Continuing along with the popular brand, Motorola took the opportunity to announce the Motorola DROID 4 today at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.  Specifications include a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 4-inch qHD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a front-facing camera, and Android 2.3 with Motorola's custom UI.  It's a nice design change that closely resembles the current Motorola look and feel, but thanks to the 4G LTE connectivity, the device no longer has global roaming capabilities.

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"Is a physical keyboard worth it anymore?"

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Anonymous bascially an updated LG Ally by Motorola
Peter Loc Roberts
Peter Loc Roberts yes, it is worth it. nothing beats a good physical keyboard, the best being the HTC Touch Pro 2.
Andy Intae Pyo
Andy Intae Pyo I would have to say probably as just a safety net, but honestly and truly touchscreen tech is so much better that a physical keyboard is really not needed
Diego Alejandro Abobo Díaz Matousek
Diego Alejandro Abobo Díaz Matousek Hell yeah! The screen keyboards are too slow, you could never beat the speed and confortness of a physical one
Anonymous Yeah, I like them.
Sequoyah Mc M
Sequoyah Mc M hell yes
Zanzi Ok
Zanzi Ok no
Ian Slade
Ian Slade The screen quality and responsiveness of most touch screen phones these days renders physical keyboards useless. More screen is always better
Jarrod Boer
Jarrod Boer YES! Absolutely, its not for everyone, but for me, txting is much quicker with a keyboard i can feel, its also nice to not have to look where time typing the whole time like with a computer.
Trevon Jordan Berry
Trevon Jordan Berry i would love to have a keyboard with as much specs as super top tier phones like the epic 4g touch sgs2 galaxy nexus htc rezound
Andrew McCormick
Andrew McCormick this is great to hear. so tired of hearing that the physical keyboard won't be around "next year". I love my Droid Pro because of the keyboard. Virtual keyboards just take up to much screen real estate.
LaQuise Murphy
LaQuise Murphy i agree with chris calvert
Lily Maua
Lily Maua heck yes!
Luis Edinson Moran
Luis Edinson Moran When is it coming out????
Chris Calvert
Chris Calvert Its cool to have both. A physical when you want it. And a on screen for normal
Pierce G Hohenstein
Pierce G Hohenstein Not for most people. I get by just fine with my iPhone. I like the onscreen keyboard it offers and it is one of the reasons I wouldn't get anything other than an iPhone. I like the DROID 3/4. They have great physical keyboards along with solid specifications. It is amazing to think that technology has moved away from what used to be a staple for most people. Into something that would stop most people from buying a phone.
Diane Tsavdar Esposito
Diane Tsavdar Esposito I like a real keyboard. I will not own a touch screen phone. I have no use for an iPad. I even bought a Kindle keyboard after the Kindle Fire came out.
Hector E Craig
Hector E Craig I had alot of blackberrys but I ended up with my Epic touch. So no.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Screw physical keyboards
Zack Hébert
Zack Hébert I only buy the top benchmarking phone of the year (Sgs2 i9100). If a phone was released that was powerful I with a keyboard I'd get it, but that's never the case. I wish keyboard cases were more common =[
Giselle Springer
Giselle Springer Iphone keyboard rocks
Arnold Herrera
Arnold Herrera I've had the bb torch the Htc inspire the samsung focus and two iPhones and currently the iPhone 4s. I still miss my hardware keyboard but the speed of a touch screen wins me over right away. I love sleek and thin phones and with a keyboard u sacrifice a thin phone. Or my definition of thin lol but sometimes I wish I had it cause touch gets annoying even if it's a lot faster
Brain Roopull
Brain Roopull Keep in mind that phones with physical keyboards still have the exact same virtual keyboards available that every othedr phone has. Just because you have a physical one that doesn't mean you have to use it exclusively. Anytime I'm typing anything longer than a brief sms, I use the real keyboard.
Anonymous Yes, but the blur would be turning me away ... again.
Mark Gittens
Mark Gittens Hell yes itz worth it! I have HTC G2 and I've been due an upgrade but waiting for tmobile to come out with a phone with a quality physical keyboard like tha one I have.
Matt SnowPaw Dalton
Matt SnowPaw Dalton Yesyes and more yes, I came from the goddess of phones, my Pre- to the LG Revolution, getting used to virtual keyboard was annoying... plus, I enjoy having the WHOLE screen so I can see everything while I type.
Wayne Jones
Wayne Jones Detonate = definite....see what I mean? I want my physical keyboard back!
