Aaron reviews Verizon's LG Revolution, the carrier's third 4G device and the second high-end LG smartphone to land on a US carrier.  Specifications include a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 4.3-inch display, 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording capabilities, a front-facing shooter for video chats (or self-portraits), and Android 2.2 with a custom LG user interface.  Overall, performance is decent, though there were some initial issues with lag that appear to be fixed thanks to a system restart.

Is the LG Revolution the best of the three 4G LTE devices currently available?  We'll try to decipher just that.  Part 1 of 2.

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"Is the LG Revolution the best 4G Android phone?"

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Mitchel Burnell no Lg sucks with andriod divices
Walter Levine I've had this for a week and I like it a lot. It charges at 30% per hour for me. Battery is decent. Love the screen. Had Thunderbolt and Charge and returned them. Can't return this one. Biggest problem is staying connected with hotspot to my MacBook Pro. Any hints?
Gordon Simon If the new phones have the best benchmark, can be use as a hotspot, dual camera and sim card and able to produce 58mbps is the best phone with full keyboard.
Randy Wardle @ Aaron...you just told me that the G2x was the best android phone in the U.S.....
Wayne Price Charge. No doubt but I think the bionic might take the lead and definitely the GS2 will be the "star" 4g phone in big red's lineup!
Zach Cline No it sucks.
MyLo Luvah this is the best phone for me
Basil Mahmud My Droid Charge > A Pile of Shit > At&t's network > LG Bingolution
Josh Billingsley If the thunderbolt would stay on I'd say thunderbolt. I've had at least 15 customers this week alone come in complaining of it shutting down. Still like the amolet screen better though
Juan Araya Not even close. Galaxy S II is the best android phone until quad cores are released. )
Darryl Mouzone Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Is this a serious question???!!!???
Fonzy Paniagua For Verizon Possibly The Droid Charge is just to ugly And the thunderbolt is just like an EVO 4g
Michael Skrabacz Tbolt is nice, and personally I like the screen on it over the charge. Charge screen colors don't look natural.
Hugo Contreras Lagos Im LMAO, here in chile the GS II is CHEAPER than the Iphone 4, about 70 or 80 USD cheaper!!!!!!!....lol
Michael Garrett No because something newer will come out that will be faster and better in six months or so...lol..lol
Gerson Vasquez Thunderbolt for the specs, build quality, and user interface
Cameron Deyell @Stuart True!
Jason Folarin Harvey Galaxy S2 duhh best phone period
Victor Perez HA! ya right
Stuart Luther All the 4G phones suck, who wants to charge a phone 5 times a day.
Josh Billingsley Charge for sure. Amolet screen. Built in task manager. Doesn't shut off constantly. Swype. Touch wiz blows monkey nuts, but launcher pro fixes that.
Kevin Mybigman i never like any phone that for att
Matthew Lynn Lesley I LOVE my Samsung Infuse
Ben Bartholomew Wtf why would someone even think its good
Michael Fuentes HTC Evo 4g 3d is the best Sprint device upcoming. It will only be obsolete in 6 months
Hima Bichali Definitely not.
Eric Kroh Just got 2 on an unlimited data!..gotta great deal..get unlimited data while you can
Edwin Rodriguez Droid X2 is not LTE!!! Holy cow people, read before you comment!! I personally like the Droid Charge...
David Nelson Droid x 2 is not 4g
Anonymous Compared to the Droid X2 no!
freakintyler droid x2? (:
Christopher David He said lte which the gs2 most likely won't have read next time ppl
John Kurokawa Don't know Aaron- I sure do love my G2X...
Alex Grasso what is then? for verizon
Adan James Salinas This made me lol till mafo.
TJ Hahn nope, not even close, even if it was, the gs2 will be when it makes its way to states

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