you can't read,because I stated that I would like to see the same multi- Tasking gestures in the iPhone that the iPad already has. So you fail there buddy. Second I don't buy my apple products just because they're "Popular", I buy them because they work the best for me. Again, That's you just making assumptions like a tool like you and the rest of your androne buddies make. A shill huh? Lol - I had android way before I switched to the iPhone so I'm hardly a blind shill buying into hype. If anything android fanboys are worse because they just have to have the OMFG !!!! Battery draining quad core processors and glitchy , Barely functioning 4G lol.
Christopher M Hoyt
Christopher M Hoyt @anthony it's funny u say old warmed up crap on the design of apple products mainly iPhone. Look at all the htc phones out there. They pretty much all the same design. They put like 4 out each month.
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez iOS 6.0 will be the as 5.0, 4.0,... Same boring look, icon after icons after infinite ICONS. dull and boring. Nuff said
Kris K. Blomgren
Kris K. Blomgren Less AIDS Aaron covering things that's a start.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Google doesn't hold patents for widgets since android is open source.
Christopher M Hoyt
Christopher M Hoyt That's funny ziggy cause android fans are always bitching about new things but they still buy phones knowing another one will come out a month later which is better. I personally like android hence y I own a gsm galaxy nexus, prior a htc amaze, prior a htc sensation, prior a galaxy s2, prior a my touch. I've owned tons of android phones. There biggest flaw is that carriers and manufactures take so long to update their products they almost force u to buy their new product. Example how long has ice cream sandwich been out for and how many people with older capable devices are running it. Answer not many unless u r rooted running cyanogen but stock ics not many.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline @Eduardo- Kind of like fandroids call iPhone owners isheep, ifags, And itards all the time huh? Don't dish it out if you can't take it.
Erik Rosli
Erik Rosli Widgets for ios? Hmm.. That's a nice idea but I don't think it will be possible when Google's holding the patents for widgets.
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey EXACTLY @ Ziggy Torres! I can only fault Apple?the company?to a certain extent. At the end of the day, Apple is a business and the ultimate goal of any business, is to make a profit. Why put in the time and money into R&D, if you can depend on the same millions of uninformed, ignorant idiots lining up to by the same warmed-over crap you've been offering since 2007, every six months when you release a (cough) "new" device??? I would love to be a fly on the wall during an Apple executive board meeting. The derogatory words they probably use to describe their customers are probably one for the books. They must call their loyal Apple fans every type of "idiot," "fool," "dummy," and "mindless sheep," imaginable. I know if I were Apple and I could always count on having Joe Blow standing in line for every version of the iPhone or iPad, regardless of if it was radically changed or virtually the same, I'd go the easy and less expensive route, and just release a minor update that will have my fans heralding my company as "the greatest who's ever done it!"
Ziggy Torres
Ziggy Torres The thing is like you said why would Apple put those features in the phone when people/customers still by the phone regardless and they can milk all the iphone users with old tech. if you want certain features and they dont provide it. Why keep putting your hard earned money into the gadgets then? Dont buy the phones and voice your WANTS and they will add them. Money speaks louder then words!
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey @Zach "Ultimate Troll" Cline: Everything that I have stated in this topic, has been exceptionally written, well-versed, and full of factual information ... unlike you and your retard Crapple henchmen. If anyone reeks of stupidity, it's clearly you, based on all of the negative responses to your comment. And you know what I love... how you idiot Crapple cheerleaders label anyone who knows that Android is superior to iOS, as people being blind fanboys. Realize, princess, that as I'm writing this witty response to you exposing your extreme ignorance, I'm doing so on MY personal 27in. Apple iMac. Unlike the vast majority of you Apple trolls, I don't purchase things based on popularity or whatever is the "it" device ... I make my purchases based on research, acquired knowledge, and what's best for ME. And what's best for me in terms of cell phone operating systems, is Android. What's best for me for a personal computer, happens to be Apple. I'm not a blind shill who buys into hype. As another Apple lover had to point out and correct you, Apple already has multi-tasking gestures for their devices. The fact that you didn't somehow know this, yet you want to get into a battle of wits with someone else, proves the fail that is you. Perhaps you and Christopher Hoyt need to get together and have an "Apple for Dummies" reading marathon.
Andres Barroeta
Andres Barroeta Also they can put NFC
Andres Barroeta
Andres Barroeta Better google maps like android , support for lte , new widgets , better battery life like the razr Maxx Motorola. YouTube update is time , new icons
Christopher M Hoyt
Christopher M Hoyt @anthony it just proves I'm human and made a simple typing mistake which on my galaxy nexus ics keyboard should have picked up. But I guess it's having issues too. Should have used my iPhone for typing instead. U so have credibility your a joke and a tool.
Ayoub Hage
Ayoub Hage Boobs on start up :)
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey @Christopher Hoyt: What's "ASINiNE" is the fact that you can't spell asinine, correctly, and you somehow think you have any credibility in anyone's debate. You're done.
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz @zach U say that Android fans troll these posts. But all I see is u doing the same. And that word fandroid sounds ridiculous why cant u people just say Android fans. Ur just putting an F in front of Android that's it. Why not Android fans.
