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Look what the unicorn dropped off! Aaron unboxes the Motorola DROID Bionic, a 4G LTE device that's been a LONG time coming (it was announced in January, after all). Specifications include a 1 GHz dual-core processor (the first LTE phone to have one), 4.3-inch qHD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, and Android 2.3 with Motorola's custom UI. It's Verizon's most packed 4G LTE phone to date, and it will be available tomorrow (September 8th) for $299.99.

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"It's finally here! Will you be buying the DROID Bionic?"

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Miguel Sahagun
Miguel Sahagun Lmfao @ how long he took to turn off 4g
Tim Davis
Tim Davis No, Nexus Prime ftw
Mark Fisher Jr.
Mark Fisher Jr. Not unless verizon come up with cheaper plans. I ain't trying to break my pockets.
Izgil Mardahayev
Izgil Mardahayev They would have to fix the issue with the battery life before I switch from my rooted Droid Incredible to another Android device.
Cassandra Fraser
Cassandra Fraser Um no my DROID2 GLOBAL just got Gingerbread day before yesterday that phone gave me so much problems urgh!
Robert Skeen
Robert Skeen YESSS!
Jason King
Jason King NO !! 4 months ago this phone would have been outstanding ... Moto needs to learn how to launch a phone .. But i will say it looks good .. But Moto and them Glitches .... ugh ... Even tho i havent seen any on the new vids i know they are there ...
Thomas Boehnlein
Thomas Boehnlein No. Galaxy SII FTW! Dumb move Verizon.
AJ Torres
AJ Torres heck yeah!!! bye-bye iphone!!
Christopher Huskins
Christopher Huskins No, every motorola i have had has sucked...
Miguel Sahagun
Miguel Sahagun @Daniel, yes I would rather get an iphone5 than that outdated late brick phone. And I hate iOS!
Min Kim
Min Kim Let's get blackberries people lol I love my 9930
Miguel Sahagun
Miguel Sahagun @Daniel, yes I would rather get an iphone5 than that outdated late brick phone. And I hate iOS!
Miguel Sahagun
Miguel Sahagun @Daniel, yes I would rather get an iphone5 than that outdated late brick phone. And I hate iOS!
Benjamin Handel
Benjamin Handel Nope. I'm getting the iPhone 5 if/when it comes out. If it doesn't come out I'm going for the Prime.
Miguel Sahagun
Miguel Sahagun LMFAO @Verizon. No no no everywhere in this thread. FAIL
Marc Barbieri
Marc Barbieri Nah. Waiting for prime
David Hilgendorf
David Hilgendorf Yes I will and 299$ will be the new price of ALL Verizon's LTE devices so if your waiting for a cheaper one it won't happen unless you buy it weeks to months later. By the time that happens I'll be buying the next big LTE device they offer.
Eric Kroh
Eric Kroh Nope ...maybe SGSII or there is another moto device later coming out.
Michael G. McGough
Michael G. McGough No
Sean Ryan
Sean Ryan Nope, never buying a Motorola phone again. Liked the original Droid, but the others are horrible!
Anzkary Torres
Anzkary Torres Y get the bionic when vzn is going to get the nexus prime I would just wait for that way better specs and it has ice cream : )
Kryptik Slawter
Kryptik Slawter No ways. That's old stuff. By the time ur upgrade you'll be sorry. Good shit coming out soon
Brandon Thompson
Brandon Thompson Yes
Corey Wells
Corey Wells tempting, but no. There is going to be something that tops it next year. In the meantime DX2 is doing just fine with a better keyboard & browser, I'm goooood...
Malcolm Leonard
Malcolm Leonard Nope 1 its an ugly phone 2 iz dontz gotz Verizon(check mark)
William Newland
William Newland I wanted this phone more than anyone, not I don't. I will be getting the Nexus Prime.
William Newland
William Newland
Shane Swails
Shane Swails Samsung Galaxy SII all the way. Thinner, faster, better screen and battery life.
Jeff Daunis
Jeff Daunis I wish!
William Smith
William Smith Just as fast as some duel core phones!
Javier Trejo
Javier Trejo The atrix and the infuse is better!!
William Smith
William Smith Love my thunderbolt!
Michael Carpenter
Michael Carpenter I was going to get it but they took to long to release it, I sprang for the Thunderbolt instead, and I don't regret it
Nick Campanella
Nick Campanella Thunderbolt baby
Christian Mcniven
Christian Mcniven No atrix all the way
Fred Lindsey III
Fred Lindsey III I am staying with my Thunderbolt!!!
Gabriel Cash
Gabriel Cash Hahahaha I love the slew of no's
Terry Davis
Terry Davis Waiting for the HTC Titan
Michael Hess
Michael Hess I was going to but I think I am gonna wait for the DROID (Nexus) Prime.
Kenny Dillon
Kenny Dillon I will just keep my Droid X 2 until my contract runs out then I'm switching carriers that not as greedy as Verizon on their DATA plans.
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez IPHONE 5
Tim Killian
Tim Killian Maybe! It looks like a great device.
Ricardo Gonzalez
Ricardo Gonzalez Aaron it's pretty awesome reading Spanish, loved it
Manny Diaz
Manny Diaz No I already have a htc sensation so I'm good
Moses Estrada
Moses Estrada I prefer HTC Sense.
Ed Plnia
Ed Plnia i'm not buying!!! $299.99+Tax? that's old school plus verizon rate plan are insame.. 2 much money
Andres Barroeta
Andres Barroeta No too late, waiting for the nexus prime
Dan Drzewicki
Dan Drzewicki ah, no...
Gary Brown
Gary Brown Yeah in January when the price drop.
David Rathbun
David Rathbun As soon as Motorola updates their existing cell phones to 2.3.3 or higher (DROID 2 R2D2 edition) I will pass. This phone is already Damn near outdated before it has been released. Motorola should have taken this to the 1.8 Ghz TI Omap processor and it would have been relevant.
Ed Plnia
Ed Plnia i'm not buying!!! $299.99+Tax? that's old school plus verizon rate plan are insame.. 2 much money
Ed Plnia
Ed Plnia i'm not buying!!! $299.99+Tax? that's old school plus verizon rate plan are insame.. 2 much money
Jason Vanderhyde
Jason Vanderhyde Eh eh
Fonzy Paniagua
Fonzy Paniagua it is to late in the game.
Johnson Jacob
Johnson Jacob Maybe, baby... but might get the iPhone5 instead. As great as I love Motorola and my Droid X, it's still very glitchy...
Steve Hartsock
Steve Hartsock No
Paige Casey
Paige Casey NO WAY!! i still want the thunderbolt.
Izgil Mardahayev
Izgil Mardahayev NO
Oscar Mendoza
Oscar Mendoza ....no
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez NO

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