If you're sick of battery life on Android phones, the Verizon Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX is the perfect device for you.  It features the same 1.2 GHz dual-core TI OMAP processor, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display, and 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording as the DROID RAZR, but it goes above and beyond with a massive 3,300 mAh battery (and 8.99mm thickness as a result).  It's still thin and light, and better yet, Motorola's claiming that the RAZR MAXX will make it through 21.5 hours of continuous talk time, eight movies in a row, or a long drive using GPS navigation.

It's the third CES 2012 device to land in the office.  Is it the best, especially considering the big battery?

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"Would you buy the DROID RAZR MAXX with its giant 3,300 mAh battery?"

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Mounir Barii
Mounir Barii YES!! Could you do a Motorola RAZR MAXX 30 days challenge?
Brad McMullen
Brad McMullen I bought a 3500mah battery from Seidio way back on the fall after getting my original Incredible. After more than a year I still can go 36 to 42 hours before going dead. Seriously that's what has kept me from upgrading to another phone.
JJ Flynn
JJ Flynn having a bigger battery wont solve Androids battery problems and I dont know how manufacturers havent realized that yet. Its in the software. And the GIGANTIC HD screens.
Anonymous at last!!! about time... this should be happening on all the phones!!!!
Tyler Amonett
Tyler Amonett I have the RAZR MAXX and its amazing it will go through the entire day and most of the next day and i use it a lot
Maxi Fabián
Maxi Fabián With 3300mah still won't last more than an entire day, the built in kernel in the firmware has many bugs and loggers activated wich makes the battery drains 40% faster than usual.. Developers would fix it, BUT motorola never unlocked a bootloader so.. Nothing to do with a Motorola SmarthPhone.
Richard Allen Yarrell
Richard Allen Yarrell Trust me the best device on verizon is the GALAXY NEXUS hands down. But I applaud this extra battery in the Maxx...
Marcus Cadwell
Marcus Cadwell I just came over to the iPhone from android, but when I was hardcore into android no I probably wouldn't buy this. Samsung and htc make solid phones. Too bad the galaxy s2 didn't come to Verizon
Anonymous Would have..but Google bought Moto and now has..Intel..on board with them, so im waiting for that phone.
Anonymous i would, accept im not on verizon :(
Bradley E Watson
Bradley E Watson Ohh and im a verizon user all the way. I work for a company that tests the phones and compares prices of cellular networks. And verizon so far is superior on both price and network by far. Verizon phones work everywhere in my state. Where At&t does not.
Bradley E Watson
Bradley E Watson Well sucks that the verizon stores in my area are allready sold out of the droid razr maxx got put on a waiting list but I think its worth the wait... Yay
Chad Allen
Chad Allen I will stick with the Razr i already bought i wont buy full price just for a battery upgrade that should have been there in the first place!
Ben Conover
Ben Conover I hope at&t starts selling phones with huge batteries.
Drew Page
Drew Page no. they did nothing to innovate power management. they just threw a huge battery in there.
Bradley Larcher
Bradley Larcher Definitely. With widgets like weather, facebook, twitter and more, a bigger battery is a definite elcome
Jay Alan Jones
Jay Alan Jones Whats up with all these CELLPHONE segregation comments? Buy what appeals to you and that's it...
PlazmicFlame Hope more phones start to get up to 2,000 mAh battery minimum...
Ashish Kapoor
Ashish Kapoor Nothing beats the 4s? What are you going to do with long battery...when the phone is not good enough to be used for that long? (you will reach home everyday and realise you use it just to make calls and text) and sure will have 60% battery left! Wow!
Dina Locklear Ball
Dina Locklear Ball not just android but my poor PP+ battery only last 3-4 hrs :'(
Fabian Toti
Fabian Toti that is a very good phone....
Lori Armocida
Lori Armocida All consumers that purchased the droid razr 2 months ago should be allowed to exchange free of charge for the new maxx. Absolutely ridiculous what they do to the avg consumer bringinging this out. The resale value if the droid razr now goes down.
Ernest Marvin Esteban
Ernest Marvin Esteban Yep. The Maxx seems better than my iphone 4s that only lasts 5 hours on straight usage.
