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It's time for another dogfight review! Aaron takes a look at the Motorola CLIQ 2 and the HTC EVO Shift 4G, two devices announced at CES 2011 a few weeks ago. Both have physical QWERTY keyboards, both are running Android 2.2, and both have 5-megapixel cameras. The CLIQ 2 is priced at $99.99, while the EVO Shift 4G is $149.99.

They're both great devices on their respective carriers, so it's a close call. That said, only one can win the dogfight. Which one will be number one? Part 1 of 2.

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"Which Android phone is better, the Motorola CLIQ 2 or HTC EVO Shift 4G?"

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Stephen Sisco Evo Shift definitely
TB Ogungbadero Evo shift. Easy.
Robert Simmons LMAO is this a serious question?
Theo J. Levey EVO Shift 4G between this battle. Motorola Droid R2-D2 rules.
Robin Mather they are both mid to low end phones, the Motorola had better build quality and battery life.
Brandon Johnson I wouldn't bother using either of those devices unless they were given to me.
Sam Rick Evo.but frankly both are just blah.budget phones that dont excite a tech geek like myself.
Maitreya Solanki Htc rules androd.
Jen-ay Westervelt Bolth phones are bad
Jerm Torres T-Mobile HTC G2!
Jerel Boza If I were you id defiently add the G2 mix.
James Whitbord EVO is NEAT'O
Kylo Stilo Experia arc.. haha..
Drew Sadik Evo obviously
Brandon Folch My telegraph!
Brandon Foster Or comment on here.
DomiNyc Turner HTC>Motorola, Sense>Motoblur
Brandon Ethington I just want to know what HP & Sprint are announcing next month
Tony Abiama Evo Shift... no competition
Thai-Duong Nguyen I hate how he holds the phones like a rapper holds his guns.
Brandon Foster Evo shift for sure. I got swype on my shift and now I love it even more :D
Darryl Mouzone Evo shift 4G. It's an HTC phone. Nothing else needs to be said.
Joe DelBene Evo shift
Mike R Greco How about we pit a flip phone against a damned computer...thatd be about the same...and the evo line isnt that spectacular
Ivan Alvarado Evo, hands down come on now phonedog.
Jose Navarro i think itz da evo shift kann i gdt a free 1 now
Crash N Burn Evo with the latest miui rom
James Thomas Bowman Actually there's a slight chance that the cliq 2 will get gingerbread , he said it in his review video. Motorola is really good with updating their high end phones.
Brian Edwards No contest. HTC FTW.
Justin Young HTC incredible is way better
Cartez Cartizzle Sheppard Giggity giggity goo alriiiight
Aditya Harsh evo sucks as it is only for sprint and htc sense is also not that much good motoblur kicks its ass so according to mei cliq is better and performance wise also cliq is better
Michael Schneider none,,, its only the big evo 4g and thats it.. nothing else is better ever
J Kasey Haggerty Not even a contest. Its like asking whats a better search engine Google or Yahoo. lol. HTC EVO because it will possibly get an update. Moto will never update the CLIQ2 LOL
Jose F. Barbosa EVO -4 sure
Peggy Coe Brooks Since the Evo shifts scores have been so good my bet is on it.
April Anderson Lively I like the evo but if ur on a budget i think the best phone is the metropcs optimus m its not all that to look at but it has pretty cool features to it
Skylor Mitchell I take it that there is a dogfight in the works between theater 2 phones? I would have to say the Evo Shift is better because Moto Blur really slows down the phone, even with a 1Ghz processor. Also because I like the size of the keyboard of the Evo Shift considering Motorola didn't utilize the full space of the phone for their keyboard.
James Thomas Bowman Samsung epic , how about that lol.
Onee Nation Evo let me get a free one
Gabriel Fernandez Maybe the next dog fight will be the Evo Shift 4G vs. the Evo Shift 4G..
Lim Xhen HTC Evo For Yes!
Shaun David They both suck ass
Eduardo Sanchez Evo fer sure
Jimmy Baez I personally like the Motorola Cliq 2 better.
Gabriel Fernandez How about you give the Evo Shift 4G a rest, Aaron? Lol
Lee Jan Hong EVO!!!!!

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