After nine months of leaks and blurry pictures, the Motorola DROID Bionic is finally here.  Featuring a completely new design, the flagship 4G LTE smartphone offers a 1 GHz dual-core processor, 4.3-inch qHD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording capabilities, a front-facing shooter, large 1,735 mAh battery, and Android 2.3 with Motorola's custom UI.  It bridges the gap between Verizon's high-end, dual-core 3G lineup and their 4G (but underpowered) group.  It's available now for $299.99 with a two-year contract.

Even though it's way late, the DROID Bionic is still an impressively spec'd device, but the market is moving much faster than it was in January.  Is it worth dropping the cash for now, or should you wait on other high-end Verizon Android phones like the Nexus Prime?  We'll debate it.  Part 1 of 2.

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"Which one are you getting - DROID Bionic or Nexus Prime?"

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Rodney L Gilvin nexus prime loyal to the nexus i is
Mohammed Mahmoud Nexus Prime
Linh Hoai Pham Samsung Note
Anonymous blackberry 9900 fits my stile
Dina Locklear Ball Droid prime
Luis Lopez iPhone 5 will be the king of all smartphones. Period.
Frankie Paz I have the Bionic. So wanted to love this phone but the Moto widgets stink and the battery is really not as strong as everyone is saying. It lasted almost a day on 3G with light use! The phone froze on me twice and once got stuck on a black screen with the buttons lit up. Honestly, I like Sense and HTC much better. I love Android but they HAVE to do something about the battery issue.
Chad Allen Of the two id go with the nexus prime the bionic doesnt impress at all 9 months for that what a joke the Photon is a much better phone if you like Motorola.
Ricky Tejada Wish i could get that bionic! D:
Ivan Woods I an not all that impress with the Droid Bionic if I was going to get another phone I would get a HTV EVO 3d or The new Blackberry bold 9930 but I wouldnt buy or go anywhere near the droid bionic
Bridget Williams Nexus Prime
Courtney Bellows holding out a little while for the galaxy note. Hope it comes to US some time soon.
Marekus Fluellen Bionic is nice, but Nexus is close to my droid charge. Question for all my i-phone people. If you took away all the apps/the app store. What can the stock phone do for you? remember its a phone too
Jordan Brown iPhone 5
Irrfan Katchi Is the nexus prime coming to all carriers launch day?
Aaron Latham Nexus Prime, why I don't wanna switch to verizon
Bryan Sager Neither, I have the EVO 3D and loving it.
Anthony Wheeler Iphone5 better be in 3D or have something else cooler up its sleeve.
Anthony Wheeler Neither i got the LG Thrill 3D. Lol it is freaking sweet.
Chris Cole Neither... Who cares about the Android phones when the iPhone 5 is just around the corner.
Steven Le Prime
Adrianne Durr Buy is the Prime for sure coming out for Verizon. Or is everyone just talking about different carriers when they say Prime.
Felipe Gonzalez Prime... Bionic will be soon forgotten by Motorola
Carl Tan nexus prime
Benjamin Handel Nexus Prime or iPhone 5
Michael Wong yes, samsung note!
Glen BigHurt Davis Samsung galaxy s2 aka epic touch 4g!!!
Niko Lapcic The iphone 4 when its finally here…
Jamie Zoe Givens Great video for product. I don't have a smart phone, but looking into buying one. "It's Droiding At Me" was an ear opener. I don't think I want to hear that. Thanks for the videos!
Brian Mayfield Sworn off Moto phones after like 5 bad ones (& hate motoblur) so it wud have t b PRIME 4 me...
Stefan Daniel Droid bionic
Boyan Novakov Nexus prime ... Google always gives its phones twist
Jody Faux Nexus Prime sounds like a beast .....
Ritz A Luiz I don't know Brian, I mean, apple has been very busy with all these patent wars, we don't know if they had time for a "complete physical redesign". Iphone 5 might just really be a 4th gen with an "s" with 5th gen branding. Think about it for a sec, patent wars & innovation? Apple multitasking? I don't think so. I think iphone 5 will come out with stuffs we've already seen in android so far. It will cruise alongside top android ph, but it won't blow any away.
Gerardo Ortega Droid Bionic is expensive phone, 299.99 with expensive plan. I know a lot of people going to switch to Sprint because of the IPhone and the unlimited data plan.
Michael Miller Prime. I'm #nexusS now. I'm not downgrading.
Dave Torres NEXUS PRIME and not the DROID PRIME. I hope the build is good, u all know Samsung with that plastic. Its gotta rock for me to switch to Samsung build. Only the stock Android and the Super AMOLED will make me switch.