Peter Bentson
Peter Bentson Is the bigger battery really worth it? Bigger Battery in a thin phone means double the chances of overheating too. Wish people could remember that its a phone not a tablet or gaming device so use it like a phone and you will see better battery and performance. Most of all be smart with your phone and not lazy. Cant complain bout problems with the phone that you yourself cause.
Peter Bentson
Peter Bentson Is the bigger battery really worth it? Bigger Battery in a thin phone means double the chances of overheating too. Wish people could remember that its a phone not a tablet or gaming device so use it like a phone and you will see better battery and performance. Most of all be smart with your phone and not lazy. Cant complain bout problems with the phone that you yourself cause.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Can't
Zach Cline
Zach Cline I think people just need to get a life . It doesn't really matter who has what. That's the reason why we have these different platforms. Not everybody likes the iPhone. That's cool- I'm not going to push it on you. But to say it's for girls or for people that comprehend " Real technology " is beyond stupid. I had android for a good while and just couldn't get into it. That just means that it wasn't the right fit for me.
Nathaniel Hull
Nathaniel Hull Verizon is horrible about re-releasing a device wit a little hair of improvements
Nathaniel Hull
Nathaniel Hull or u can jus order an extended battery off ebay for $20... motorola stupid... shoulda jus made the first one wit a removable batter, it is an android.
Emelin Cardona
Emelin Cardona unboxing yesss......!
William Martin
William Martin @zach, sure there are, but this is a discussion about an Android phone, if there are Android zealots posting crap in iPhone discussions i give you permission to advise them to get a life too
Zach Ortstadt
Zach Ortstadt I think ill just get an iphone...and as an earlier comment i saw the iphone is NOT just for girls and people who cant use smartphones. As an android phone owner i think that the iphone and higher end android phones are completely equal in quality. From hardware to software. Simply depends on ones taste in OS
Eddie Northcutt
Eddie Northcutt Do you ever wonder why the fuck it matters what phone I use? If I like it then who cares, you like ios, you like android, I like them both, get a life people... Ok rant complete lol
Dylan Arends
Dylan Arends Rephrase the question to who wouldn't get this phone
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Android and IOS way better than wp7. Use both like the best of both worlds. And both Android and IOS are great operating systems.
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz @mitch. Wp7 is boring and doesnt let u customize ur phone. Plus IOS is boring unless u jailbreak it. And 4.0 is waay cool. And besides IOS and wp7 there isnt any comparison IOS better than wp7. Both IOS and Android are great OSs. Its a tie by both cause i use both IOS And Android.
Travis Newhero
Travis Newhero @Ryan Obrien Both Android and the IOS are both great Operating Systems, if your just gonna 'bash' Android, then please leave. Why can't we all get along.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline @ William- Like fandroids don't do it and bash anything that isn't android. Give me a break.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline @ Rick- Actually it's for people that want something that works.
Erik Fernandez
Erik Fernandez If its the size of that box, sure
Colin Kinnaird
Colin Kinnaird Lol why the need for two X's?
William Smith
William Smith Hell yea thin phone big battery compared to the extended battery you have to buy after. Yes
William Martin
William Martin Why are some iPhone users so insecure that they have to criticise other people's choice of phone. Get a life.
Eddie Awitan
Eddie Awitan technology evolves so fast that once u get a phone, a "slightly better" one will shortly follow, and those who choose to wait will grow old waiting. locked bootloader or not, this phone is on my "want" list.
Naader Karimi
Naader Karimi No. Galaxy nexus ftw
Ryan Obrien
Ryan Obrien Oh and Rick come back with a better excuse than that pussy remark
Ryan Obrien
Ryan Obrien @rick big deal oh customization so much to do on a poor battery life I will never go back to android
Mauka Side
Mauka Side No
LaQuise Murphy
LaQuise Murphy its the best and i will
Charles Jones
Charles Jones No too fat
Jamey Church
Jamey Church Yes but not for $300...
William Martin
William Martin Conor - afaik the gsm razr was unlocked, it was only the usa version that was locked.
Conor Murphy
Conor Murphy If they create a GSM version of this for us Europeans I would deff go in store to have a play and see what's what. Oh I've heard they lock the bootloader. I'm one to tweak and flash CM7.1 so maybe not. Pity as the hardware looks cool.
