Moto X Challenge, Day 16: Custom Moto X

Aaron Baker
member from Dallas, TX
Published: August 21, 2013

For the last 16 days, the Moto X has been the subject of my current 30 day challenge and today I'm looking at the unique experience that Motorola has given customers with their new Moto Maker tool.  After a slight delay, we received our very own custom device, and it's time to show it off!

For those not familiar, Motorola is granting customers a brand new experience where you, the buyer, are in control of what your phone looks like, the hard drive configuration (16 or 32 GB), and other small customizations.  Currently, only AT&T customers will have the option of utilizing the new Moto Maker customization tool, while other carriers will receive units in both black and white.

As you'd expect, the Moto Maker tool is very easy to use and understand.  The user begins customizing their new Moto X device by choosing the primary back color of the device.  The colors range from cool blues to warm reds and oranges.  Its nice to see a decent amount of color options for such a large part of the device.  The program then flips the phone over where you can choose your front color (unfortunately only black and white options are available here), and then on to your accent color which focuses on parts of the phone like the camera ring and volume rocker.  Again, really nice to see more color options available for the accent option.

The program then focuses on other unique customizations like a custom print or engraving on the back of the device, although as reported previously, this option will not be available at launch due to the quality of the printing not  meeting standard during testing.  After that page it's on to a quick internal customization which allows users to choose a 16 GB or 32 GB hard drive, note that your size choice will affect the overall price of the device.

After the quick hard drive customization, you are given an option to personalize your very own message on the Motorola start up splash screen, customize which wallpaper will be shown right out of the box, and to have your Google account already signed in and ready to go right when you start up the device.  To add a small cherry on top, Motorola even lets you choose between a black or white wall charging unit.

Overall, it's nice that Motorola is trying to give their customers a unique and personal experience with the Moto Maker tool.  Is the option to customize your own device enough to get you to spend $199 on the Moto X?  Let me know what you think and what you want to see as I begin the second half of my 30 day challenge with the Moto X!  I'm on Twitter @PhoneDog_Aaron.

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