Christopher M Hoyt
Christopher M Hoyt It's kind of funny how apple haters aka android users scroll topics about apple and put there 2 sense in. If u hate something so much y do u spend so much time on the topic. Think it's time for phandroids to step out of the closet.
Christopher M Hoyt
Christopher M Hoyt @irvine both operating system iOS and android hold there own. To say that apple doesn't have anything people want is just acenine. Apple obviously still exist. People still buy apple products. There not going anywhere. There r more than just fanboys who buy the products. I myself own the iPhone 3s and love it along with a gsm galaxy nexus. I'm a fanboy of both products.
Tabib Rehman
Tabib Rehman Were talking about ios not apple zach
Irvin Zamora
Irvin Zamora It doesn't matter who was first, the fact of the matter is Apple doesn't have a lot of what people want... Simple as that. Android is ahead of the game, function-wise. Not flaming, and I'm not an Apple hater, just a fanboy hater. Don't dis another OS just because you think you know better. Android has many more perks than iOS. I've never had a problem with Android, ever since day one. Buying a low end Android device doesn't count. That's hardware, not software.
Sundar Ganapathy
Sundar Ganapathy unlockable bootloader
Francis San Pedro
Francis San Pedro Anyway, Zach, there are multitasking gestures for the iPad. I use it all the time.
Francis San Pedro
Francis San Pedro Texting on the fly like biteSMS.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Antony I love how you fandroids just troll all over these posts just to type your stupidity with absolutely nothing to add to the conversation. And uh yeah- Apple started working on touch screen technology back in 1980. Anyway back on topic- I would like to see more integration from Mac os x. Maybe the launch pad function, And I would like to see more multitouch gestures like we have on the iPad. Like swiping between apps and swiping up to reveal the multitasking bar. And more widgets.
Christian Araujo
Christian Araujo A different UI, its been the same UI for 5 years, only slight enhancements.
John Rotarius
John Rotarius @christopher m hoyt WRONG lol android would exist without ios because android didnt get anything from ios theres nothing alike and ive researched both androids just better
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Nothing. Nothing to see. Probably be just more icons and looks like nothing has changed. Drives me nuts!
David DiPilla
David DiPilla I can be the next Steve jobs lol na maybe kind of but I don't put my self out their if I was more aggressive I don't no where I would be but I have great ideas and I fix computers
Sam Platz
Sam Platz Nothing,who cares...
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey I love it when Crapple cheerleaders spout their ignorant Crapple propaganda like "Android wouldn't exist without iOS" and "The iPhone was THE FIRST ever touchscreen device." I guess Crapple fans sleep a bit better at night believing those grossly uninformed lies and Android fans get a nice little laugh off of their ignorance. You almost lose a few I.Q. points reading such claptrap lol.
David DiPilla
David DiPilla Widgets more customizable stuff like android but better I have great ideas Apple needs to get me a job their lol
Nick Petrizzio
Nick Petrizzio More open, just a little
Christopher M Hoyt
Christopher M Hoyt @ziggy first off android would not exist if wasn't for ios. Let's get another thing straight android and iOS is software not hardware. Bigger screen, 4g lte having nothing to do with android vs iOS. That stuff is manufacture hardware. U sound idiotic not knowing the difference
Johannes Riitijoki
Johannes Riitijoki Animated icons
Ziggy Torres
Ziggy Torres I don't get it. If iPhone owners are so happy with the way iPhone operates how come they keep asking for Android like features? Bigger Screen , Widgets , App Drawer , Notification Bar , Email Notifications , Better Maps , LTE 4G , ETC ETC. Just shows deep inside Iphone owners know which OS is better.
Kenny Pooranmal
Kenny Pooranmal I want to see a button that will launch android
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson How about, a conversation history for contacts. A little less restriction on what apps can access within the os... And a goddamm visual makeover please!
Steven Coté
Steven Coté an updated youtube app cause the current one sucks!
Walter Garcia
Walter Garcia a life time supply of free candy :)
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey So Chase Creighton wants an operating system to be "bigger"... Hmmm, sounds like a typical response from an iPhone user lol.
Jordon Folkes
Jordon Folkes To stop copying android.
Roger Ohlsson
Roger Ohlsson Customise options
Chase Creighton
Chase Creighton hope its bigger
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris i'd like universal games to actually be universal. no more playing on one device and starting all over on another device. that sucks!
Jonathan Hernandez
Jonathan Hernandez Widgets..
Scott Ritchey
Scott Ritchey I don't own an I phone., but heard a report that siri can record your commands and what not and send it to apple. Take that ability away.
Trevor White
Trevor White More screens filled with more icons. Jk :)
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez A new UI.
Michael Alvarado Castellano
Michael Alvarado Castellano Ur face
Ricardo Carrizales
Ricardo Carrizales For it to die already!
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey Agreed. A self-termination feature with a message that scrolls across the screen that concedes "Android handed our asses back to us and reduced iOS into irrelevancy!" would be greatly appreciated.
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez yo mom... jk
Elohssa Cousins
Elohssa Cousins self destruct sequence

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