Brandon Worley
Brandon Worley Says Motorola on it....heck no! Nice until first os update then they turn to buggy junk...HTC smoother experience hands down
Johnny Tooter Shackelford
Johnny Tooter Shackelford In a heartbeat
Teron Facey
Teron Facey Yes for the battery no cause it ninja blur running in the background.
Jesse Snider
Jesse Snider What about a Galaxy Nexus with an extended life battery. Droid is just too commercial flash razzmatazz and all that nonesense..the GNexus is much cleaner in comparison. But the question remains. With and extended life battery in a GNexus is it comparable then to the DRAZR Maxx?
Paul Davis
Paul Davis No
Rick Sievers
Rick Sievers @Scott Sanstad, Verizon has the best mobile service. Its a fact
Rick Sievers
Rick Sievers @Ryan Obrien, iphones are for girls or people who can't use a smart phone.
Mark Hersman
Mark Hersman You gotta question why they come out with so many new phones
Jamie Doege
Jamie Doege Motorola makes a phone without a removable battery so they could release the same phone again with a bigger battery? Lame.
Martin Smeaton
Martin Smeaton The real question would be.... how long does it take to charge that mammoth? I like the idea of longer battery life but the way to do it is through proper power management and smart software. Not just throwing a bigger battery at it.
Warren Saunders
Warren Saunders My EVO 3D needs a plutonium fuel cell, other than that, great device :)
Ryan Obrien
Ryan Obrien an android with longer battery life took yall long enough my phone can last awhile oh wait i have a superior iphone
Huey Liggins
Huey Liggins Wow that makes the galaxy notes 2500 mah battery look like a juice box to a gallon of milk! I wish I could just swap batteries lol. But at least my phones battery will be swappable
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial No its garbage
Marvin Oubre
Marvin Oubre A non replaceable battery...No thank you
Jason Dickman
Jason Dickman Task killing and battery saving apps hurt battery n take up space. Everything is integrated now. I love my rezound but was tempted to wait for the Max. I just don't like blur and Motorola. But i do love sense and HTC. Hope you all enjoy. Before complaining though, just remember how many models the og razr had! Something better is always around the corner but the razrs is right in front of u.
Scott Sanstad
Scott Sanstad I wouldn't buy it because it's on Verizon.
Ignacio Gonzalez
Ignacio Gonzalez Still waiting for a high-end Samsung with a non-PenTile Super AMOLED PLUS (OR BETTER)display...I've said it time and time again NOBODY does a screen like Samsung! (:
Ian Slade
Ian Slade Ill stick to my GS2
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Quintero Only for the battery
Yan Zhenghao
Yan Zhenghao Will buy it if its windows phone
Mark Fisher Jr.
Mark Fisher Jr. That's how battery's should be.
Jose Be Julme
Jose Be Julme Yes.
Johnattan Haddock Medina
Johnattan Haddock Medina Nop waiting for the EXPERIA ION!!!
Antanas Ko
Antanas Ko it's my dream! htc desire hd has miserable 1200 mah battery :(
Rick Sievers
Rick Sievers htc and samsung phones made and feel like cheap crap
Sam Jackson
Sam Jackson Wait 3 more months for the Droid Razr Stinson. It's like the Droid Razr but more awesome!
Adrian Anguiano
Adrian Anguiano Nope, it's all about Samsung and iOS
Dustin Radman
Dustin Radman I wish that came out in November when I got my rezound!!!
Rick Sievers
Rick Sievers Nokia sucks dude, get a real phone...
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez Nope...so over the droid lineup
Rick Sievers
Rick Sievers ios and WP7 will NEVER be able to keep up with Android. I want that maxx, its the perfect phone.
Eric Hook
Eric Hook No. Go Samsung (htc a little) Moto stinks
Davann Srey
Davann Srey Heck yeah. Battery that size can last all day. No need to run all these task killing and battery saving apps.
Travis Vollmerhausen
Travis Vollmerhausen I might need to switch to Verizon
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Aaron it's motorola, Not verizon.
