Microsoft XBOX One Video Review

Marco Hanna
Senior Multimedia Producer from  Nashville, TN
| November 27, 2013

Microsoft has always had a different approach on what a gaming console should be. It's the company that gave us online gaming with social networking. It also brought us a new way to interact with our consoles with XBOX Kinect. Now it's giving us a new console called the XBOX One, Microsoft's solution to everything connected in your living room. Not just for gaming, it's a system that handles all of your video content, including Netflix, Hulu and your current cable provider. It also features a new and improved Kinect with more interactive motions and commands. Last but not least, the XBOX One includes a completely new operating system, combining Windows 8 and new XBOX software with "always on" functionality. It all comes together to form a console that looks very promising, so tune in to our review of the XBOX One!