Looking Back - 2010 - T-Mobile G2

Cam Bunton
Senior Managing Editor from  Cumbria, UK
| Published: May 15, 2014

Remember when Android phones used to come with keyboards? Most physical QWERTY phones were terrible, but this one was fantastic, in almost every way. It had a decent screen, an okay camera, fast internet and ran stock-ish Android. It was a brilliant phone, and last of great one of its kind. 

I bought my G2 a few years back and used it virtually full time for a few months before handing it to someone else. It's somehow survived being used as a daily driver for 3 years, and still runs perfectly. It's solid, has a great keyboard, and reminds me of a bygone era. Back in the day when we still wanted physical buttons. It has to go down as my favorite QWERTY-equipped Android device. 

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