The LG DoublePlay is an Android smartphone with an interesting form factor. Similar to the Kyocera Echo on Sprint, the DoublePlay has two touchscreen displays. It is designed this way to supposedly make multi-tasking even easier. What we wanted to know is, Does it actually work? Is this design practical in real-world use?

It's surprising how useful this secondary display is. While watching a video on the main display, you can easily read and send text messages on the second display without ever having to stop the video. It may seem like a gimmick, but it does work very well. But what about the phone as a whole? How does it perform? Watch the full review to get Sydney's thoughts on this interesting device.

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Terry Oakes
Terry Oakes kewl idea
Audrey Mahan
Audrey Mahan I can't wait to get it. I love the way it looks and the dual screen will make balancing my checkbook a breeze!
Rob Lyons
Rob Lyons I like this form factor better than the Echo. I would buy the doubleplay.
Vishal Davé
Vishal Davé What would you pick? Nokia Astound or Samsung Exhibit II 4G or LG Doubleplay or Samsung Galaxy S 4G or TMobile G2x with Google or HTC HD7
Mike Cross
Mike Cross I wouldn't recommend this phone to people on a budget. The ugly side of Android!
Brendon Bowers
Brendon Bowers Can't wait to sell this phone !!
Jesse Moore
Jesse Moore I'm sure HTC or Samsung could do this concept and make it worth it. Oh LG, why must you make terrible phones?
Niko Lapcic
Niko Lapcic No its unnecessary because its still a so called "phone" and not a fuckin eyefinty setup
Jonathan Shamsian
Jonathan Shamsian SYDNEY!!
Sai John
Sai John ds emulator anyone?
Dwayne Demaurivert
Dwayne Demaurivert Lol yeah its.cool
Donald Hixson
Donald Hixson Absolutely not. It's a neat idea but they did it wrong. They probably could've had the second screen come from the bottom instead of the side. Idk. I don't design phones lol
Ethan Shrago
Ethan Shrago I hate their UI
Ethan Shrago
Ethan Shrago No. I would be pressing the touchscreen instead of the physical buttons. Just the way its positioned is what I don't like.
Jeremy Bleich
Jeremy Bleich What a pos. lg makes terrible phones period
Kjell Norden
Kjell Norden No way!
David Harness
David Harness Yeah, but with a phone like that never
Brendan Radford
Brendan Radford what was lg thinking??.
Alex Robertson
Alex Robertson No.
Brendan Radford
Brendan Radford Nooooooo. Not practicle at all....!

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