Aaron gets a first look at the LG Optimus 3D, the world's first 3D smartphone. Officially unveiled a few moments ago at Mobile World Congress, it's packing a punch with a 1 GHz dual-core, dual-channel TI OMAP processor, 4.3-inch display, dual 5-megapixel cameras for 3D recording, and a front-facing camera for video calling. For the video buff, it shoots non-3D video in 1080p, and 3D video in 720p, so you're getting HD quality video each and every time.

It's odd that LG didn't launch it with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), given that it's rolling out to current devices right now. Here's to hoping for a quick update. Additionally, I'm not entirely sold on the mobile 3D technology just yet, and until content ramps up there won't be much to work with. That said, it's a cool feature to have in the device.

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"Aaron gets a first look at the LG Optimus 3D. Is 3D a feature that interests you, or is it media overkill?"

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Trinity Kolarova Hoodrich to c your dandruff n pimples better lol! 3d is crap on any phone.
Steve Cudi-Glover Baptiste What the hell do we need 3D on a phone for?
Gmb Matt totally unnecessary
Jabin George Looks Kool.
Ninh Rango Not nice!!
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi For the people who are complaining abt 3D in phone, let Steve Jobs 'invent' 3D 3yrs. down the lane and you guys will be swooning over it that what a useful feature it is and how much every phone requires it.... :-) lol
Sheila Mzunderstood Harris What carrier, and how much
Pawel Szulzycki Awesome!! ; )
Derick Williams @Joseph. Yes dual cores are more efficient. Hiowever, the nintendo 3ds is going to have drastically shorter life than the other nintendo handhelds. Also, even now on lowest setting my screen uses about 70% + of the battery life on my phone, that is with a single core processor. to render 3d images it is going to require more processing power. In addition to more FPS. Which means battery life goes to hell real fast. Also. dual cores may be more efficient but, your only going to be tempted to do things which require even more power. Therefore your battery life still goes to hell real quick.
Mark Gittens Media overkill! Its a fad and will pass trust me.
Nick Koval I want one so bad cant wait its 3D ;)
Joseph Thelmas People dual core processors are energy efficiant so what makes u think this phone is gonna die qiuck... just wait and see
Joscha Grobben No brainier. Media overkill
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi Ya it's good phone..... Just watchd video on engadget and nw I m not sceptical regarding it, it's really very good smartphone, u got to see it to beleive me.......dismissing any new technology without even givin it a chance is not a good thing folks.... :-)
Serge Vieux Jr. Very interesting, but I need to see more of this technology before I make up my mind.
Alek Vutipadadorn Wayyyy over
Rickyo ODaniell Cool. And you can turn it on and off...
Ernesto Moreno specs are nice but 3D is useless. overkill.
Chantal Lewis Who want to see stuff coming out of their phone? Not me
Adam Loyal no way. If its priced right im buying
Derick Williams Lol..just can't wait to hear people bitch about battery life.
Rob Smith The specs sound nice, but I just don't see the need for 3D, except as a way to drain the battery more quickly.
Giovanni Turner Overkill...
Neal Daringer it is underwhelming overkill.
Louis Hickson Jr. Media overkill for sure!
Alexei Liss Overkill.
Chris Staton it's like beating a dead cow. option #2
Boyd C Adkins IV Ill be glad when this pointless 3d fad passes
Joanne McNiff Good looking phone, but wicked overkill with all this 3D crap. IMO
Kevin Colon What carrier ?
Walt Alan Wilcutts Sounds like just another way to drain a battery quickly.

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