Stephen Crighton
Stephen Crighton No
Wayne Jones
Wayne Jones Just upgraded from the Motorola FLIPSIDE to the Motorola ATRIX, great phone, detonate step up, but YES, I miss my physical keyboard!
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama Been using an on screen keyboard for over 2 yrs, I won't go back to a physical keyboard. I make little errors with an onscreen keyboard anyway
Nathan Davidson
Nathan Davidson I have a full touch and it always gets errors sometimes when im sending a text or right now while im typing this I have to go back and fix things even with auto correct on. So I wish that I had both physical and touch I'd probably be using the physical the most though
Dylan Wacker
Dylan Wacker Physical keyboards are certainly easiest to type on! BUT I would much rather have an onscreen keyboard! Auto correct fixes most errors, and after you get used to a keyboard, your golden! The iPad keyboard that I'm using right now is great! As is the ICS Keyboard in the market.
Rico Woods
Rico Woods Physical keyboard will away be worth it. That's the only reason I haven't left my og epic4g plus there's nothing I can't do now on it that any new phone can do still waiting for a phone that innovates
Josh Hamilton
Josh Hamilton Nothing is worse then using a terminal or IRC with an on screen. I do to many things that require non dictionary words so i would waste to much time correcting things with an on screen. I do use the on screen for quick replies in text messages, but any more then that i get frustrated, my minor typos turn into material for 'damn you auto correct'
Anonymous I've always liked the physical QWERTY but each is to their own
Jesus Baez
Jesus Baez gotta have choices for people so I say keep making them not eveybody likes onscreen keyboards
Cezzar Micu
Cezzar Micu Software keyboard is better imho. Less stress on your fingers as well
Bryant Martinez
Bryant Martinez Droid is still horrible.
Michael Ferguson
Michael Ferguson Um hell yea
Joel Williams
Joel Williams For me, nothing beats a physical keyboard. Wish there were more high-end phones with it.
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez Nooooope....whats keyboard anyways? Haha
Don Lynn
Don Lynn Only if you're a teenager.
Curtis Ritter
Curtis Ritter I have both on my 9810 blackberry torch and I never really use the on screen key bored
Jeremy Abad
Jeremy Abad ....can't Swype on a physical Keyboard. So in my opinion, nope.
Ravi Purushuttam
Ravi Purushuttam Hell. Yeah!
Danielle Lathom
Danielle Lathom And corie, you can buy a case for the iPhone that has a slide out keyboard. It works using blue tooth.
Richard Ameen
Richard Ameen I had the epic 4G and i used the hardware keyboard sometimes but most of the time i used the onscreen keyboard. Now im on an iphone 4 S and onscreen is soo much faster. Takes a little getting used to but all you have to do it go taptaptap on the screen and you dont have to press the keys in.
Danielle Lathom
Danielle Lathom As a salesperson of phones, we need to keep the keyboard around. Though I do not use it, a lot of people do, Especially first time smartphone owners. Many wouldn't make the switch without one.
Adam Feliciano
Adam Feliciano Either one is fine it all depends on the person I'm using gs2 right now nd don't see myself going back to something with a QWERTY but I do have alot of friends who won't get a phone unless it has a kb
Aaron Couts
Aaron Couts Yes because the virtual keyboards don't like my big fingers.
Fabe Linkin
Fabe Linkin I like a real keyboard. Theres no way I can type without looking at a virtual keyboard
Jeffrey Lowery
Jeffrey Lowery I have both on my phone and I use both the keyboard and the on screen keys depending on the situation. I love having the option of using a full keyboard and I use it alot but I also use the on screen keypad alot. Its all personal preference
George Millhouse
George Millhouse um Gordon Galaxy 2 is not the thinnest phone and its no where near indestructible
George Millhouse
George Millhouse yes Crystal the "screen" makes too many typos lol
Josh Hamilton
Josh Hamilton Yes. I had to hold out for the Glide to come out i wanted a real KB that bad. I'm die hard HTC, but they dropped the ball on this one.
J Kasey Haggerty
J Kasey Haggerty Physical keyboard FTW ! Makes emailing/texting in the car much easier.
Eric Patterson
Eric Patterson I have never had a physical keyboard phone an I never want one. Physical keyboards will be on cheaper phones an new expensive smartphones won't have keyboards anymore . I can't see anyone not using either an iPhone or the latest android phone that is all touch screen. I don't plan on the touchscreen ever failing unless I drop it. You can have the iPhone an the Bluetooth case that slides out with a keyboard. But I think people who use these keyboard phones just need to let them go an get themselves a nice new phone.
