What do YOU want to see at Mobile World Congress?

Mobile World Congress 2012 starts next week, and it should be full of surprises.  We've heard rumors and leaks surrounding several new LG smartphones, HTC's One X, and some ZTE devices.  But I'm curious: what do YOU want to see from Mobile World Congress?  Are quad-core processors your thing?  Do you want to see more tablet-like smartphones?  Sound off here and at PhoneDog.com, and stay tuned for PhoneDog's coverage of Mobile World Congress beginning Sunday, February 26th!

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"Are you excited about the leaks/rumors coming out ahead of MWC?"

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Vinay Gupta HTC is the 1...!
Anonymous i want to hear new phone going 2 sprint and i want to hear more about the samsung galaxy s 3
Brian Edson anything from HTC. some of those leak shots of the one x made it look like there was 1 running gingerbread and one with ICS
Kevin Loughrey no, from what 've seen 2012 phones are gonna fail
Anonymous i WANTED to see the galaxy s iii
Paul Alexandru LG is HORSeSHIT and i'm not interested about HTC anyways their phones are overpriced....And i will get a Galaxy Note so who cares about the S3....+ i have an iPhone 4S and soon buying an iPad 3....
Susan Hwang Not until Microsoft decides not to renew. I wanna see a phone with a massive battery like razr maxx and a wicked camera. And last but not least. Shock and water resistant or proof.
Mick de Raad Id like to sea Nokia moving to android.. But that will never happen! hah.
Bharat Justa Yup! Nokia Pure View....
Zach Cline Quit worrying about the damn iPhone if what you have is so amazing.
Yousif Sobhi Can't wait to see the gs3 takes shit on the iPhone.
Marti Ruiz Not really. gs3 i wish
Kirk Ngo Hell yes
Maury Escher Jr. I can't wait to see Sense 4.0 be unveiled for the first time on some new HTC devices. And, I also can't wait to get it on my HTC Vivid. :)
Ronnie Hill Jr I am,I just wish I knew if any of the phone are coming to Sprint
Lennes Shaw Htc...whats going on? All the phones look a like with the same features. Waiting to see IP5
Cosmic TJ Not really. S3 and iPhone 5 are the only devices which I'd like to know more about.
Austin Pudlo i want to see how many waterproof phones they have there
Mike Marchak I want to see the GS III and this new atrix 3. 2 gb of ram sounds sick
Antonio Palermo i just want to see what is bringing WP7 to us ;) i'm bored about android ( i'm an android user SGSII)
Ahmer Israr I want an Android 4.0 Phone that will be updated for atleast 2 years os wise, has a 1 ghz or more quad core processor, over 1 gb of ram, lte on verizon, software buttons, no skins (or atleast nothing too heavy), and a full metal/glass body. Oh, and a 4.5 inch or more display with front and back camera. So basically, a gigantic 4.5 inch iPhone 4S running ICS with better insides and good update speed.
Phillips Lewis Looking forward to more info about Samsung Tab 11.6! Then I'll decide to buy ipad "3" or not!
David Vaughan Isn't there supposed to be some T-Mobile nokia thats a remake?
Amie Lee Greenway At this point, HTC can only get better. So far I have not been impressed. Sure their phones have beautiful colors and unique graphics but call quality and ease of use is extremely important.
Michael Miller Not yet..
Joe Noyola Yea I really want to see the Galaxy S 3, but I guess we have to wait a little longer for that .
Zach Cline Who cares about metro piece of crap
Shannon Manns Would love to see the Galaxy SIII there.
Cesario Brito Jr. I would have been more excited if the GS3 would be there. But it deserves its own event. Still looking forward to it though.
Soua Yang I want to see the dyle phone that metro pcs is developing right now.
Jed Shuster When is the Nexus S 4g going to get an over the air update to Ice Cream Sandwich?!?
Tabib Rehman S3 but wont be commming but would like to see the htc edge

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