Microsoft XBOX One vs. Sony PlayStation 4

Marco Hanna
Senior Multimedia Producer from  Nashville, TN
| December 13, 2013

The next generation of consoles have been interesting so far. We've had both XBOX One and PlayStation 4 on PhoneDog and both have performed very well. We liked the power and simplicity of the PS4 while the XBOX One proved to be more than your standard console. Now its time to pit these two against each other. We'll discover both console's strong points and areas where they can use some improvement.

We'll compare these two against each other in Design, Hardware, Software, Applications and Marketplace, and Social Networking. In this episode we will start by comparing the Design, Software and Hardware. The XBOX One has seen a design change to make it look like an old bland box while the PS4 has a new futuristic design focused to make it stand out as the ultimate gaming console. While we do like both very much, the Sony offers a better appearance in your living room.

Software is also important. The Sony PlayStation 4 runs your normal PS4 software while XBOX One runs Windows 8 on top of Microsoft's gaming platform. See how it will compare to Sony's simple yet powerful software in our video comparison of the XBOX One vs PlayStation 4.