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie Galaxys2 doesn't need a keyboard and is indestructible even tho its the,thinnest phone
Stacey Shelton Ferguson
Stacey Shelton Ferguson I make so many mistakes with out a physical keyboard. I would still rather have a on screen keyboard over a slide out keyboard, but if we're talking a front facing qwerty I would prefer that. I miss my front facing keyboard, I just cant decide whats more important to me screen size or frontal keyboard.
Noneya Biz
Noneya Biz Physical is better.
James Turner
James Turner I use both touch screen and my physical keyboard on my mytouch 3g slide and I like both but there are times I want to see my screen when I type. And while typing this with swype, I had 6 typos because of my barney rubble thumbs. Physical feels better and I like the clicking noise of a keyboard imo
Jeff Roberts
Jeff Roberts On screen keyboard is perfect. If you make mistakes the auto correct will take care of 90% of them. So far qwerty phones aren't the slimiest on the market. And with phone screens getting bigger, the on screen keys are getting bigger too so less room for error. I've written a few essays up on the iPod touch before and it was pretty simple.
Jose Pablo Islas
Jose Pablo Islas Swype is much better and available for almost any Android device for free...I haven't used a physical one in a long time and don't miss it at all
Elatia Grimshaw
Elatia Grimshaw Touch screen is fine for lol and short stuff like that, but to actually type, I need a real keyboard.
Robin Bullock
Robin Bullock Got a slider. Using the physical keyboard allows me to view the story I'm responding to, to refer back to it. Just because you think one is better doesn't mean everyone should.
Jerry Parker
Jerry Parker software keyboard is alright, but I rather take a phyiscal keyboard tho
Craig Marino
Craig Marino I'd rather deal with bulk coming from an extended battery then coming from a physical keyboard. So with that my answer is no physical needed. Haven't used a keyboard on a phone since my 8310 and that's OK.
William Sanchez
William Sanchez I love keyboard! Touch Pro 2 now Evo Shift! And the shift is not bulky at all. Touch only i like idevices by far but i still prefer qwerty over them.
Michael Burnham
Michael Burnham I have had both droid and droid 2 now the x2 with no keyboard dont miss it all. Big screens make it easy to type
Josh Jordan
Josh Jordan That's only if you're not tired and don't have frozen fingers though, you will still have typos regardless..lol
Josh Jordan
Josh Jordan Swype is the way to go..you can you're a four page email in half the time on a qwerty keypad...trust me I do it all day long...so I don't miss keyboards one bit.
Carlos Quinones
Carlos Quinones Touch screen typing is faster. I'll admit, Typing on a bold 9930(for example) certainly feels better. But when you get used to touch screen typing with its auto correct or something like swype, I find it's much faster than typing with physical buttons. And I can type pretty fast on both. I just find a touch screen to be faster. Physical keyboards often make the devices unnecessarily bulky. It's really about preference though.
Hubert John Abiera
Hubert John Abiera I used to think so, but I have changed my mind ever since I got a Windows Phone. My typing on a Windows Phone keyboard is much faster than my typing on a regular hardware keyboard.
Jersey Joe Da-Know
Jersey Joe Da-Know & yeah. MOST of those who SWEAR BY the PHYSICAL KEYBOARD have NEVER TRIED an ONSCREEN VIRTUAL keyboard. - IF they DID, it would quickly CHANGE their mind!!!
Jersey Joe Da-Know
Jersey Joe Da-Know I also have BIG FINGERS & have no problem with VIRTUAL (on screen) keyboards. The software is so GOOD, the button size is LARGER than they used to be & the screens are so RESPONSIVE that there is SIMPLY NO REASON for a PHYSICAL KEYBOARD"." The physical keyboard is a WASTE!!! It adds UNNECESSARY BULK to a phone.
Rumle Borgmann
Rumle Borgmann and i do often send long emails and teksts and am faster without keyboard than with it
Justin A Malakhow
Justin A Malakhow Yeah? How fast can you type on a touch screen that has become disabled? And have we become SO lazy that it's too much work to push some tiny little buttons on a stupid phone?
Rumle Borgmann
Rumle Borgmann it ruins the great design of an epic phone like the droid razr
Patrick Matteson
Patrick Matteson At first I said yes but once you get used to the touch screens its pointless. I'd say 90 % that say yes have never tried the touch screens.
