LG G Flex Challenge: Introduction

Marco Hanna
Senior Multimedia Producer from  Nashville, TN
| February 19, 2014

Welcome to a new challenge! This time around we're putting the LG G Flex into the pocket of Senior Multimedia Producer Marco Hanna. The G Flex is no stranger to PhoneDog, though, as we've already reviewed the flexible device and even put its flexing and self-healing abilities to the test

The LG G Flex is a large device that sports a 6-inch, 1280x720. Inside the phone sits a 2.26GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean. In our first video for this new challenge, we introduce the G Flex's features and go over some of its pros and cons. What you would like to see in future G Flex challenge videos? Leave your suggestions below or send them to @PhoneDog_Marco on Twitter!


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