Aaron unboxes the Motorola Atrix 2, the successor to the Motorola Atrix 4G on AT&T and a high-end Android device that's priced incredibly well.  It offers a 1 GHz TI OMAP processor, 4.3-inch qHD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording capabilities, a front-facing camera, 1,735 mAh battery, and Android 2.3 with Motorola's custom UI. It's available at AT&T now for $99.99, which is a fantastic price considering the awesome feature set.  Is it worth getting, especially when the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich are right around the corner?

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Paul Davis
Paul Davis been using this puppy and i have not seen one bug yet.
Derrick Garrett II
Derrick Garrett II im on my orig atrix watchin this ... tha atrix 2 has no fingerprint scanner ( tha whole reason i bought tha atrix orig ) also looks cheap ... stick wth atrix 1
Axel Caceres
Axel Caceres You people don't understand. Its not trying to be the most powerful phone in the market. AT&T is just trying to make a point, that you don't have go pay $200 or more for a high end phone. Its a STEAL for $99!!!
Byktor Urvaes
Byktor Urvaes For $99.99 is the best choice in at&t
Ufuoma Elvis-Obukowho
Ufuoma Elvis-Obukowho why didnlt motorola put the biometrics scan on the atrix 2?? I loved that feature on the atrix
Teron Facey
Teron Facey I'm hearing some sick specs about the S3 I heard is going to have a quad core processor super amoled 3 screen.
Ryan Landis
Ryan Landis I think its first fault is being a phone made by Motorola.
Ernest Marvin Esteban
Ernest Marvin Esteban i want the motorola Razr!
Carlos Tobon
Carlos Tobon man I no its ur job to report on those but still........ fuckkk!!!! Motorola phones.... oh LG & metro pease of shit phones
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Getting the galaxy nexus.
Eric Quach
Eric Quach GALAXY!!!
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson "Gayish""
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson This phone is far too hot on the heels of the previous attrix to do anything but infuriate some fans of the phone.
Chris Mcnug Michniewicz
Chris Mcnug Michniewicz Question is why. Every six months I have to get a new phone ugh
Nhut Nguyen
Nhut Nguyen i am expecting a dual core processor
Justin Porter
Justin Porter do a review of the LG esteem!!!
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson Somebody say they waiting on iPhone 5, HA HA, Samsung galaxy s3 will be out soon to so there iPhone will suffer more blows
Jack Mayo
Jack Mayo Don't get it original atrix is terrible! Too many glitches! Next time im getting an iphone much more reliable
Chris Northcutt
Chris Northcutt It is now obsolete compared to the new Razr coming out from Verizon
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson IPhone 4s is no big deal, iPhone still suffering blows from the HTC evo
Kevin Twitch Booker
Kevin Twitch Booker I love mine.
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson Yea I'm still rockin my evo too
Paul Davis
Paul Davis switched over to go launcher ex and it has improved the phone usage a lot. Now all we need is some cellphone cases for this baby. Well there is the otterbox commuter that looks nice
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson Htc evo was king for a long time
David Harness
David Harness Awesome phone. Though I wish it kept the 4" display I'd probably have to say a 4.3" is the only comfortable screen to text in portrait on an Android device due to the aspect ratio
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson I'm waiting for the Samsung galaxy note
John Stephens
John Stephens I think Phonedog hates it. Yes, I accept your unwanted gift.
Paul Davis
Paul Davis People will complain about the 8gb on board, go out and cheap 8gb or 16gb micro sd on amazon. STILL A KILLER DEAL! The screen is gorgeous! not like the SAMOLED but still a very sharp and crisp
Paul Davis
Paul Davis picked one up for 50 dollars at best buy. The phone is very nice and responsive. I noticed that it doesn't fair too well with lower light on the camera. My blackberry torch 9800 takes very good lower light pictures. If you have plenty of light, WOW the phone looks very impressive. Worth 50 dollars upgrade? YES! Now give us some XDA Dev love!
Jay Ortiz
Jay Ortiz This one uses the new TI OMAP processor and if you do your research you will see that Google has decided to go with TI as their processor provider due to it being better AND easier to be used for Ice Cream Sandwich and LTE! Hint, Hint......
Mike Marchak
Mike Marchak I love the improvements and want this phone. How different are the processers from the orig to this?
Anonymous no, the phone that changed it all was the G1. Had it failed you might not have your little EVO. and no one cares about the Atrix (2)...
Diogenes Jimenez
Diogenes Jimenez Too little, too late. Too many better phones out there. This only a marginal improvement.
Tony Dear III
Tony Dear III Atrix OG just came out. Wtf. They wonder why EVO was so amazing because they didn't make another one after 3 months. EVO 2 still has to comeout smh at Android anymore these days...tone it down and delay the consumers gratification. Its good to know all the phones that are out, not be lost because 50 phones came out last month. Still lovin my original EVO. The phone that changed it all
Greg Phifer
Greg Phifer Pointless upgrade but doesn't mean its a bad phone
Bruce Fried
Bruce Fried I have the original ATRIX I love it the improvements don't me alot 2 me it dose not have finger scan I don't like it waiting 2 C what. Comes out 4 the Holidays
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama Doesn't have ICS so I don't care
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson Galaxy nexus? :D
Zulfi Rasool
Zulfi Rasool No reviews abt nokia.. what abt n9??
Alex Molchany
Alex Molchany hmmm..... just like the atrix but with a locked bootloader. id rather get the og atrix
Issam El Kouartey
Issam El Kouartey Iphone rules
Issam El Kouartey
Issam El Kouartey Wack
Mark Lucas
Mark Lucas Screw the negativity. I like it.
Ateeb Tallaat Khan
Ateeb Tallaat Khan Not that big of a deal
Mustafa Sidiqee
Mustafa Sidiqee Dead upon arrival
Jeremy Bleich
Jeremy Bleich Samsung galaxy nexus has already been reviewed from a leak in Japan. I was excited for it until I read the reviews. Sounds like its going to be the same device as the original nexus with a tad bit upgraded display and of course running android 4.0. I'll stick with my iPhone 4s
Scott Pilgrim
Scott Pilgrim Ice Cream Sammich!
Josue Cifuentes
Josue Cifuentes boooriiing
Michael Carlson
Michael Carlson Still waiting on the real iPhone 5
Anonymous why have we not had any news on the galaxy nexus from phonedog?
Matthew Kennedy
Matthew Kennedy It's not the iPhone 4s, therefore it will die
Gerard Anaya
Gerard Anaya Kinda like the iPhone 4 to iPhone 4s...
Tayvon Gray
Tayvon Gray its not a big improvement and look cheap
Scott Pilgrim
Scott Pilgrim Blah.
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Too many phones coming too soon ,its hard to keep up !!!!
Aaron Cullen Starr
Aaron Cullen Starr MOTO Photon style is better, n can't stand next to MOTO line on VZW
Ryan Christopher Etzel
Ryan Christopher Etzel this phone is like outdated already... Samsung Galaxy Nexus is where its @!
ShehrYar Asghar
ShehrYar Asghar Not that big of a improvement from the original atrix

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