Mobile Streaming: NBA star livecasts during car accident

Noah Kravitz
 from Oakland, CA
Published: July 31, 2009

Those of you who follow me on twitter know that when I'm not talking
mobile tech I'm usually talking music or sports - basketball in
particular. If you're a hoops fan you're probably well aware of the
increasingly odd - nay, alarming - behavior of former Knicks and
Celtics point guard Stephon Marbury. Starbury has always been a little
out there, but lately he's taken it to a new level by livecasting
around the clock via

Steph seems to have the hang of mobile livecasting, though it's
unclear if he's rocking Ustream mobile via smartphone or a 3G-connected
laptop. Either way, this clip from yesterday's cast - which I found on Inside Hoops - shows Steph
broadcasting from the backseat of his car as the car gets into an
accident of some sort. What was hit and what exactly happened here
isn't clear, but for my money this is as sure a sign as any that
Starbury needs to log off, put down the mobile device, and stop with
the mobile broadcasting for a spell. If nothing else, this clip plays to me like evidence of leaving the scene of an accident (I'm not saying they should arrest the dude, I'm just sayin' you should think twice before incriminating yourself and your driver via mobile video).

Those of you who are really
interested should check out the very bizarre, emotionally torturous
livecast Steph posted earlier in the week. I've never been much of a fan of Steph, honestly, but I'm worried about the guy. Whatever demons are plaguing you, Stephon, I hope you get some help with them soon.  And everyone else out there, just remember that there is such a thing as oversharing. Put down the cameraphone and step away from the live stream of yourself before it's too late, m'kay?