Roman Calabaza Martinez
Roman Calabaza Martinez I prefer a virtual keyboard, and anyone who makes a lot of typos is dumb or can't use a keyboard, I can type way faster on a touch screen, also less hassle cuz you dont have to push buttons
Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel I gotta say yea just incase the on board touch screen key board doesn't have the best quality
Justin A Malakhow
Justin A Malakhow Also being completely reliant electronically, on something that has exactly ONE failure point vs a physical keyboard which can still function after the breakage of a single key is kind of silly in my opinion.
Roman Calabaza Martinez
Roman Calabaza Martinez I'm on my phone all day and send 1,000+ texts a day (not exaggerating) 2-3 emails a day and write in my notes for school, and am writing this all on my iPhone 4S, there is no need for buttons that make a bulky phone heavier, they will fade out SOON.
Justin A Malakhow
Justin A Malakhow This has nothing to do with age and everything to do with functionality.
Vinh Luong
Vinh Luong Nope.
Daniel Cuadrado
Daniel Cuadrado Time for the old people to cut the physical keyboard umbilical cord!
Justin A Malakhow
Justin A Malakhow Also, what is the obsession with ultra thin phones now anyway? Easier to break if you ask me and it's like talking on an index card.
Justin A Malakhow
Justin A Malakhow Sometimes it is necessary to see the entire screen while you type. Also, if you like to tweak our phone via command prompt, typing in terminal is MUCH easier with a physical keyboard.
Ziad Al-Otaibi
Ziad Al-Otaibi yes it is better to have it
Melissa Cruz-Guzmán
Melissa Cruz-Guzmán I wish Sprint had some nice high-end qwerty phones with at least a 4" screen. Preferably by HTC or maybe Samsung. I'll be wishing and hoping...
Rodger Samiie Myers
Rodger Samiie Myers depends...example swype texting makes it alot faster to screen text with minimal errors...and I was loving the Nexus Voice to speech because i could speak long sentences or codes and it would catch it without problems...
Mal Smith
Mal Smith YES I mugh ratherslide out my keyboard then use the shitty touch one. Droid2
Jeremy Ymerej
Jeremy Ymerej would you replace your laptop/desktop keyboard with a touch panel similar to a touch screen smartphone??? yea, thats what i thought..
Theo Jackson
Theo Jackson I'm a big man with big thumbs, and a virtual keyboard just doesn't cut it. Currently using a Samsung Stratosphere and couldn't be happier.
Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin I got rid of my phone with a physical keyboard.. i like the virtual ones better..
Nurudin Udin
Nurudin Udin galaxy s2 lte more responsive than motorola droid 4
Corie Borie
Corie Borie Keyboard phones are dope had the Evo shift n loved it rooted n all that jazz. But I moved on to the 4s. I wanna see apple come out with a keyboard phone
Ricardo Nieves
Ricardo Nieves I prefer keyboards. Perfect for texting.
Melissa Cruz-Guzmán
Melissa Cruz-Guzmán Yesssss I wish it came with something close to a 4.3" screen. Virtual keyboards can be frustrating and physical keyboards can be faster and more accurate for me to type on.
Tim Miyashiro
Tim Miyashiro As a Blackberry owner, yes. And lmao to the people who say no, you obviously don't send 4 page text messages or long emails.
Crystal Quinn
Crystal Quinn I have both on my phone...and honestly, I only EVER use the touch screen for games and to answer the phone. The screen makes too many typos.
Thalia Watton
Thalia Watton Yes. Sometimes its just more convenient.
Alberto Gutiérrez
Alberto Gutiérrez With such a screen, I doubt it.
Wayne MacLeod
Wayne MacLeod I have a photon with a touch screen. Always had a keyboard but gave this a chance because I couldn't find a keyboard. I like it but its over sensitive with my Barney Rubble fingers. Spelling errors like crazy. Then again kids today don't learn to spell or even talk too each other.
Luis Meza
Luis Meza Hell no!
Jonathon Licht
Jonathon Licht No. What's the point. Touch screen is better.
Matt Pankey
Matt Pankey Hell yeah.
Hemant Sharma
Hemant Sharma Blackberry all dayy.
Lee Maxwell
Lee Maxwell NO!! NEVER!!!
Avina Guillermo
Avina Guillermo Ask the SideKick
Rodger Fulfer
Rodger Fulfer Some times yes
Naga Appani
Naga Appani Yes, It is
Bonnie Kettrick- DiCostanzo
Bonnie Kettrick- DiCostanzo No, not at all

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