Aaron inboxes the Motorola DROID X2, the successor to the popular DROID X.  While it looks virtually unchanged from the original, it's rocking several improvements under the hood, including a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor (a first for Verizon's smartphone line), 4.3-inch high-resolution qHD display, and a revamped build of Motorola's MOTOBLUR user interface.  It's shipping with Android 2.2, though the press release clearly states that it will be updated to Android 2.3.

It'll be available in Verizon Wireless retail stores on May 26th for $199.99 with a two-year agreement.  Sure, it's no 4G wonder, but for those that want a nice device that packs a punch, the Motorola DROID X2 should be a good option.

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"Is the DROID X2 worth $200, or would you buy a 4G device instead?"

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Dewayne Williams This phone has been a nightmare... music playback is choppy even with a class 10 microSD, pandora is choppy, alarm clock doesn't work, does not dial out calls, it lags, random reboots, only 40 MB of available RAM after boot. Problems continue even after several factory resets and cache wipes. This phone is going to be returned tomorrow. In fact, I will return the Motorola XOOM too, I am done with Android and Motorola.
Giorgi Kvirikashvili James Droid x2 actually sucks ya know, motorola didn't upgrade anything,except processor!!!
Jeremy Gillett no get a 4g by far
Buckaroo Banzai My DROID X is just fine. No need to upgrade anytime soon.
Jerimiah Reece After seeing a few X2 review videos online today, I'm impressed. It's tempting as a replacement for my BB Tour. However, I don't want physical buttons on the bottom. I want the option of 4G for later, and I want the front facing camera for future Skype with the wife/kids. Trying to hang in there and wait out the Bionic. But I'm getting tired of waiting.
Shane Swails That was along time ago, Zach....lol
Zach Cline Nice mulltet Shane.
Zach Cline The iPhone is not junk. But the droid x 2 is nothing special.
Jordan Brown iPhone 4 is $200. Why get that piece of junk?
Douglas J Kmiotek I like that I wouldn't need to squint to see the web on it, like I do w/my iPhone. I wish it was available on AT&T as well.
Optional Guzman Motoblur sucks, ninja blur is a little better but not better than sense buddyyouve been hitting thr crack pipe too,hard
Zac Hooper I don't buy motorola, never will.
Pete Galluzzo Have to wait and see what good old verizon has up there sleeve with new data pricing ..
Robert Bachalo pre 3 thank you very much
Shane Swails The Atrix is currently the top phone on the market. At least that's what all u so called phone experts say. Yet, all phones are still compared the iPhone. Hmmmmm
Kenny Dillon Wait for 4G Of Course
Tony Abiama Evo 3D FTW
Alec Bailey I would take it for sure. What an awesome phone!
Kamal Halder If we talk about Custom OS than Motorola is the best, Love BLUR, it's even better than HTC Sense and Samsung Friends and touch wiz isn't it.
Art Morris Motorola hardware was always pretty good. It was their software that sucked. That's why their Droids are pretty good. Great hardware with Google's software.....
Zac Johnson L T E FTW!
Suzanne McKeown Waiting for the evo 3d it's on preorder
Frank Capo Ruiz Evo 3D next month I hope. Motorola suckers you into buying phones then takes forever to update.
Micah Knope When your old phone has a cracked screen and 4G wont be in your area until 2012, the DX2 is the perfect choice :)
Matt Bourdette its not 4g? wtf? did microsoft make it?
Jonathan Brewer Galaxy s and gs 2. That's about it for me
Sha Iamthemaster Ramirez Besides the dual core processor... the Droid X2 is a Droid X... just with a different costume.... come on; its 2011... in a world that don't... Droid does!!!! But wait... Droid still doing 3G...??? I would have respected the Droid X2 more if it atleast was upgradeable to 4G...with a front facing camera... 200 bucks.??? Tell you one thing if moto and big red don't drop my bionic on the shelves soon... Imma make my own phone lol...
Ryon Lewis will upgrade to 4g. Waiting on the 3D Evo in September
Diego Valdez Almora The best is going to be 4G G2 Samsung really thin and much more =)
Charlie Kuroiwa If htc comes out with a better 4g device other than the thunderbolt im so down
Latorrance Lee motorola made atrix best phone ever
Nathan Ross Doesn't matter how fast you can browse because soon Verizon will cap there data plans. Pretty stupid if you ask me. Why have a phone that is used for data only to put it on a leash.
Latorrance Lee not all motorola phones suck.
Sandra Cheree McDaniel Well... I have a Motorola Droid 2 Global, and I would say its well worth the money we spent on it.
Stephani Espinoza I'll pass...
Shahul Hameed Why No motorola smartphones in malaysia
Calvin JW The Galaxy S2 which will be named the Function will be the best phone on Verizon. Every review of it has said it's hands down the best phone they have ever used.
Jose Ocampo @William, that would be Sprint's hTc EVO 3D, 4G. the Nations 1st 3D smarthphone(atleast anounced)
Simon Yu No 4G is a waste.. all that dual-core power and no speedy browsing abilities.
William Newland Waiting for best 4G device when my upgrade comes in 8 months...
Codi Carroll No 4G? Waste.
Bryan David Rude Motorola sucks! Hard!
Nathan Lewis unboxes? **

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