Aaron does an in-depth review on AT&T's latest Android device, the Motorola Atrix 2.  Available now at AT&T for $99, it's the best bang for the buck on the market right now.  Specifications include a 1 GHz dual-core TI OMAP processor, 4.3-inch qHD display (without PenTile technology), 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording capabilities, front-facing shooter, and Android 2.3.5 with Motorola's custom UI.

There are devices out there that offer better specifications, but for $99, you can't go wrong with the Motorola Atrix 2.  It's also nicely improved over the original device.  Part 1 of 2.

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August DuBeau You lost some weight! You go guy!
Anonymous Wish he addressed whether or not the Atrix 2 will be upgraded with Android 4.0?
Don FatMan Parker Sr. Is it better than the PHOTON 4G
Jesus Salvador Delgado Martinez honestly i love motorola... i bought the backflip... and well right now its running cyanogenmod 7.1 with gingerbread 2.3.7 and i really miss motoblur... bring on the hate but still it was easy for me
Terry Oakes nice phone
Arthur Mmayie @Wendy Johnson.The Droid Charge is not a phone of choice.You should go for the Galaxy Nexus or the Droid RAZR.You can start saving now before December.Hope this was helpful.
Harry Li Not a fan of moto devices. Love LG G2X. Wish all the android phones performs that well.
Ivan Aleman I think is a deal for 99.99
Wendy Johnson but i don't want to pay $300 for a phone. the charge should be cheaper by the holidays. it's only $99 at best buy. by the holidays hopefully $50:)
Eduardo Giraldo Not the droid charge , the Samsung nexus its gonna rock
Wendy Johnson thanks for the review. i went inot at&t today to check it out, and guess what? they didn't have it, they didn't even have the gs2 either. oh well, the droid charge it is.
Mike Rice Like it. Miss the fingerprint
Xingchi Ding I have the atrix and now thinking, moto I hate u
Shawn Davis Dunne Having bought the first Atrix in March when it first came out, I am bothered this came out so soon
Robert Skeen Don't. The only phone I have on my mind is the Galaxy Prime
Brandon Salyer Why bother commenting on the Atrix in an Atrix article. Makes way more sense to comment on iPhones, GS2, Droids, etc.
Russell Harbour I'm enjoying mine immensely
Adam Schulte Its just like the DROID Bionic, the DROID X2, and the Photon....
Zach Cline @ Dre- They definitely did and alot of apple fanboys were pissed. I was underwhelmed to say least, But iOS is just a better fit for me. If I buy the iPhone 4s in a few weeks I can sync it between my iPod touch and iPad with iCloud and back everything up which is a huge plus. For me it's not necessarily a case of being a fanboy, It basically comes down to what works for me the best and that's iOS.
Zach Cline @ Nathaniel- Yeah it has but none of my apple products have gone apeshit and stopped functioning completely. The browser on my droid x quit working the other night and I ended up having to do a factory reset on it twice. I'm over android at this point.
Jeroen Meijer ANDROID!!! :D
Dre Ill The iPhone is a great device, but let's be realistic. Apple repackaged the IPhone 4, added a "S" and voice command and sold it as a new device. Again, don't let the smooth taste fool ya!
Zach Cline I know what they're for. I'm not a fan of them.
Dre Ill @ Zach. Custom ROMS are for customizing. Certain features are added, some, taken away. For better or worse, its about having total freedom to do whatever you choose to do with your device. We do this because it can be done, NOT because it's a necessity.
Nathaniel Hull Ios5 has had issues. . . . Mr iphone perfects
Sergio Nayar Atrix 4G's downgraded brother
Nathaniel Hull Iphone period really doesnt compare to high end androids. . . . . Iphone is just a good boring phone. . . . Thats starting to really get dusty in my opinion
Zach Cline @ Doug - Agreed. I've always had android devices and they aren't amazing like people make them out to be. If they were people wouldn't be rooting and flashing crappy ROMs to them. I was rooted for a long time , Tried out a bunch of different ROMs . Some were ok but drained your battery even faster. Some screwed up my droid x so bad that I had to SBF it . Stock was always the most stable . Either the camera didn't work right , Or live wallpapers didn't work, Or 3G would quit functioning completely lol. So custom ROMs are a fail in my book.
David Harness Awesome phone
Jarrel Ennis Blackberry? Lol what a joke!
Doug Dobos If yu want a Camry buy a Camry, not a cheap imitation.
Doug Dobos After switching from iPhones to several android phones, I've realized the android phones are so over hyped. If you want rock solid reliability get a iphone, not to mention when a new iphone comes out, the resell of iPhones far exceeds any android phones.
Mark Lucas Looks great so far. I don't know what everyone is smoking on here.
Paul Davis Loving this phone! They should have named it something different though. Moto did the OG ATRIX people wrong. Screw iphone4s, ill use an ipad2 and go android for phone usage. 49.99 at best buy, can't beat that!
Chris Northcutt Sucks compared to the Galaxy S2, Galxy nexus or Motorola Razr
Cory Wilson Blackberry 9900/9930 is a good phone
Christian Sanchez Just another Android phone that will be outdated and unsupported in a month. Nothing to see here, move along.
Mike DeHart I had use iphones and androids I like them both good and bad things about both but I still go with iPhone overall , How people say how great android phones are but they are NoT !!!!!
Dhruv Kamat Terrible! Razt would be better
Teejay Crooks My money would nt buy
?????? ????? ........it doesn't have the fingerprint scanner. :P
Dre Ill @ Zach. Until the iPhone deliveres something different then Siri and a notification bar, (something ALL Android phones have had for awhile now) there's nothing "magical" about it........period. Stop letting the smooth taste fool ya! Lol
John Jenkins eh Atrix isn't my kind of phone, my grandmother has it and only uses it for calls and skype, she doesn't put apps or anything on it, which imo is a waste of money. I'd rather get the Droid Razr which is what I'm getting when it comes out :D
Preston Mainard And if sequels always suck, than the iPhone 4S sucks
Jt Thomas Eh, didn't know it existed.
Preston Mainard Where the f*** is the fingerprint scanner?
Anonymous a 2nd chance to reach worse levels of mediocrity?
Mark Fisher Jr. I have to take a look at the video.
Zach Cline It's not better than the iPhone 4s lol.
Orion Pax Sequels always suck.
Juan C Florentino I'm loving it ...better than the iPhone 4 s
Joshua Becker Piece of shit.

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