Hate the battery life on your Android phone?  Verizon's Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX is just the phone for you.  Packing a giant 3,300 mAh battery for up to 21.5 hours of talk time, RAZR MAXX has a 1.2 GHz dual-core TI OMAP processor, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display (540x960 pixels), 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a front-facing camera, 4G LTE, and Android 2.3 with Motorola's UI.  It's available now from Verizon for $299.99.

The battery life is astounding, and the specifications are excellent as well.  This is the battery size that all Android phones should come with!  Part 1 of 2.

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Dion Wheeler My LG G2x has a decent battery with moderate use but for watching videos or browsing excessively, it'd be dead before the day is up. Still love the phone tho
Darryl Mouzone I just carry an extra battery or a portable charger and I can charge my phone while I'm working at my desk so not really. If I use my phone moderately I can get a full day's use and even more.
Anonymous Yes, I very much would. This proves that you don't have to sacrifice thinness for a larger battery. Although these OEMs should be focusing on improving battery technology, Motorola is taking a step in the right direction.
Jalen Redfearn I get 10+ hours constant use on my Droid x2 then when it dies I switch the battery (:
Drew Page yes. people should not confuse what Motorola did with any power management innovation. Its just a larger battery. Big Deal.
Angela Schmidt My iPhone 4S goes 16 hours with frequent use throughout the day, and that's plenty for me. :) Looking good, Aaron!
Gil Batzri Why would i want more battery life? I love having to plug the phone on after 6 hours.
Jesus Q Velasquez I have droid razor wish the razor maxx came out the same time
Jesus Q Velasquez Hey guys focus on the phone not on anyone's weight ..... so if your here to judge....... suck it
Martin Hodgson i dont i have a soulation to draining batterys silence an extra battery omg and the crowd starts cheering
John-Michael Kobes I love the battery. Last thing I wanna do is carry more crap with me. However, fag-bags could make a return.
Kenny Kemp I just got mines a couple days ago and its getting me through a whole day and i'm loving it
Kris K. Blomgren Fat Aaron is better. Also stop trying SOOOO hard to be Noah.
Andres Barroeta i used 2 x 1850 mah in galaxy nexus : 3700 mah every day and trust me is not enough rarz need more that 3300 mah for make me happy at least 4000
Zach Cline I did and I'm getting about two days out of my iPhone .
Ramiah Deeron Davis Razr maxx my next upgrade regular razr is amazing razr maxx will be the same
Daniel Kallini My DROID 3 on eclipse 2.0 is amazing with it's battery , inc what anyone says about it I love my phone and I don't care for anything else but the gs2 and galaxy nexus
El Wapo Great review
Jacob Brown As long as it last me a full day I am happy! :)
??? I think droid razr maxx is great battery! But korean aren't interested in motolola..
Rudyboy Ledesma Galaxy s ii lasts easily 12 hours +
Steve Solomon Uh duh!!!
Justin Jones Yes, WP7 sucks if you like everything to work perfectly. Otherwise it totally sucks. Android's good if you like it feeling like an Alpha/Beta release after every update. But who cares. To all their own.
Zaben Hashish It has a 21 hour battery. Windows sucks
Josh Sussman Who doesn't?
Justin Jones Nope, with WP7 I can outlast just about everyone.
Leonard Harrison But is it ever coming to AT&T is the question and will it have an NFC chip in it at some point?!
Joshua Becker I call bullshit on the battery.
Ben Kramer As much as I would love that huge battery built in, I already have a Nexus and really like it. At least with the Nexus I can just carry a spare battery or two and effectively have equal to greater capacity! There are trade-offs with any phone, just got find one that suits you.
Jason Ramos Guys that is not funny. Come on. Maybe Aaron had high blood pressure or a health condition like diabetes that forced him to change his dietary habits. Or just maybe he wanted to lose weight for personal reasons. More power to him, he looks great.
Jidtapad Rx Aaron so thin. : )
Kevin Choi yes the thunderbolt has horrible battery life.
Matt Peters Aaron, forget the haters. You look amazing.
Erick F. Macri I want to have not bought my Rezound a couple months ago, lol.. not that there is anything wrong with it.. just I want the Maxx or GS3 >_<
Eric Garrison Kris, that is not even funny
Kris K. Blomgren Fat Aaron was better.
Kris K. Blomgren Gain some weight Aaron, you look like you've contracted the AIDS over the last year.
Alex Ho FIRST!

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