Mitch Lopez
Mitch Lopez Great battery! Wow but that fugly OS? No thanks. Android looks like its a work in progress. It's unrefined and not to easy on the eye. The only good OS are iOS and and WP7.
Christopher Thompson
Christopher Thompson Yeah, I'm still puzzled as to why HTC only gave the Rezound a 1620mAh battery so I'm sure the battery life on the RAZR MAXX is far superior to the Rezound but mine still gets me through a days use and I'm fine with that.
Quentin Fisher
Quentin Fisher I wish my 4S had that battery, Motorola tends to make a higher quality Android than other manufacturers and the Droid brand(which is not the same as Android) is a superior Android device, Android is really fun but you have to be patient/tech savvy enough. Overclocking my OG Droid was a fun way to pass the time haha.
Patrick Matteson
Patrick Matteson Yes if I didn't already have the RAZR!
Mi Dios Mi Vida
Mi Dios Mi Vida nOKia rOCKs !!
AJ Vaught
AJ Vaught I just bought the razor as well and the battery life is not that bad! Still pissed they didn't just come out with the Razr Maxx in the first place! Verizon is so freaking backwards its amazing!
Sean Reece
Sean Reece $300 ha!
Ken Sogamoso
Ken Sogamoso Yes!
Gary Brown
Gary Brown Will be getting this phone.
William Martin
William Martin If this hits the uk, i don't even think the prospect of quad core around the corner will stop me getting this
Drew DjCurlz Schloegl
Drew DjCurlz Schloegl Just got the regular one lol pathetic
Christopher Thompson
Christopher Thompson I've never been a huge fan of Moto Blur, I just dumped the Bionic for the HTC Rezound and so far I couldn't be any happier. Love the fact that the Razr has a huge battery in it and still keeps that slim profile but not sure I'd switch from the Rezound.
Kenny Yusuf
Kenny Yusuf why not?
Mi Dios Mi Vida
Mi Dios Mi Vida nOKiA ROcKS... coNnECtiNG peOPlE !!!
George Deleija
George Deleija People just LOVE to bitch about Android any chance they get especially when its irrelevant. The RAZR has a booming community so the locked bootloader is not a problem because in time that will be resolved. The amazing battery along with the formfactor makes this a win from motorola. Haters gonna hate
Alex Blair
Alex Blair I want one!
Ben Kramer
Ben Kramer If I didn't already have the Galaxy Nexus I probably would have gone for this Razr Maxx due to the battery life I can only imagine it will get. It is nearly DOUBLE the standard battery size of the Razr and even the Nexus I have, so I bet it will get some great longevity, especially with some good battery conservation habits!
Mustafa Akca
Mustafa Akca if i will buy a android , i'll select that
John-Michael Kobes
John-Michael Kobes Aaron, how you have time to do so much work when you're hitting the treadmill and dropping mad LB's. Jesus don't waste away (JK, you're looking healthy)
Mick de Raad
Mick de Raad Yes ofcourse, If I had the money for it, yes!
Kirk Ngo
Kirk Ngo i would
Jason Stroman
Jason Stroman Of course
Tae RipRell AndTrapp
Tae RipRell AndTrapp This Post Have Nothing To Do With WP7 Or IOS, So Why Do Yall Even Mention Them !
Alberto Gutiérrez
Alberto Gutiérrez Wow, that's just what everyone needs! And it's not even fat for a 3300mAh battery. I wonder if there's something similar coming out from HTC.
Chamberlain Foreman
Chamberlain Foreman Imma firin' mAh RAZR. :3
King Josef
King Josef Yes i like the battery NOO to watered down
Rickyo ODaniell
Rickyo ODaniell I wouldn't buy anything IOS - To behind the curve.
Daniel Djønne Lund
Daniel Djønne Lund Abraham, they aren't really buggy. But they aren't running as smooth as iOS and WP7.
Ham Hollett
Ham Hollett its locked and runs blur so no....
Kishore Kumaran
Kishore Kumaran Cool work by Motorola ...
George Millhouse
George Millhouse then go play with your sheep phone abram
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I wouldn't buy anything android related.. 2 buggy
Gabriel Johnson
Gabriel Johnson Holy crap.
Arvydas Gr
Arvydas Gr If it had WP7, maybe

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