Brian Barker iPhone 5 all the way, I mean, no one knows for sure yet, but I'd be willing to bet it comes with bigger screen, better processor, of course a better UI (iOS 5) possibly more memory and hopefully a non glass back so it doesn't feel like it's going to break every-time you've got it out of a case, I would actually be fine with an aluminum backing like the one on iPad and iPhone 1st gen, also, Verizon just got 4G where I live so an LTE capable iPhone 5 would be nice, and in order to keep up apple has to put at least an 8MP camera in there, knowing apple, the iPhone 5 will also be a much thinner device, hopefully even thinner than the GS2 which I believe is the only phone thinner than the iPhone 4, also, since apple has made us wait about 15-16 months for a new iPhone, I'm pretty sure iPhone 5 will see a complete physical redesign, and of course the battery will be improved like it is with every iPhone generation, all in all, I think the iPhone 5 will blow the bionic and the nexus prime out of the water
Anonymous Still have a year + with my D X. Hope to win one on one paw
Thomas Johnson Nexus Prime. Anybody think that Hasbro will sue?
Ernest Marvin Esteban Galaxy Note or Nexus Prime. Not a fan of samsung but i really need a 5 inch phone. Iphone5 is already outdated
Reynaldo Capetillo Neither, waiting for the quadcore superphones early next year.
Max Haghighi I just bought the Bionic and I am in love
Sanku Murmu "Optimus" Prime :)
Will Gonzalez @adrianne Durr.... Nexus is pure Google And brand new Android OS....... Bionic is pure Motorola Blur and Verizon bloatware....... that's the difference
Adrianne Durr Everyone is saying Nexus, but why? What will be the difference between the Prime and Bionic?
Michael Perez Nexus Prime which transforms into this Alien Super Robot that could protect you from outsiders.
Casey Deeya EVO 3.1
Zach Cline Probably the nexus prime.
Steve Herman Nexus Prime ftw!
Tony Do iPhone 5 is gonna be awesome. But that Android is not bad either.
Carlos Nava None cuz ima get the iPhone 5 !!
Tim Shull Blackberry !
John Fisher How about neither...
Bobby Bull Boo motorola, yay anything nexus
Kevin Joel DVP WP7 FTW!!!
Elis Diaz My contract isn't up until May of 2012; I think that's when Nexus Prime may hit Sprint.
Daniel Lujan Nexus Prime!
Nicholas Campbell Nexus prime
Invadr Phlegm Neither, unless you are giving one to me for free.
Rene Martinez I'm picking up a rotary phone!
Memo Mrtr Htc Vigor
Danny Spaide Htc sensation !
Marti Ruiz i will get g1
Ayo Q Sipho I'll stick with my Motorola Razr ;-) no but the prime if it comes to tmobile or the htc sensation special edition
Christopher Bigham Samsung gs 2!! Killin both of those phones! And killin the iphone 4! Step ya phone game up people!!
David Rathbun Nexus Prime
Julio Anthony Lopez Blackberry torch 9810 FTW!!
David Locke Prime time
Brandon Johnson Can somebody please to god tells why the nexus prime has a 5mp camera on it still? It's supposed to be the standard for Android so why does Google insist on the nexus keeping that 5mp?
Kevin Soojian Just bought the bionic and couldnt be happier!!!
Dave Trivino I guess I'm pretty much in the minority... I'm loving my Bionic. However, I'll definitely look into getting the Prime but I wouldn't expect it till the end of the year.
Gabriel Sotomayor Nexus Prime , i dont want a new-already-outdated iphone5
Ben Conover HTC Holiday...
William Newland Love my DX. Sorry Bionic, but I'm getting the Nexus Prime.
Josh Hutton Nope, Ill keep my iPhone
Zach Wagner Nexus prime all day
Christopher Anthony Pretty sure no one should drop the green on a Motorola. That's just me though. Some people actually like motorola. Every motorola phone i've ever had lags and freezes. Even the TV cable boxes are motorola and they lag all the time too. lol. Satisfied with my HTC Thunderbolt.
Steve Hartsock iPhone 5
Angel Milliano Nexus prime fo me lol
Henry Murillo Next Windows or iPhone 5 for me :)
Christian Mcniven Prime all the way fuck the I phone 5
Phil Bridgetoclarity Getting bionic from costco. If I don't like it I have 90 days to return. Then get prime or any other phone.
Daeshawn Venture Nexus Prime...
Mohamed Ibrahim mmmmmmm....... how bout none!......Bitch
John Shikiya As long as verizon doesn't muck up the interface Prime for me. Verizon phones always have so much bloatware....
Lincoln Milsna BIONIC tottly!#
Miguel Sahagun @michael...yaaawwnn Android already does all that. The iphone...icatchup
Zachary Gearwar Neither. I'm holding out for either the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy Note!
Thomas Li PRIME!!!
Sam Platz Startac
Thomas Boehnlein Epic Touch. Word.
John Cunningham I cant decide.
Fam Tze Yen Iphone 5. best phone.

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